Thank you for telling your DARCY JAFFE Where to go and what to do with her nurses week ‘gift” . (GIFT: GUEST SPEAKER , talking on advocating for nurses ) so much horse pucky and not enough nurses who are drinking the kook aid ! !

OH and guess what she is just like the crook in AZ , Jokey Ridenour !!! Jaffe is on the STATE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION ! .

(surprised ? what these women will do for a buck !!!) UWH

Oh and Jaffe also voted AGAINST safe staffing ratios , just like disgusting Jokey Ridenour ! and the AZNA , they have their pat excuses , and nurses know they are all FOS !

7 thoughts on “WASHINGTON NURSES”

  1. Stay out of AZ.
    Feeling like a clown standing in the cold rain because it’s a fools’ game.
    All Board Members answered affirmatively that they had received and read the transcripts of the three-day hearing. All members moved to revoke, following administrative Law Judge’s recommendation.
    “Like Hell U read”.

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  2. Crooked all of them, who will do anything for a buck. Spreading lies then preaching how to be a good little Karen.
    How they can sleep ?


  3. I just attended a zoom meeting today with a group of (mostly physicians) of individuals that have also felt “wrongfully harmed/accused/discrimated” against by state medical boards. I was invited in as part of my mental health recovery (from board abuse) and take part of the support offered from peers and also work with professional writers and these physicians to present our stories to the senators and the DOJ. The group is also working with a large legal team that is approaching the DOJ already.


    1. This is great , Drs have more clout . Nurses are disposable . Glad to hear about mental health recovery group. Any senator in Az is too crazy to understand any of it and they are too busy trying to get tamales sold on the streets.


    2. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham spoke at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health fireside chat Friday morning.

      She spoke about health policy solutions for New Mexico and beyond, as well as strategies for leading on public health and policy issues . (FOOT NOTE: if she only knew the dollars being spent on false allegations and so called investigations on nurses who have provided excellent care for years ! , IF she only knew that one who is lying their head off about ‘public safety ” is as dishonest as the day is long . There would be another fire side chat , burn the ream of papers printed off daily to try to prove their NONSENSE ! )


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