As a newcomer , I cannot tell you how extremely disappointed that we are to have moved to AZ , purchased a license , and now find out I am subject to all of the craziness that AZ BON dishes out.

How many unsuspecting nurses are naive and don’t believe this can or would happen , but yet see how over the top the mgt. in hospitals are and ‘connected’ .

Arizona is really full of a bunch of crooks . The ones in prison are angels compared to the political actions , skirting the laws, and down right crooks . This is what happens when no one is responsible for over sight . The Director cannot police herself or the staff they are too far in .

One thought on “NEW NURSE TO AZ COMMENT”

  1. It becomes the people’s problem and we must continue to communicate the horrors happening to nurses b/c of the political corruption via ATY GEN’S OFFICE AND BETH A. CAMPBELL. There should be a moat of land mines surrounding Ridenour


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