almost choked on hearing the devil herself say ‘human kindness’ . Must have been her joke of the year.

The devil CAROLYN MCCORMIES , the biggest liar and dirty player at the BON.

IT is rather disturbing to have someone in the profession go against another and FOR NO REASON ! Not public safety that is for sure !

Disgusting McCorney your disgusting as well as ‘cuz’ Randy Quinn the mouthy , pretend he ‘s a judge .

A victim of these eastern AZ mindless control freaks , had surgery . Randy Quinn outfit is AZAS , the CRNA worked for him. The victim nurse found out and refused to have this person and Randy Quinn make a penny off her !! Not a penny. When this creep puts good nurses out of work , he will not make a dime. Quinn pour judgement on the BON bleeds into his entire life events . A real C*** S***** that boy is and BOY is the word !

3 thoughts on “almost choked on hearing the devil herself say ‘human kindness’ . Must have been her joke of the year.”

  1. He is a queer MF’er if there ever was one! Quinn the woman hater. But the jokey, and yes jokey you are an ignorant if there ever was one, picking ODD Quinn because the only thing you are good at and that’s sizing someone up who you can use for your twisted purpose.


  2. A male attorney told me he would never represent a nurse due to all the DRAMA AT THAT BOARD.
    Emma is for sure a drama mama .
    How the can these women continue to go in those board meetings when every male in the STATE OF AZ see’s them for what they are?


  3. Mccorny and her squeaky yap here and there with her control can shut that infected hole in her face.
    You know I bet that blind beached whale from the VA was involved in the civil rights violation along with the rest of the them . WHEN YOU JOKEY VIOLATE SOMEONES CIVIL RIGHTS, you violate your very own but you are so STUPID you don’t understand the concepts and consistency civil rights.


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