Here are the ‘players ” DEBRA DAVENPORT , who retired, she was in charge of audits up until this year when the AZ Board of Nursing has their audit . Did she help them ?

LINDSAY A PERRY , she has FRAUD examiner in her back ground . Will she find the FRAUD by the BON. OR turn a blind eye. (A Perry was on the BON, amongst other connections )

MELANIE CHESNEY she’s been there long enough to know what is really going on, audits or cover ups ? 94-2021 she got a big pension to gamble with .

Geo Graham , head of charter schools , need we say any more , we do know what mission creeps got the law passed and made millions on charters (farnsworth ring a bell Graham ? )

Dale Chapman, graduate of BYU . Need we say more ? You do know that they ONLY TAKE CARE OF ANOTHER ONE !

VICKI HANSON , seems like there is a HUNTER IN THE WOOD PILE? hmm and don’t forget about the creeps Kristi Hunter , who was working at the BON.

A lot seem to be from Mesa, Tempe area , getting ‘friends ” in a state job ? then there are the past Dir of the Auditor Gen office

DOUG NORTON , grad BYU Idaho, IRA OSMAN , it is the IRA that just seems to flow with zion curtain gangs .

Can this office do their job with INTEGRITY , can they do a real AUDIT ? Can they look into and find the FRAUD ? Time will tell . Amazing how these people gather in state agencies to protect another one. Maybe not this time. We’ll see . This is their mandate but like the corrupt BON , do they follow it ? This office is the ONLY over sight , once a decade .

The Arizona Auditor General serves as an independent source of impartial information concerning State and local governmental entities and provides specific recommendations to improve the operations of those entities.  To fulfill its statutory duties, the Office must:

  • Ascertain whether public entities are making wise use of their resources—public money, personnel, property, equipment, and space.
  • Determine whether public entities are complying with applicable laws, regulations, and governmental accounting and financial and reporting standards.
  • Define standards and establish procedures for accounting and budgeting, as the Legislature requires.
  • Provide technical assistance to State and local governmental entities.

The Office has audit responsibility for State agenciescountiesuniversitiescommunity college districts, and school districts. The Office also completes highly specific research and investigative projects in response to legislative requests.

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which oversees all audit functions of the Arizona Legislature, provides direction for the Auditor General’s Office. Subject to approval by a majority vote of both legislative houses, the Committee also appoints the Auditor General for a 5-year renewable term.

The Auditor General is assisted in fulfilling office responsibilities by a Deputy and nearly 220 employees organized into 5 operating divisions: Accountability Services,​ Financial AuditFinancial Investigations, Performance Audit, and School Audits. These divisions are supported by a general counsel and administrative, information technology services, and quality control groups.

The Arizona Auditor General is an Equal Employment Opportunity Agency.

Our Mission Statement:

We are independent and provide impartial information, impactful recommendations, and stakeholder education to improve Arizona government for its citizens.

Our Vision:

To make a positive difference by promoting better government.

We Value:

  • Making a positive difference
    We care about making a positive difference and perform high-quality, impactful work that is respected and valued
    by our stakeholders, including Arizona citizens.

  • Independence and integrity
    We fulfill the needs of legislators, other organizations, and the public by providing accurate, relevant, and impartial
    information including factual, unbiased reports and recommendations.

  • Highly skilled professionals
    We attract and retain the best and brightest professionals by investing in their development, providing
    challenging and rewarding opportunities, and offering a supportive and flexible work environment.

  • Exemplary leadership
    We strive to develop our professionals to become leaders.
  • Respectful, collaborative relationships
    We foster respectful, collaborative relationships between our colleagues, which are essential to our success.
  • Innovation and continual improvement
    We are dedicated and committed to the need for innovation and continual improvement, both in the work that we
    do and in the personal and professional development of our employees.

  • Work-life balance
    We work hard at what we do and expect a lot of our professionals, but we recognize the importance of spending
    time with family and friends, and on other interests.


