This site contains TRUTH

The AZ BON are liars , you cannot trust them to tell you the truth , nor can you tell them the truth . Do not even for a minute think they are in any form ‘normal ‘ and will ‘get it’ . If you are going through depression, you cannot tell your mgr !! You cannot tell your recruiter , or anyone at the BON. How naive that a nurse contact the BON for ‘help ‘ and see if their is a program that would assist them ! NO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!

Do not ever contact this agency ! If you get a hold of Trina Smith or Hurtoda they will ask leading questions to try to add to the charges . Joke showed them how to do it . Tramps in the office . They have done it in the past. !

Then if they switch you to the biggest liar of all at the BON agency EMMA MAMALUY who makes pinocchio look like honest abe , you got someone who can make up real wallops of lies !

Those dumb board members and Jokey actually think she is a life saver ! Wow do they have a big surprise !

7 thoughts on “This site contains TRUTH”

    1. Anyone of us could have written that . Do not trust this lying bd of nursing agency or anyone who works there . ! Cops can lie to you DURING INTERROGATION , but a nursing lying throughout every phase !?


      1. Yep. Cops lied to me to manipulate their way into my home, so they could forcefully take me for a psych eval. I was supposed to go to Sedona that day. Had booked myself a massage. Its the power. It gets to their heads. Cops, boards, all government officials. We need to defund the police.


    2. The ones who are appointed to the BON are checked out and recommended by the dirty Dir JOKE RIDENOUR . They have a number of nurse who are on committees they vet for how much pain they are willing to inflict on another human being . If they are gullibel and stupid enough to believe their happy horse ch*t , they’re in . As nurse who empathize and are caring of all humans no matter their status or who they are ‘connected ‘ with , it is hard to understand how others who have a license can be so mean , judgemental , dumb and parrot the absolute nonsense , protect the public, at least once every hour in McCormies has it on her computer as a back screen “we are hear to protect the public’ <against these bad nurses and they are bad because they are not good and not morons, or employed by banner.


    3. If you hold them accountable , you will be the only one who is . No over sight makes the rats play dirty . Saw them last nite eating their young again.


  1. OMG ! this is out of control . Cops are liars , the BON works very well with them . They can lie only in interrogation . The BON have law to lie , but they certainly do! I hope you fight this , too common especially with woman placing a stigma on one. And it is cops and other women who join in . If you look at the actions of the BON personnel they have many psych issues .


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