These are not court hearings . The fake court in the basement OAH is a farce .

Avoid it at all costs . Nothing they do there is anywhere near any type of due process.

Just remember , you are not dealing with real humans who have a conscience , have a love for only money and power. They are the lowest form of life . Sad that some have a nurse license . But then we have seen serial killers with nursing licenses.

When you go to court , just remember : In your dealings with a personality-disordered individual, you’ve learned that this person lies, blames and exaggerates. If you go to court with a sociopath, despite swearing an oath to tell the truth, he or she will continue to lie, blame and exaggerate.

Once the BON makes up enough lies to try to make a case, they will be as hard to shake as a stalking , sociopathic partner , you’ve tried to get them to stay away ! Some real sick minds associated with this AZ BON SICK !!

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