NP with DNP titles

For those who got DNP behind their names, it is a joke to those of us who know you did not go to medical school and do not have near the training as a real DR. You make yourselves look like fools . Especially those at the Board of Nursing during a meeting “DR —–” what a JOKE . IF they do not correct the title to public or patients it is fraud . Misleading . It is a felony in some states. This is my best response to those who think they are “DR’S” or deserve the titles. No one in music would ever have students call the DR , no one in any other field should ether . You are a NURSE , and until you go to medical school. stop pretending you anything more . Your education is a bunch of theory BS. Taught to you by nurses . The longer you are in NURSING school for initials behind your name the less you know about real nursing . ! This is my story , and thank you for allowing my post .

I used to be on the other side of this until I went to medical school. Now that I know just how hard becoming a physician is (and I still have a year to go) it is honestly insulting when other fields misappropriate themselves as “just as well trained” or “better” than physicians (the “heart of a nurse brain of a doctor” is the worst) and let patients assume they are their physician by using the title doctor in the clinical setting. The majority of patients truly do not know the difference. I have worn a badge with huge RN letters and got asked many times if I was the doctor (probably because I am tall and have RBF). I had no idea how different the breadth of knowledge was until I learned it. Those additional years of sacrifice and thousands of hours matter. I have worked with and am friends with many wonderful NP’s who are proud to be NP’s, and not one of them call themselves doctor. Nurses love to accuse physicians of having egos but this whole title argument is all about ego and not what is most clear to the patient. Just my two cents.


If you are a nurse , and don’t know it this is where you case will be heard. Do not even get your hopes up that a ALJ will hear the case and be fair , impartial , or any type of due process will take place.

This is a KANGAROO COURT ROOM, the judges have proven they are props, sit there bored out of their minds, sometimes asleep , but always side with the AAG . Judges that question the nurse , really ! Helping the dirty prosecutor who is paid by the Board of Nursing . The ALJ refers to the BON as “our client ” . So who is going to go against their own client ??

Proven dirt bags who are the ALJ’s who know their position as a poor actor is to pretend they are holding a hearing, and sign what ever the corrupt board wants ! Easy not a lot of rules to follow. The SHAM COURT , is located in the basement just below the BON.

AlJ’s who are willing to do DIRTY WORK , VIOLATE OATHS, and SIGN a win for the BON. Do they really think because the BON makes the final decision that this is something they are not responsible for ?


NOW the jury is still out on ADAM STONE , a very important case coming up , will he be a real judge or is he one to sell his soul ??? That is the question. You can all tune in to the hearings , which are strange as they come .

Adam D. Stone was born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan. He attended James Madison College at Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. Adam then attended Michigan State University College of Law where he graduated Cum Laude. Just a mere 15 days prior to September 11, 2001, Adam moved to Arizona. At the start of his legal career, he worked for general litigation law firms as well as a domestic relations law firm. He then opened his own law practice and later served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Child Support Services Section. While at the AG’s office Adam would often serve as a trainer for new attorneys and staff. Looking for a new challenge, Adam joined the Office of Administrative Hearings in June 2020.

SO ADAM STONE what’s it going to be side with the low lives at the board of nazis or are you a self thinker ??? We are watching !


We sure have an opinion of this creep . A little back ground here , Randy Quinn is mormon, you can do your own research on this cult , but so far haven’t found anything good.

