AZBN hit list for MAY

Check out the agenda a new AAG Deborah Abbey , wonder if she will prosecute a ham sandwich is Jokey tells her too !

She must know the ALJ is her second prosecutor . Nothing associated with this corrupt board of nursing is on the up and up .

Hope she can shut that yap of McCormies ! should be her first order of business !

4 thoughts on “AZBN hit list for MAY”

  1. Angela Fountain & Ridenour the Ridiculous is going to present info. for ya’ll about NCSBN this board meeting.
    When did them 2 hook up? Well I guess sometime in the dark on the street like 2 dogs.
    They is like that U know; No BOUNDARIES !
    Well them is some nasty ole hoes U know.


    1. ANGELA FOUNTAIN was groomed by McCormies . What ever motion jaded McCormies made Fountain seconds it so fast with no thought, except is my gal pal Carolyn makes a motion it has got to be right (uh huh !!! ) . Fountain has exposed herself as a liar , unfair , uses pour judgement . IF she shows up in your OR room RUN !!! I would not trust her or Randy Quinn to give anesthesia !!! (OH and she was with quinn ‘s group but tries to hide it , Quinn called McCorney and told him about he talked Fountain into joining the BON , (to save his license !!! and anyone in his group ) so McCorney the FAKE BITCH put her down for the education comm. so they can spead A LOT OF TIME TOGETHER !


    2. MCCORMIES leered Shareedah Al-Hark into a committee with her too . like either one of them know anything about central lines or other real nurse things they haven’t a clue about !!! Relying on the rest of the comm to inform them and then they pass the policy for everyone in the state . SICKENING how unsafe this bon is !!!
      NOW , when Corney reads this contact AL Hark and stir her trouble making lie she always does !!


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