About choked when this popped up . ! Wow , it is right on. When a new election takes place , finally getting rid of DO LITTLE DUCEY , and yet we have zip nothing from the Gov’s office . Notta . She disrespected the entire nursing profession, not just a few waiting for JUSTICE to finally level the playing field .

Only will change take place when the dirty director is locked out of her office her badge is disabled . The misfit attorney she made a space for and eats up the budget, the BON members are cleaned out , wiped out entirely and not let those self serving continue on illegally.

GOV HOBBS , here is hoping you act, the only one who appoints , let’s have an AZ for ALL !

“”A number of people have tried to contact the Gov office about the substantial situation going on at the board of nursing agency. To the Gov, Boards and Commissions, OIG, all falling on deaf ears. It is well known throughout the US that AZ has a rogue bon ,who are ‘out there’ and will not work in AZ . We have read her shout out to :: AZ lottery , affordable housing , indigenous people, navajo police day , peace off, dept of liquor, anti semitism, board of tribal land, indigenous people , phx rising , brittany Griner, AZ fallen officers, St parks , firemen, Dept of rev , Cty Sheriff , Az State employee day, Casa Alitos shelter , Holocost , ASDB, Dps, NCAA, Earth Day, Tohomo O’odhand Nation, Andrus Carro, flooding , graduation at perryville prison ,and homeless housing . Not sure if your aware but the lst week of May it was Nurses day , and Nurses week, and just like Ducey NOT A WORD ! How many nurses have spent tireless hours, and have contracted covid while working or a life long ptsd from putting bodies in bags, the only person at the bedside when a patient is dying . They were Calling nurses heros, and now ZEROS by Hobbs omission. If you haven’t been to an ER , lately , beware the short staffing the abuse of nurses especially in AZ , not allowed to speak up or will be punished, Where the corrupt BON retaliates with tax payers money to witch hunt and silence them by unduly acting , manufacturing cases against the nurse. If anyone get a reply from Katie Hobbs , or gets messages thru , she missed the boat on this one big time. Of course teachers and nurses mostly female professions so who cares about them . Recognize the penis occupation . So Hobbs statement ‘ AZ for all is just talk. In May it is her job to appoint new board members , we sure hope that she will not appoint anyone recommended by the dirty dir . In fact all the dir being replaced , she needs to take a hard look at this one. So much corruption. Also Hobbs is AWARE , records to show , notifications sent . Anyone even thinking of nursing in AZ , must have a desire to be punished . The BON does not ‘protect the public” they are protecting hospitals . Case after case . If you think your visit will go smooth because you are high up in some company or you know people , think again . If you don’t agree scroll on , btw I voted for her but find the nurses who have sweat equity and work extremely hard , do not get the respect for the huge amount of knowledge they have it is extremely disappointing this is the Gov , way just like the last gov ignored it all, and she is a social worker ? wow !Sure hope this is not the way it will go!! By end of May appointees for BON , will HOBBS appoint who RIDENOUR WANTS ???? WE ARE WATCHING !!!!”””

The real sad part is the graduates at Perryville prison will have an easier time getting a job then nurses who have had licenses acted on by the corrupt az bon . !


  1. Hobbs is cozey with Ducey, they are Uniparty politicians just like McCain, Flake, Romney, MCConnell, & so on.
    They are getting their cuts from Hospitals Associations, Insurance companies, & Pharmaceutical companies from around the World, do you think they want their funding cut off? All the politicians who are part of the medical corruption will continue to screw nurses over who are whistleblowers.
    HOBBS IS JUST ANOTHER C-/t politician!


    1. By giving out the most severe punishment the bon makes money off this , and MCCormies the witch is certainly going to make money for the group . Such a pour example of a nurse . So disgusting she is ! . She’s really messed up in the head , you can never ever expect someone like this to change even to a near normal . So ABNORMAL a really STRANGE one that McCormies is !


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