DR’s degree in nursing does not give one the right to use that title !! GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL !

Why is it that every other state has LAWS , and stiff penalties about this practice ? And AZ especially the BON members calling each other Dr Hill Dr Smith Dr Shultz ALL ARE JOKES !!!

A phd in nursing is academic , none of these trying to impress but making themselves look like cheap low life dates

Here is one state’s statement . “” Advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants who have doctoral degrees and use the title “doctor” must “clearly state that he or she is not a medical doctor or physician” during patient interactions, according to the law, which will go into effect on July 1. Healthcare workers who violate this law are vulnerable to injunctions or other legal action taken by professional licensing boards.””

Years ago a NP got reported to the BON for not correcting a patient who called her Dr, now they encourage it .

Other states are so much more civilized that AZ , and don’t have the FAKE EVERYTHING !!

3 thoughts on “DR’s degree in nursing does not give one the right to use that title !! GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL !”

  1. Dr. Fool, Dr. Rabbit Hoe, Dr. Juke, and Dr. Dooky. Anyone can get a PhD., U have to pass one course in the 600 level that is called a math course, MoFo’s with skittles betinx them ears calls it “Statistic”. Statistics is not math, its a joke like jokey. Statistics Literal allow 20 people in a study that can be applied to the world.
    Now I repeat, “ Dr. Fool, Dr. Rabbit Hoe, Dr. Juke, and Dr. Dooky”.
    Any questions?


  2. I know many nurse APs and failure in their clinical practices is known to be common. Being an ordinary nurse isn’t fashionable in AZBN world of bribe and BS. Although I never a chance to hammer them thks to you.


  3. Dear Mr./Ms, ($$$$$),
    In accordance with ya’ll request for a copy of the investigative report (IR), which is anticipated to be presented to you fools at the board, enclosed is with redactions which is necessary to protect my hokey a$$ from lawsuits. If you disclose the info, I will swear on a pile of donkey droppings I never wrote the IR.
    A copy of the report is provided to u in the utmost confidence. Now the info in the IR can’t be disclosed, R provided to anyone, except for me which is a fool who wrote the IR, your attorney which is dumber than me. Now if you do disclose the info, it could be a violation of the law, well my law that is, the one I just made up.
    you can reach me at 602-771-fool EXT:
    A law breaking fool


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