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Dental Deaths

Lawsuits filed against AZ nurse anesthetist after two dental deaths

Posted: 1:02 PM, Nov 05, 2021

Updated:10:27 PM, Nov 05, 2021

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A nurse faces lawsuits after two people died during dental procedures, one of which included a fire inside a patient’s mouth.

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An Arizona nurse anesthetist is facing multiple lawsuits after two of his patients died in separate dental procedures within a year.

Tory Richmond is accused of medical negligence in the wrongful death cases of a woman who died from a lack of oxygen to the brain and a man whose mouth caught on fire during an oral surgery.

Through an attorney, Richmond declined to comment on the lawsuits.

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How did these deaths occur and what actions have state health boards taken? Watch Dave Biscobing’s full investigation, tonight on ABC15 News at 10.

Anesthesiologists and other certified nurse anesthetists told ABC15 that two deaths stemming from elective dental procedures is a rare and concerning anomaly.

However, Arizona’s Board of Nursing essentially cleared Richmond of any wrongdoing and only filed a generic letter of concern that isn’t easily accessible to the public.

During an open hearing, one board member also expressed sympathy for Richmond and commended him for his care in a case where a patient’s mouth caught on fire.

“It’s like they don’t care,” said Teresa Rushing, who filed one of the lawsuits after the death of her mother, Sharlon Stemmons. “What bothers me most is that my mom shouldn’t be gone. She should be here.”

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On October 25, 2019, Stemmons underwent a procedure to have her teeth pulled so she could get dentures.

The dentist was Ehsan Pourshirazi.

Through a company named Lifeguard Anesthesia, Richmond was hired to provide mobile anesthesia even though Pourshirazi’s office was not properly licensed to perform sedation procedures, records show.

During the procedure, Stemmons stopped breathing, and staff began to perform CPR on her. However, records indicate that no one called 911 until 11 minutes after the medical crisis began.

“Upon information and belief, Defendant Richmond and Defendant Pourshirazi delayed in calling 911 because they did not want to draw attention to the fact that they were administering in-office sedation without proper license and outside their legal scope of practice and hoped that they could successfully care for Mrs. Stemmons without having to involve EMS or other providers,” Rushing’s lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit also alleges that Richmond failed to properly assess Stemmons before the procedure, failed to properly administer anesthesia, and failed to properly respond when her oxygen levels dropped.

Pourshirazi is currently tangled in an ongoing battle with Arizona’s Board of Dental Examiners, which is attempting to pull his license.

He did not have the required “1304” anesthesia permit, which allows dental officers to perform sedation procedures, records show.

Stemmons, who was 71, never regained consciousness and died from a lack of oxygen to the brain 10 days after the procedure.



Less than a year later, Ralph Chapman died.

Chapman underwent an oral laser surgery at a different dental office, AZ Perio, which also used Richmond and Lifeguard Anesthesia on August 28, 2020.

During the procedure, his mouth caught on fire.

“Ralph Chapman was transported by ambulance to the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Medical Center where he remained until he died on September 9, 2020 from complications resulting from the thermal and inhalation injuries sustained during the dental procedures while under the care of Defendants,” according to a lawsuit filed by Chapman’s wife.

Chapman’s wife and her attorneys declined to comment on the case.

Their lawsuit further alleges that Richmond used an unsafe amount of oxygen during the laser surgery.


In response to the lawsuits, Richmond’s attorney, Peter Wittekind, sent ABC15 an emailed response.

“These were two cases with tragic outcomes, and our unreserved sympathy is with the families,” Wittekind wrote.

Wittekind added, “Of course, if you have reviewed the Arizona State Board of Nursing file, you know that the Board combined both cases regarding Dr. Richmond, performed multiple interviews, completed a full investigation, and conducted a public hearing. After its full investigation and public hearing, the Arizona State Board of Nursing concluded that Dr. Richmond did not commit any unprofessional conduct. I assume you will include this in your research and report.”

The nursing board discussed its review of both deaths during a May 2021 public meeting.

The board declined to issue Richmond any formal discipline but issued a letter of concern.

During the meeting, one board member, Angela Fountain, primarily discussed the cases involving Richmond.

Fountain opened her comments about the board’s finding by expressing sympathy for Richmond.

“I have to tell you Dr. Richmond, I am sorry. You have been through hell to say it bluntly,” said Fountain, who’s also a certified nurse anesthetist.

Fountain also discussed the 11-minute delay in calling 911 during the Stemmon’s procedure.

