MELINDA PRESTON is a psych nightmare !

Remember this whack job who was on the BON. Mouthy as they come, hated everyone . Insulted nurses like she was a prison guard and no one watching . Of course Joke Ridenour sat on the butt of hers and smiled approvingly . Preston is like a Sonoran Desert Toad , who have glands that secret a potent toxin . Some people milk the venom and smoke it . I won’t tell you not to but one reported they lost 72 of their life in 1974 and don’t remember a thing . This could be MELINDA PRESTON’s problem , like who leaves Mayo to go somewhere else willingly ?

6 thoughts on “MELINDA PRESTON is a psych nightmare !”

  1. AZBN will yell out in their messed up little board meetings: “The Respondent is seriously mentally ill”, they do this when the nurse is present and when there is NO evaluation from a doctor stating the nurse is mentally ill. Ridiculous Ridenour is sadistic . Makes you wonder what her children had to go through.


    1. Preston was certainly willing to play games ,and join in the tricks played on nurses.
      Doesn’t say much for someone who has a counseling business . She’s a real misfit , unprofessional and should have lost her license long ago . Sharp tongue witch who dresses like a gothic teen , trying to be something she is not never was .


  2. I wonder how many of those MF’ers from AZBN have to take downer at night just so they can close their eyes for an hour or two to rest a bit. hmmmm
    High maintenance bi!ches like those usually have anxiety, and a lot of anxiety too. Chamomile tea’s probably are not effective at helping them sleep, so they have to resort to prescription medication, (narcotics).


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