emma mamaluy the cheese head from Wisc has some serious issues !

The licensing agency can order her to see a BD approved, at her cost and go for a full day of testing and see what make this liar tic !

Mamaluy is an unapprehended sociopath , who exploits others vulnerability . She has taken things from the material and otherwise , and they did not deserve this .

As a sick sociopath Emma Mamaluy possess smug , contemptuous and notoriously ‘shameless’ attitudes about their exploitation. This attitude and pattern they form are a direct reflection of her disorder.

Mamaluy thinks she has the last laugh , it is emotionally damned of venal , pathetic, hollow individual . While celebrating her abuse and getting the bon members to do what she wants , she is of contemptuous arrogance , thinking she is on the way to easy street.

Mamaluy is an incurable sick individual , of who’s soul has a sickness , including those lives she destroy’s through remoreless violation of others boundaires.

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