“The concern about the timeline as far as when the 911 or EMS was activated, 11 minutes goes by in like a second when you’re managing someone’s airway, when you’re trying to deal with any kind of crisis,” she said.

“So the fact that he didn’t initiate the EMS, well he’s busy taking care of an airway and controlling that. So that truly to me was not as much of a concern because the dentist could have called 911. The other staff could have called 911. That doesn’t have to be all on you.”

Fountain also praised Richmond for his level of care in the case involving the patient who died after his mouth caught fire.

“In regards to the case with the laser, job well done as far as I’m concerned,” she said. “I’m sorry for the outcome. But job well done.”

Richmond responded, “Thank you. Appreciate that. Thank you.”

In advance of this report, Fountain sent ABC15 the following written response about her comments at the board hearing.

“While I can not discuss details regarding a specific case I would like to  provide some context to my statements during the May 2021 board meeting. First, and foremost, I have the most sincere sympathy towards any family who has lost a loved one in any healthcare involved incident.

As a board member my primary job is to protect the public.  We do that in part by ensuring that licensed and unlicensed nurses practice within their scope and follow standard of care. While others may not always agree with our determinations, we make every effort to decide the matters fairly and thoughtfully.

My comments were to provide feedback about the resuscitation efforts made, despite a tragic outcome. Again, any time there are negative outcomes with a patient, I hold the most sincere sympathies for the patient, their family and all involved.”

Richmond no longer works with Lifeguard Anesthesia.

In advance of ABC15’s report, Richmond’s attorney, Peter Wittekind, emailed another statement after seeing a preview of the story on an earlier newscast.

“I was advised that you intend to air your report this evening. I am concerned that it may not be fair, balanced and informed. In fact, if the teasers already aired are reflective of the full report, it appears the report may be not only grossly inaccurate, but malicious and defamatory.

I understand media motivation to generate ratings at almost any cost, but you also have a duty to report fairly. As I previously mentioned, the Arizona State Nursing Board has investigated these cases, carefully reviewed the pertinent medical records, and conducted a public hearing. The Board concluded that Dr. Richmond did not act unprofessionally. These were two very unique cases, performed by oral surgeons (not “dentists”), with tragic outcomes. The way the facts have been aired so far, however, is staggeringly distorted, at least as I have seen them. Portraying alleged facts in a false light, simply to create a story, would be wrong, both ethically and legally.”


ABC15 has spent years investigating health care providers and their state regulatory boards.

Here are some key ways the public can verify licenses and check for any disciplinary issues and lawsuits.

1. Check Arizona health board websites. Every Arizona board has a searchable directory of their healthcare providers. These directories will allow you to verify a license and check for any posted discipline. But, health boards often have hidden records that are considered public.

2. Call health boards. In Arizona, some board actions are not required to be posted online. ABC15 has done extensive reporting on similar issues in the past. In the case above, Richmond’s letter of concern is not included on his board profile. The public has to call and request any addition records that are considered public. Also, it’s important to ask for any past meeting minutes or meeting recordings that involve the health care provider your researching.

3. Google health care providers. Yes, it’s simple. But it’s also effective.

4. Check for lawsuits. Many malpractice claims get settled before a lawsuit is filed. However, it’s important to check for lawsuits like the two filed in the case above. In Maricopa County, go to this website and search for the name of your health care provider and their business name.

Contact ABC15 Investigator Dave Biscobing at


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AZ Board of Nursing Unsafe to Practice ; Endangering the public.

AZ BON has done some strange investigations. Those who are victims of this over the top . deep dive into far past and personal business unrelated to nursing or anything , you are in for a strange ride with these Nursing board members , staff , and dirty director.

Nursing board’s slow pace danger to public

By: Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services September 22, 2021

a person holding a pen

The State Board of Nursing is slow in handling complaints, according to a new state report, a practice it says that could endanger public safety. 

Auditor General Lindsey Perry said the policy of the board, which oversees everything from advanced practice registered nurses to certified nursing assistants, says complaint investigations should be completed within an overall average of 180 days from receipt. 

But Perry said of the 25 randomly selected closed complaints the board received in fiscal year 2020, 12 were not finished within that time frame. And of those, four were serious enough to result in nurses surrendering their licenses, two led to consent agreements involving probation and one ended with a letter of censure. 

Auditors also looked at 10 open complaints and found none resolved within that 180-day time frame. 

“Untimely complaint resolution may negatively impact patient safety when delays allow licensees and certificate holders alleged to have violated board statutes and rules to continue to practice while under investigation even though they may be unfit to do so,” Perry wrote. 

