This woman just does not know how to tell the truth . Lie after lie. Who on the BON believes her lies ?? What employees believe any of her lies ?

She got a few who will do what ever she tells them without thinking first . THINK cause you carry out her ‘orders ‘ of harassment and YOU will be part of the problem .

Ridenour keeps EMMA MAMALUY on staff to keep a buffer between her and the public. Don’t think for a minute that Joke Ridenour won’t say she had NO IDEA she was doing the dirty lies about people .

How many attorneys quit going to the BON, they know what she is doing . unethical illegal and down right corrupt !

Anyone here have EMMA MAMALUY LIE about them BLATANT lies , contact the admin of the site , you can remain anonymous .

MAMALUY can fool a few , lots have figured out she is NOTHING BUT A TROUBLE MAKER , and NO this is not a good trait. CHIEF BULL SHIT , no way this dirty turn will change her ways , it is not a part time habit it is her way of life !

8 thoughts on “EMMA MAMALUY IS A LIAR”

    1. mamaluy manipulates minds , the really stupid and low I Q join and believe her bull pucky . Look at McCormies she will get on her knees and lick her toes if she asked .


    2. Emma Lehner Mamaluy will do any shady thing to cover up their mistakes, anyone at the BON including Joke dirty director . If the corrupt board of nursing wasn’t so dishonest and could work as agency that actually does what they are legislated to do they wouldn’t have to cover up their lies . Once they start with one lie it leads to another and another . Covering up Mamaluy lies while turning it on the innocent who is just trying to fight the injustice . And getting a paycheck to work like this is disgusting .


    3. Putting a bright light on the corrupt board of nursing , and exposing their wrong doing takes the shadow government out into the bright sun shine for all to see . This is when the witch starts to shrink to dwindle down to a pile of rubbish the witch squealing , it ‘s not us it is all of them , they complaint because we acted on their licence NOT BECAUSE OF THE WAY WE DO THINGS. (keep saying that liar Emma and you’ll start to believe it ) Those who hooked up with this liar have since separated . She should be arrested , start with extortion.


  1. All the lawyers in AZ have to crawl around and eat the Sh:! from Ridenour. The sow Emma fools NO ONE, they just agree with her.


    1. no decent lawyer is going to bow down and go along with Jokey’s game. Every once in awhile one come alongs and speaks their mind. Word is out on EMMA MAMALUY trying to get people in trouble and place them in a bad light when she is the criminal !


    2. Lawyers don’t always just agree with the incompetent lawyer at the board , a few lawyers quit coming to the bon with clients , they are tired of dealing with mormons who are rude , stubborn to the core, can’t see beyond the end of their noses . puppets on the BON that have been told what to say and say nothing , just follow the most corrupt ones lead that being carolyn joke mccormies . real slick liar that one is , she knows what the dir and ASSoc dir want and will let the other bon member think they have input then if they don’t take her hint she will strongly disagree . stomping her feet raising her voice until she gets her way . A sick puppy that one !


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