in one big lying thug . Mamaluy is horrible at following the law . A disgrace to the profession.

Why is it nurses are suppose to be ‘professional ‘ but are regulated by the most egregious lawbreakers , nurses are cited for ‘integrity’ issues but are being cited by the biggest liars around . Something wrong with the process !

Jokey Ridenour couldn’t set a good example for a nurse , she is one one good example of a dangerous monster who is laying in wait for her next prey .


  1. Don’t forget to add sexual predator to Jokey’s list of deviant behaviors, only sexual predators stalk their prey day in an day out, over a long period of time. Many of us have been stalked for years after that satanic predator jokey becomes obsessed with a certain character she sees in one of us.


    1. Jokey is just trying to figure out how to silence . She doesn’t want ANYONE talking to ANYONE about her and what those who know have figured out about her pattern of corruption . If she can’t silence she makes up rumors and lies about people . She is a stalker only to find out how she can cause more problems , in retaliation for exposing her . This is an ALCOHOLIC TRACT . MAMALUY TOO , drink up !


  2. Anger and Anxiety driven due to severe Personality Disorder. Too stupid to adhere too universal laws of the land, too full of jealousy, an self hatred to rein in her psychotic delusions. Emma will answer for her behavior before she can retire, what’s so funny is ole Ridenour will be long GONE butEmma Mamaluy still has years to work in order to support herself.
    Remember the sexual predator at the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s office “Juan Martinez”, rape, sexual harassment, grabbing, and touching the women who were hired to work with him. The SEXUAL assaults went on for years before that monster out of hell finally lost his job, however EVERYONE at the prosecutors office knew what the predator “Juan Martinez” was doing but thought it was funny.


    1. EMMA MAMALUY seems to have a gender dysphoria , she does fit the description ; dysphoric mood is a mental state in which a person has a profound sense of unease or dissatisfaction. She can’t be happy so she takes pride in making others suffer . She really does need that psychological evaluation stat !! !


    2. Mamaluy is a liar and those who get involved with mormons soon learn they are only ld$$$$$$$ members and liars . Here is how dental school goes and why dentist dont get serverely reprimanded ! “might want to check what ‘faith’ these dentists are , it is all connected ! In Utah , AZ, Idaho, the dental schools accepts a certain cult , they have the profession tied up . Tithing is mandatory before you pay your bills. They protect another one, they is why they like to get on boards. They do this with the nursing boards. too . Not ever state just ones they control thru politics. (they get on school bds legislature etc) . This will take care of another one. This is how they have billions put away . Get one to go to dental school, they pay 10% of their income per year, based on a dentist income , and for around 40 yr period. Think about it, the return on their ‘investment ! at 10% inflation proof a real scam . While others not part of the cult not accepted.


  3. “ONCE AN ALCOHOLIC ALWAYS AN ALCOHOLIC”, her comment during a board meet. Yes so true, Ridenour’s behavior is also consistent with an individual who has a SUBSTANCE ABUSE DISORDER. Notice how she always has her mental health buddies dab the nurses with a “high risk for a substance disorder”, awe the pressures of an executive director.


    1. And Joke Ridenour , exposing her for what she is will make her the most angry wet hen in the state ! She will never admit she has a problem with friends like Kyra L , addicts r us !


    2. There are a lot of addictions the BON only focuses on the ones they want . Valerie Smith had years to sit and read and regurgitate her nonsense . A control freak . One of JOKE Ridenours thieves on the payroll . yes i bet you do miss her joke cause you can’t keep up and never was competent to run a board of nursing . Smith only fooled NCSBN for a very short time then they got sick of her . If Smith stayed at Maricopa Cty she would have been fired long ago and most likely before the bon.


    3. Imagine mark lamb and emma mamaluy hooking up , she will ‘use ‘ ANYONE ” and try to get them to act and do what ever hateful act she can dream up , better think twice , before doing dirty work for mamaluy the instigator !! Troublemaker mamaluy !


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