(SOCIAL MEDIA !!! ) . Jokey Got away with her corruption, running a nursing agency to the ground, and paying off reporters who even think of writing about the corruption she has been up to . She was not counting on SOCIAL MEDIA ! This is a life crisis to her , devastating , it rocks her throne apart , exposes her to the world, and the monster she created .

Now if Jokey did not revoke, suspend , and deny license to those who are telling others , she could charge them with unprofessional conduct. (illegally but hey she does it all the time !) .(LOL) Too Bad JOKE ! You weren’t thinking ahead of time, you went too far and now you have NO CONTROL!! Pour thing ! , why didn’t she get one of her obedient lawmakers<nurses willing to take down an experienced hard working nurse, you know the ones the dirty ones > to introduce a bill that would make it illegal .

This is one area that JOKEY was not counting on ,so her ‘solution’ putting her pea brain and sneaky mamaluy’s plan in gear is to defame anyone who speaks up about their barbaric , inhumanely treatment , and set up of wrongful convictions . Try to get them in trouble . Only those they contact aren’t so ‘confidential ‘ when they get questioned . Many rolled over on Jokey and her gang of thugs . The finger starts pointing right are her every time. Take your punishment, for wrong doing Jokey . Oh we know you won’t , sociopaths never do !


  1. Social Media is where the truth can be found, jokey does hate the truth and how the truth exposes her .
    You can take a skank out of the sewer and dress her up but she’s still a skank.


  2. SM began with Amanda T. 10 yrs ago and local contemporary reported Amada’s on broadcast news …the Bd responded ultimately filing her as an imposter nurse and revoking her lic. Ridenour was trumpeted amongst regs ncsbn aholes as marvelous public servant. Real nurses all over know precisely what Ridenour is. SM works.


  3. first Ridenour and her gang (Valerie Smith) stalked Amanda on FB. She spoke up and must be punished , set an example of. Dunking tanks are still alive and well in AZ . Tar and Feather too. Only Valerie Smith , the cover up queen of liars , has been replaced with Emma Mamaluy. The queen bee needs to be replaced .

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