Most nurses do not really look into how a BON is run.

Sure the nurses know the BON is there, and have this false sense of security , thinking ‘they are all nurses , they know what we go through” RED FLAG !!!!! False information !!!!

There are a ‘few’ very ‘few’ who get past the BON unscathed . They may say ‘they aren’t that bad”. You can bet the hospital wanted to save money and not fire and rehire and they are still working at the place. The BON works very closely with dirty mgt. who are high paid ‘avoid any law suit possible”.

Just remember , don’t run to any old lawyer . contact those who know , and will tell you the honest truth . !

If you have received a letter of complaint, are being investigated, or are going through a disciplinary process, you should should seek shelter now. Do not wait. Without SPECIAL intervention, things will not be okay. Things will not work themselves out. Innocence will not help you. The board will NOT be reasonable. They will be ruthless & tricky. Without EXTRA intervention, justice will not prevail. There is a thing called “Administrative Law. ” You are NOT prepared for it. And if you don’t believe this , reread it again ! Where is the OVERSIGHT OF ROGUE boards like AZ BON !

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