It appears that mormon’s only do business with other mormon’s , not non mormon’s if they can help it. They will let you pay them for services. So why would anyone do business with a mormon who sends 10% of all they make to build a bigger monster. ? Randy Quinn was responsible for taking away nurses licenses unduly . He will argue that , we’re sure. He seemed to be much harder on females but then , that is how mormon’s are . All women are not equal in this cult. Randy Quinn is biased, many cases went before the az board of nursing , make you wonder WHAT? Letting others with a slap on the wrist! Treat your fellow nurse fairly , no way . ! Talking out loud to others on board influencing them how he wanted the vote to go, all the time. His vice president , anther mormon. Nurses don’t have a chance . There are some cases that you wonder did this moron read anything ? Was it all back room talk , to save a hospitals wallet ? What the hell is going on ! Putting nurses on probation , and ordering skills evaluations no way they could ever pass and this moron has said this , ‘can’t send more nurses over , no one has passed ” but he did selectively ! set them up to fail . But when you study up on mormon’s you will see a Bishop , talk to women like they are dirty , (what did you do to make him do this ? and blaming them for everything. Those brought up in this cult , are trying to deal with their upbringing . A few things Randy Quinn did , was tell nurses to “Shut up ” . More than one, tell nurses ‘Im going to order skills eval , but you won’t pass it ” . Who this this jerk think he is ! ? “I can’t help they way you were raised ” (as if being raised a mormon is ‘good” ! ) Thank God everyday not raised by mormon’s ! His parents can’t even pronounce , nurse anestheist . we sure hope they are not bragging about their little randy dandy . ! nothing to be proud of there , that is for sure. ! Ordering skills evaluations when Randy Quinn the moron knew no one was passing them ! He was setting nurses up ! “judging nurses who had a drink too many and drove, were victims of domestic violence. Calling nurses liars ! “Your not the first nurse to sit in that chair and lie to me ” . As if the biggest lie by Quinn , “protect the public ‘ bears any truth ! While Quinn is playing favorites with attorneys. He knows which ones are mormon’s and their clients seem to do better . Biased . Saving a male mormon’s license no matter what! Avoiding ordering psych evaluations on many males who should have had one. Of course , they all think every woman is crazy. Quinn knows the psych evals are rigged. When a nurse has to go to one on the boards list , well he knows or should know. Abusing psych evaluations, placing a stigma . Quinn thinks he is in charge of the money, they got it passed the nurse pays for evaluations so they order them a lot . Running the board like he was raised, if you don’t go along with the program , ex communicated or ‘revoked” . Like he is a gatekeeper of licenses.

Who would ever allow someone with this distorted biased thought process to make money off of them when he put so many good nurses out of a career ? Look up who is a member of the anesthesia group and refuse to have any of them near you . He had some runs in at County so started his own group. How would Quinn like to be without a license ? We’ve seen him in action , he has some very big lapses in judgement for sure.

When you read that this moron was pres of the board of nursing , don’t think for one minute that he has any superior skills than the next nurse . Nothing ! the mormon’s get into many government jobs to protect another mormon , part of being a cult.

There are words that come to mind just thinking of what a creep he really is, a dirty low down political hack , thinks he is capable of judging other nurses , pretending he is some kind of a judge , when he is just a wicked evil control freak .

You stole careers , your stole livelihoods, you know in many cases the nurse did nothing wrong, you just ruled against in a political hack method or taking care of friends , and the hell with the rest . Your ‘hunch’s ‘ are a joke , “something must have happened ” . There is a thing called evidence , and proof, which the corrupt board of nursing does not have to prove . Just get some dirty board member to suggest a vote to the stupid yes yes women and a person’s life is upside down, you have destroyed a family, a person ‘s dream . And for that , we only hope you get to be the one who has to worry about your finances and your license next time.


Make no mistake. This is AUDREY SUSAN TAYLOR , and ROD TAYLOR partners in crime.

If you see her ask her if she took her 95 year old mother to Pellston airport , left her there , did not wait until the plane was boarded or left and the plane did not go ! Left to find a ride .

Then ask her if she told her to “get an apt ” , because she did not want her to stay with her . She got an apt, no phone , so Audrey called Betty Last, 85 to go and deliver messages.

Then ask her if she accused her dad of ‘buying a house ‘ out from under her ” . When he bought it for her . He called her wine ee one , oh yea , but the older he got the more she came around and sucked up . Dropped off 1/2 eaten dried out cake.

The minute he died her and Rod went over and grabbed the money. Acted like they did inventory, and how pain staking that was . !

