NURSES : refuse those psych evals !

IN AZ you pay ,and you can thank the crooks at the legislature. The ones who need a psych full time. AZ BON got this passed the nurse pays because they order so many by a corrupt board . The AZ BON wants to keep the money to spend on investigators who spend all day every day FOR MONTHS digging for dirt.

You are only going to build their case against you . Do not trust this agency. They are infested with some kind of sick minded , destroy the nurse .

SHAME ON THIS DIRTY BD and those who are on it and willing to go along with corruption. This is ABNORMAL !!!

12 thoughts on “NURSES : refuse those psych evals !”

  1. Any nurse in AZ who gets a, “Notice of Charges” should meet with the LYING SCUM AZBN staff….make sure to bring someone with you, ANSWER NO QUESTIONS, just sit and listen, sign nothing, and write nothing while you meet with them, record every second of the meeting. Request copies of all evidence that AZBN says they have.
    Do Not Accept any consent agreements, move through the courts to defend yourself.


    1. have a a crappy week end JOKEY RIDENOUR, just try blaming others for your FAILURE to run a honest agency, without bias , and targeting good nurses m with your merry band of thieves . SHAME ON YOU. Wish I could do the same, but will instead celebrate . And return the SMIRK !


        Making things right, and showing where Joke Ridenour has lied over and over again on innocent hard working nurses to serve her sick psychotic sexual fetishize is PRIORITY!!!!!!!

        What happened to global warming???? Lol


      2. She lies because she is putting the nurse who objects to their corruption in a false bad light . Only the really low IQ or those paid off will go along with her ‘rumor mill’. They are acting just like the ones willing to lie to get someone in trouble .


      3. The nursing agency is worse than the prison , DOC . So corrupt , and taking advantage of those who have a kind heart to take care of others , by a severely disturbed minds at the bon. shameful .


      4. The new one on the board , Margie Shultz , did not have to be ‘programed ‘ by Joke Ridenour . Shultz was already screwing nurses over at her skills lab (just one trick in Jokey’s bag of tricks) . Shultz actually will say , she protects patients ” . Got to get your line straight Shultz, it is protect the public . McCormies says it about every hour and in her sleep , the old jaded bitch that she is , can lie in her sleep.


      5. A recent Obituary and the memorial service , went like this Happy Memories “I’d like he memory of me to be a happy one (then went on from there ……. ) well JOKEY Ridenour , CAROLYN MCCORMIES, EMMA MAMALUY , this will never happen with any of you. You have stepped on too many and made your hateful mark . Your disgusting ways and what you did to others will go on long after you are dead. just letting you know, the disgusting impact by using the states money what you did , you cannot hide behind “protect the public ‘BullSh*t !


      6. The law will not help you, Barto can not enforce the law, only write law that adheres to benevolent azbn function or not. There are felonies against nurses x 10 yrs, w/o prejudice that will stick to Ridenour. Ridenour is federal. She’ll be like the bad terminator being melted in the hot steel. Bodies of good nurses float by. Someday my friend….someday.


  2. Joke Ridenour you better have your ex-employees lay off. Ridenour has two of her buds actively messing with a ex-AZ nurse in another state. You sending out subpoena’s on people in other states is going to cause you and billy to lose UR 3 million dollar property in northern AZ.
    VA Whale, and Tucson.
    Calling and telling people the person is under criminal investigation when we are not is a REAL PROBLEM FOR U RIDENOUR.


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