For ProPublica, Emily Hopkins says, “The Minnesota Board of Nursing has called an emergency meeting to consider removing its beleaguered executive director over an unspecified ‘personnel issue.’ In an email to board staff Tuesday morning, President Laura Elseth said Executive Director Kimberly Miller was on leave ‘effective today.’ The move comes at a critical time for the nursing board. It’s been mired in a backlog of complaints against nurses, with some inside the agency blaming Miller for dysfunction in the work environment, according to a ProPublica investigation published in April. That story detailed how the board’s slow disciplinary process puts the public in harm’s way. The time to resolve complaints had risen to 11 months, on average, and hundreds of cases remained open as of March. As a result, nurses who are accused of serious misconduct are allowed to keep treating patients.”

The AZ BON Dir runs a worse show than this ! , how many cases they are talking about covid 2-3-4- years OLD !!! Plus the dir runs a crooked agency !

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