Forewarned , The bag of tricks the games they play !

It is like someone who is trying to enmesh themselves into your life with an ulterior motive !

You are a conspiratorial confidant . They prey on your weaknesses and get you involved in their ‘sport of gossiping ” spreading rumors .

The ones who do this are extremely insecure , so they are always trying to win allies and supporters.

They are always building a file and gathering data from anyone who is willing to say anything negative as unrelated as can be !

The board staff cannot have normal conversation because they are too busy thinking about what information they can obtain for leverage.

Any problems that surface they always blame others .

The battering by the bon is constant , they don’t think they do anything wrong and answer to no one.

They use deflection , and lie ! calling it mistatements or by omission .

They are committed liars and will stick to the lie to the end of time.

They are fakes , they think they are always ahead of being caught .

Which is why the move around a lot .

Extremely some very sick people , and have a dire need for long term intense therapy .

Know anyone at the bon that fits the above description. ? ALmost everyone of them . The long term employees 100% are sick in the head, some get hired , find out they can’t do what is asked and leave.

7 thoughts on “BEWARE NURSES OF AZ BON !!”

  1. AZBN will call your family, neighbors, and others to get them to ask probing questions: e.g. “We are the same age did you know that, you look healthy, do you take any medication?” Lol I knew immediately what that C*** was doing, she pretends to be a Christian.
    Another trick, they will get someone to steal your notes if you are in a college program to advance your education. Why, so they know how to rig your final exam which is computer based. The wife of a doctor who I was precepting with went into the doctors office where my bag and personal belongs were and dug through my things. She took photos of my notes. What a sick, sick ****. WOW just WOW.
    NOTICE there are only a few who have been there year in and year out, jokey the hokey is one of the long timers.
    I just had someone ask me if one of my parents was on MEDICAID, hmmmm, why would anyone not caring for a person ask probing questions like that about someone they have nothing to do with.


  2. They will have a long long lost friend attempt to re-connect with you too. Aweeee how sweet, typical of them fools, just don’t fall for it, and remember “they is criminals cause ridiculous Ridenour doesn’t like law abiding citizens.”
    V. Smithy is on da move again too, trying to get a former AZ nurses tattooed. I gots me phone with 2 Terabits of space, & I sleep with one eye open.


    1. Another one of their bag of tricks . They will call a nurse and tell them they have a board complaint . Then they will say , like they are your closest and dearest friend in the world. “We don’t normally do this , but I can email it to you .” Sounds nice until you find out they are subpoena your IP address and search through emails . Bet you didn’t think a bd of nursing would do that did you ? There is nothing too illegal or unethical they won’t do !


      1. They are for real the skanks of the world, but I bet they weren’t smirking when jokey lost in Supreme Court.


  3. the bd maybe the only one capable of legally terminating ridenour. The control over the bd I would assume has failed secondary to the Aspen failure. This connects many nurses with knowledge of azbn unnecessary interference with education. The bedside nurses need to be unrestrained from invasions from the ignorant.


  4. When the AZ BON had to get rid of Gillette (the racist mouthy blonde from LHC, making comments that would get them in legal trouble ).And who was placed on the BON to be a ‘seconder ‘ . (When anyone makes a motion second it immediately , ) Showed up unprepared and lied about reading anything . (This is common on the dirt bags who are on the BON) . The ex dir DID NOT DO HER JOB , nor did the worthless POS gov , who can remove them . So Jokey who is good at manipulating people got the AZNA puppets to write a letter to Gillette ASKING her to resign . Don’t hold your breathe that the AZNA will do the right thing and ask Joke to throw in the rusty dusty never used stethoscope , not gonna happen . Jokey will protect their license even if they kill someone . Political partners in crime .


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