She specifically cited one complaint that alleged the nurse failed to recognize and manage postpartum complications, including hemorrhaging. The result was a delay in getting the patient to a higher level of care. 

That ultimately resulted in suspension of the nurse’s license until she completed required continuing education care, followed by a 24-month probation. 

Lindsey Perry

“Despite this action, the board took 301 days to resolve this complaint, during which time the nurse continued to practice without restriction,” the report states. 

Perry said the board said the investigation was delayed because the allegations required an investigator with specialized knowledge, but that the board’s investigator with this knowledge was on extended personal leave for longer than anticipated. 

The auditor general noted, however, this isn’t the first time her agency has seen this problem. 

As far back as 2001 auditors concluded the board had “excessive investigation time frames and many open investigations.” She said the board implemented some recommendations made at that time. 

Yet a decade later Perry said more than half the complaints still were taking more than 180 days to resolve. That, she said, resulted in the nursing board implementing new policies with that 180 goal, including some interim deadlines. 

Yet the new report shows problems still exist. 

In a formal response, Joey Ridenour, the board’s executive director, said she agrees with the findings of the report. 

One issue the board cited is an increase in the number of both complaints and licensure investigations opened each year, with the figure more than doubling between 2011 and 2021. And the number of people holding licenses increased by 20%, to 130,690 in 2021. 

The result was that the average caseload was 87 per investigator. That compares with what the board believes would be the ideal number of 60, a number that would allow resolution within that 180-day deadline. 

What may help is that the board did seek – and the Legislature granted – an additional 3.5 investigative positions for the current fiscal year. 

Perry said her staffers also found that the board and its staff were not good in responding to inquiries from the public. 

The staff placed three anonymous phone calls to board offices earlier this year, requesting information about licensees with varying disciplinary histories. And in all three cases, the board “provided some accurate information about the licensees.” 

But Perry said the board provided “insufficient information.” 

In two of the cases, she said the board staff did not disclose that both nurses had a dismissed complaint or inform the callers that the board could provide general information about the nurse, such as license status and any nondisciplinary actions. 

Perry said the board did refer the callers to Nursys, a national database used to verify the licensure, discipline and practice privilege for nurses for states that participate. But state law prohibits the board from including dismissed complaints on that website. 

In all three cases, Perry said board staffers referred people to Nursys when callers asked how they can obtain additional information about specific licensees. But here too, she said, they did not tell the callers that the system doesn’t include things like dismissed complaints or nondisciplinary actions. 

Perry said that while the audit was pending, the board developed new policies and procedures to address the issues. 

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Going to a PHP anywhere is like playing with a stacked deck. They only get the info they are provided by the agency that sent you, and a review of public records. My experience, you have no way to counter any misinformation. Lawyers are not a help. The outcome is predetermined and punitive. The process is costly. You are presumed guilty and incompetent and all evaluations are biased against you. The resulting report typically requires one if not all of the following: required counseling, a re-education program for whatever you practice (like a week long board review course or repeat residency), a record keeping course, and post course monitoring of all records, and a supervising MD. They may advise you to relinquish your license, but typically they don’t want to do that, they just want to exert as much pain as they can to encourage you to give it up. All at your own expense. Again, this is from my experience and knowledge base, and I hope that I am wrong in your case. Prepare for the worst outcome. This will follow you for the rest of your career. Make peace and accept it, or look for a different career path. It is survivable, but it can be a major hit to your self image and sense of values as well as devastating to your pocketbook. I have researched most of the programs in the US. I have no reason to believe that Idaho PHP is any different, though I have no personal knowledge of that one. They are not there to help you!

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Nursing board complaints Arizona

Encourage anyone that has been contacted by the AZ Board of Nursing about a complaint on their license to contact this site.

NO we do not work FOR the AZ BON , NO not associated with the AZ BON. A watchdog group that has had major issues with the process and operation of the AZ BON , it’s staff and Director.

Confidential. The ones not to trust are the investigators and the BD .

You may have found this searching for an attorney to represent you . We can advise on that too.

We can tell you what we have observed and know as victims of the AZ BON agency . Many nurses will spend countless hours researching , or in disbelief the dirty schemes they will do and dream up .

First and foremost do NOT have any discussion with them on the phone or by email and try to ‘explain your situation ” . They know this is retaliation , but do not care . They will take anything you say , and twist it to make you out to be a liar, crazy , unstable, dangerous , and of course unprofessional .

P S IF anyone from the AZ BON/ or one of their minions contacts this site pretending to be a nurse with a complaint to see what we tell people you will be outed !

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