Then he wanted to go to FLa , she packed a bag , gave him keys to his truck , even though he was not suppose to drive . He had many fender benders in town where he was familiar , and was all over the road. Well he headed for Fla got in an accident on the way. On the way back he got on the freeway going the wrong way hit a van killed 7 people and himself. Audrey and 3 others fought about the money for years, but she lied when my atty asked if they settled it together and got along . ‘yes” what a liar ! The judge reappointed an atty to take over “they would never agree” . Money is their love just the mormons, Elizabeth Campbell, and all else involved . The love of money is the root of all evil and they are ALL EVIL . !

Now back up Audrey and Rods (former employers relative ) and cop were called by several to keep him off the road. He went over asked him who the president was and that was it ! safe to drive. Idiot .

Audrey lived in Gaylord , (where rod got fired , moved back to Cheboygan ) she worked as a commoner , a clerk . Sue Tryban lived there too and went in where Audrey worked, who would push the expensive items through the line, not ring them up . Got their Christmas shopping lifting done this way. Partners in Crime .

Now the favored one, she could whine and get what ever she wanted , she loved money . And said when she met Rod , “his parents have a house on Mullett lake ” well that did it $$$ in her eyes . Had two boys, then pregnant , not sure how sex once a year , was Rod’s complaint . Audrey did not want another one, set up an appt for an abortion . Oh yea, so much like Whoria !

Betting she’ ll lie all about this now. She made up whoppers on other siblings too got all but the drunk taken off . As manipulative as Elizabeth Campbell.

Oh but KMD , (atty phx ) could just not stop rolling his eyes at her responses her wanting to smear but not answer a thing. Get this , ! she even said “i plead the fifth !!!” like NO SHIT really . Laughable moment .

She is a really POS , huge turd . She fits right in with Campbell the dirty Board of Nursing , while pretending to be Mr and Mrs proper . HAHA

Rod is a liar too , probably the most gutless male on the face of this earth . They bought a house in Fla same town as grandma, Audrey is so much like her mother, can’t get enough of that MONEY !! Cannot get enough. !

They do not want anyone around who will ruin their little made up fairy tale lies! (just like the Board of nursing ! ) Amazing the similarities . Amazing.

Oh and of course they do not want to face anyone they screwed out of their fair share , surely they got a ‘story ‘ made up for that !! Oh yea ! Maybe that is why Audrey and Rod did not tell anyone about grandma dying , and had a quickie funeral. Audrey left certain names out of dads obituary , thinking that would help if anyone disputed the estate , she found out it did not matter so put the names in the second go around . Wicked and just plain EVIL . The perfect crime, most people would spend years in a prison cell, but just like the board of nursing they get away with it, for now ……………………………………………………………………


You just cannot help the way you are . Raised by a drunken lazy lying mother . Typical for those who are in this type of dysfunctional living arrangement to excel in other areas , to take the attention off of the slobbering slut always drinking , always getting arrested. That be mommie dearest Gloria Dabbs. Shaking in the mornings, you never knew where she was or when she’d come home . Barry was the Rock. CPS called all the time , neighbors knew . Court ordered work, her temp boss he knew. She even conned that poor man out of money be hauling your butt in their to tell him how you ‘succeeded’. Just like Whoria succeeded , the corrupt board of nursing played right into her hands.

Some day you will sort out the lies, the corrupt bd never could . Stupid one sided thinkers only wanted to save one of the bd members hospital . No matter what.

Ever wonder how Whore got that house ? Ever wonder why William was devastated and she used him. Ever wonder why sis told Whoria if she shows up at her wedding she will call the police ?

One thing Parker , your grandmother was abused for years by loud mouth drunk, and what did you do ? You know it was not a good set up ! Whoria Bar hopping while she was alone . Whoria never could stand anyone to succeed , she was elated when the license went . You might have license someday too . Would Whoria got to court to try to destroy your career ? Grandma said and did what she could to survive . I hope you enjoy what ever you get off of Gloria the lying drunk, you cheated some decent folks out of what they would have gotten . Just hope that the state doesn’t pay for her alcohol induced hepatitis . And those cigarettes well she deserves what ever she gets there.

