This nasty predator is scouting out her next victims. Joke gets a high from her destroying nurses lives. She keeps the “full of lies” investigators fraud reports as trophy’s . A sick woman this is , her actions are like that of serial killers . No conscience , no empathy for anyone, just non human make up . Like a robot , that is what separates humans from machinery . Jokey is a machine . A callous jaded harsh game player . Smirking fool.

Joke was seen looking at the nursing agenda with a smile and smirk , seeing the names of those who worked at a hospital of her conspirators in crime. “Send in a complaint, anything , anything at all , don’t worry , we do such a scouting out on this nurse they will be on probation , which they will never make it through, that is why we always make the ones we are targeting do probation in AZ. It won’t take long at all and they will have their license revoked , we make sure of it . They cannot escape our stripping of the license tactic and tricks . We here at the BON have friends in every facility and they always do what we want, just like the fool psychologists who sign up with us ! ” Oh yes , as a GANG we can take care of anyone giving you trouble ” Then goes on further . “We got the legislature in our back pocket , the nurses who go elected we helped them and they will help us ” “one big monster machine , trust us the damage we can do and proud (boys ) of it ! ”

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