Minn. nursing board considers firing executive director after licensing, discipline delays

Jeremy Olson, Star Tribune

Wed, May 17, 2023 at 8:50 AM MST·

The Minnesota Board of Nursing set an emergency meeting Thursday to consider replacing its executive director amid complaints of delayed licensing approvals and disciplinary actions.


Minn 12 mo behind while AZ cases are YEARS BEHIND !! Trying to get the nurse to sign anything !

AZ BON web page Investigations take ‘average 7 months ” BULL SH*T !!

over staffed over paid and just plain lazy ! Like the BON members !

The agenda is so full because Carolyn McCormies was SO TIRED doing one day board meetings , SO TIRED and claiming they ‘worked ‘ so hard. Grab a gurney Carolyn and run that from pacu to the floor , lazy B!

5 thoughts on “Minn. nursing board considers firing executive director after licensing, discipline delays”

  1. Ridenour is a thin skinned ole cow that doesn’t like anyone to write or file complaints about her. If she ran a legitimate government office, she and her husband would not have to always look over their shoulders wondering what now. The corruption in AZ is one of the worst in the nation, the escalation of corruption started with that Keating five scam. Soros eyed McCain for everything he could get to get revenge on Americans. McCain was willing to roll over and comply. So here AZ is, imploding upon its self.


  2. Jokey is corrupt, all politicians in AZ KNOW IT. She tried to get one world nursing, or many countries to sign on with this compact nurse crap. Other countries told her to get screwed, well that was except for those :;:,&? in Australia, who are scum of the earth and dictators to their citizens. How many more American nurses must be shot down over false charges after they report AZBN, AZ hospitals, or other medical organizations for Medicare fraud, and other crimes against patients.
    Global Regulatory Atlas is what it’s called and has 21 million names of nurses and personal and private information on us. Next will be the chip, yep, all nurses will be required to have a chip inserted in their body. They will make it sound really cool; “see all you need to do is scan your code and you can go anywhere in the world, how cool is that?”
    See obama administration tried to start the chip on American in 2010 but smart people didn’t fall for that crap.
    The Price of Peace or The Prince of Peace!


    1. Might have something . Angela Fountain (Carolyn McCormies puppet and bff bonding buds at the BON, committee clicks ) gave a report on NCSBN, so profound, like 4 words , that’s was her take away ! lst who the hell paid for this bimbo to go to a meeting in another state ? 2nd she said it was about Artificial Intelligence , 3rd “it was really cool ” profound , and this brain washed bimbo wants to be called “dr’ pleeezzzz , don’t knock a group of professionals ! Who would think NCSBN is ‘cool” (how old are you Angela ??? ) it is filled with hard core black hearted cold individuals . Tells you A LOT about Fountain. (but she will protect another CRNA , so the facility is protected ) .


  3. NCSBN had a cop give a talk on how to catch a nurse on FB, he said; “Since we have issues getting subpoena’s in China and that’s where FB headquarters are, you need to get a screen shot of the nurses Face when they are on FB”. So FUCKERBERG THE ANTI-American , the skank bill gates, mitt Romney, Jeff flake, an other low life’s like McCain are pushing AI to get or trap those of us who report high levels white collar crimes by politicians.
    For us who have tape over the cameras of our phones, it pisses the criminals and they resort to saying we are paranoid. There are millions of us who put tape on our phones and computers, even Fuckerberg the FB creator does it because everyone knows the government is corrupt. AI is made by criminals, and designed for criminals.
    Ridenour U R A -C


    1. Right Touch regulation , is the opposite of how the dirty BON operates . “As defined by the Professional Standards Authority, right touch regulation is proportionate, consistent, targeted, transparent, accountable, and agile.” Once the recluse who hides behind a title and desk is exposed it should have happened more quickly , exit left! now it will be like the medicaid fraud and the tribal rip off of taxpayers .


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