Another dirty politician

Well it appears that lamb wanted to be a key note speaker at MADD , he was on the speaker list when they discovered he wasn’t a good fit. {{disappointment and utter shock over the weekend when we got a call uninviting us as the keynote speakers.”” Bet he was disappointed , grand standing at it’s finest.

Was the person drunk who hit the girlfriend and mother of his son’s out of wedlock child ? Not the how the report went , and the girlfriend pulled in front of the vehicle with her child in the car. Lamb’s son and his girlfriend were both drug addicts .

No mention of the bicycle rider who was hit by Lamb irresponsible son, who was high and drugs , and caused permanent brain damage , and did not go to jail (if he did he might still be alive) but would not look good on Lambs political aspirations .

Only ones who will vote him in are mormons so they have a shoe in , in case . They only look at if they are a part of the cult. Just like the mormons who are on the BON make motions and rule for or against mormon nurses , all depending on if they are in the cult and paying their tithing or not .

This is AZ and a big part of how the BON operates. Had many friends licenses not been acted on , this cult behavior and what is really going on in AZ would not have been looked at . SO Lamb when you get called on being mormon , it is not a compliment , we discovered how nasty , underhanded , down right liars , so not good people they are BECAUSE OF THE ACTIONS BY THE AZ BON . So connect with those creeps for their behavior. Letting the rest of the state, and nurses know , yes it isn’t you , something is WEIRD about the AZ BON . REAL WEIRD . They have no idea how to treat others and be fair , too biased !

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