What did these people know that made them leave the corrupt AZ BON ?

Becky Melton

Heather Reed

Helen Tay

Tanya Salinas

Irene Barajas

Donna Frye

Nancy Davis

Susane Kingsland

Jamie Salinas

Juzmin Martinez

Janel Berry

Glenn Cook

Karen Johnson

Monica Ortiz

Max Slater

Ms Albertie

Paulette Jones

Olga Zuniga

Lyn Ledbetter

Robert J Digan

Eric Blake

Cindy Mand

Janeen Dahn

Kathy Watson

Michael j Pilder

pat Midkiff

Shawn Bonner

Stephie Chambers

Kirk Olson

Frank Curatalo

David Elson

Jennifer Ingram

pam Millben

Valerie Smith

Kim Zack

Samantha , lasted only 1-2 months

Some see the ways of the board and are just as shocked they can operate like this and get out !

There’s more lots more !

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