Finally someone gets into the legislature that tells it like it is and they boot her out .

Harris risked her life to tell the state what is really going on. But when it comes to mormons and money ,don’t get in the way !

{Republican Rep. Liz Harris doesn’t believe that any “direct criminal allegations” were made during a committee meeting she organized wherein a speaker accused the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a laundry list of local and state officials of being involved in an illicit money laundering scheme orchestrated by the Sinaloa drug cartel. }

7 thoughts on “Finally someone gets into the legislature that tells it like it is and they boot her out .”

  1. “delusional and fantastical” He will write what is best for his bank account. A direct Quote of Jim Small from the AZ Mirror; “I know Bill Ridenour well, I have interviewed him many times at the capitol”.
    The AZ Mirror is an EXTREMIST NEWS PAPER, Jim Small reports only on what people like Ridenour wants him to post.
    It’s the fight against the Lt. & Rt. by the Uniparty, the Uniparty consists of corrupt skanks like Ducey, Jeff Flake, the Drug Whore C. McCain, Mitt Romney, and other mormons.
    I wonder how much money Ridenour has paid Small to write articles in her favor?

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    1. GOOD TO KNOW . It appears that Small is SMALL minded .
      suspected it of others but now we know. Weird my lobbyist bud said she has never seen Ridenour at the Capitol , not William, but did see Jokey once , dozing off couldn’t stay awake . Woke up confused . saying “where’s the outhouse”.


  2. I lived in Mesa neighborhood, in an area of many Mormons. One of my neighbors knew I was a nurse because other neighbors were nurses and also Mormons. I was one of a few in the neighborhood who was not a Mormon.
    One day I get a call from a Banner Health Doctors Office telling I needed my labs drawn. WOW….I thought that is strange I have not been to that physician in over a year since the NP refused to fill my prescriptions. A few hours later that same day I get another call from my current doctor’s office saying I need to get labs drawn, at this point I wonder what the deal is. I did not ponder to much more on the calls and let it go. A couple of weeks later I had another neighbor come to me and say, “a male that is next door to you told the bishop you were smoking pot in your backyard. His wife called the nursing board, and a woman named Deloris called your doctors.” “WHAT”. With that the neighbor walked off.
    FYI People if you think that AZ is not FULL of CORRUPTION think again. For a MF’er like Ridenour to access your medical information without your consent and know who your doctors are and NO LAW in AZ will uphold the law is a sure sign to stay out of AZ.
    I found out the bishops wife was a CNA a was to FK’in Stupid to get an RN degree so she was jealous.
    I have never smoked pot, so to have someone just up and lie on another is VILE, but that’s the cult way, the AZBN way, and the corrupt AZ way.

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    1. very typical of the mormons to watch and report on each other . Look at McCormies , she’s tattletale on steroids . Makes her feel like she is the perfect honest and pure sister wife . When she is really the dirtyest skank deceiving POS on the planet ! And her sh*t does stink . She won’t ‘go’ at her son’s house cause her dtr in law doesn’t like her now she she sh*t at the board office . while holding her ‘little house on the prairie” dress up . GROW UP B*Tch !


  3. I have read many books and articles in my life but I will say this site with the comments by those who have been WRONGED by the WOMEN from AZBN, and the women who sit on the AZBN board, and the female NAMES ASSIGNED TO THEM are Quite Fitting. C**t, Bitch, Whore, Hoe, dirt bag, and so on. If these so called educated women from AZBN had acted in a responsible and respectful manner I doubt they would have ever been assigned such glorified female labels.
    Instead of RN MN FAAN or MSN FNP-C or JD abbreviations after their names they should have CT BH WE HE DB abbreviations after their names which represent the proper alotted terms for such criminally acting women.


    1. They certainly are all of those things , other words can get the message , pilferer , hustler doxy, floozie’s, madam , double crossing , misrepresentation, 2 timing , deceitful, delusory , shifty , thieves . Yes , calling anyone of them MADAM , in any setting , could be sign of respect of naming their opponent what they are . Madam Ridenour , Madam Mamaluy, Madam Mccormies . Not sure how you would address Randy , although he has very female traits in his mannerism . Males like this hate females feel dominate , and can do what every , maybe in his cult .


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