Oh be sure and ask about the process server Whoira was avoiding ! A hoot, she hide in the house, they called the police when she had to get groceries or melt, the process server told the cops what they were there for told her to come out, and she got served . FUNNY , now when she lies about that , ask her why she was HIDING !!! Oh and then ask her about the 25k she stole from her dad’s place . Oh yea you got ripped off with a mother like that !! ( Her and the Board of Nursing are like twins ! no wonder they hooked up , and Elizabeth Campbell too ! Nikki Austin oh yea , she was going to do what her dir wanted , take her down .

IF you think for one minute a dirty board will take a license for no reason, you are still uneducated . Study up . Take care of your sister , your drunken whore mother favored you over her , sad . Actually Whore is depending on YOU to support her . You know she is so lazy she never got 10 years in to draw unemployment . But her lies can put a good nurse out of a career.

Sad life, people like her only destroy lives , but so does the board of nursing that’ is why they made such a team . Yup they player in to her cards for sure , sad she was so abusive to grandma, don’t think it did not take every avenue to stop it . Oh and the creep who contacted her, is another drunk , yup both sociopaths. Remember !!! Whoria is the one who got into my business , she is the one who went to extremes, she was ‘witness ‘ to nothing ! I had nothing to do with her , but she could call names , and that’s what this dirty board wanted. Oh and ask her when is the last time she and Audrey got together HAHAHA .


Add your complaint here , send a copy to the news media . Gov. Ducey does not have any control over them , he said. If the agency is like this do you really want to work in AZ as a nurse ?. BTW if you attend board meetings (mandatory as a student) all the talk about is the nurse following up on time. Never mind they lose paperwork, do not answer the phone, transfer you to a phone line full of messages no one answers , and you are on hold HOURS , not minutes HOURS . And in person they will steal your credit card information use it and say ‘nothing we can do , no proof” although their Board cases there is no proof of anything , just ‘reasonable ” . IF a board does not answer the phone, and a nurse needs an answer to a clinical question, how are these incompetents protecting the public ???

tried calling twice. The first time I waited 30 minutes on hold with no response. The second time I waited 1hr and 15 minutes and spent about 2 minutes talking to the representative on the phone. I got my questions answered but the representative had no sympathy that I had to wait that long to speak to her for 2 minutes. I have been waiting a month and half to get approved so I can take the NCLEX and nothing yet. I have had classmates already take their exam and pass in Oregon with no problem and here I am a sitting duck.

Blue Collar Beard Co1 review2 years agoIve been waiting months for my CNA endorsement. ive made numerous calls to get an update and get a different answer every time. was told “it will be done by feb first”… it isnt. called again and had them tell me “we are just too busy. it will get done when it gets done.” Asked for my money back because at this point i will find another job. wont refund my money, so essentially, they were paid to do a job in which they arent doing. total joke

each time i sat on hold for OVER AN HOUR. Most recently, an hour and 26 minutes

.Britney Heidemann3 reviews2 years agoHave not had a good experience with them.
1st contact – didn’t take my paperwork. Set me back 2 weeks.
2nd contact – didn’t give me a copy of my paperwork. Still struggling to get it.
3rd contact – called to request copy of paperwork. Guy had no idea what I was talking about. Said he’d speak with a supervisor then call me back. Never called me back.
4th contact – on phone for 20+ minutes, never spoke to a soul.
5th contact – went to office for paperwork. Lady didn’t know what I was talking about but took my info and would speak with someone. No results.
6th contact – lady told me I didn’t need certain paperwork to send with an application. Doubt that’s true.
7th contact – currently on phone with them to verify what lady told me. It’s been an hour. Haven’t spoken to anyone. Do people actually work there?

Just NoraLocal ThanksJJI DD1 review4 years ago If there was an option for 0 stars, totally would.

Trying to get a hold of someone if pretty much impossible. Supposed to be …MoreB Galini3 reviews2 years ago DON”T GET A LICENSE in this state. It’s horribly corrupt. You’ll lose it faster than you can blink while being charged with fake complaints that you will NEVER get out from under on.

Mary Brevik1 review2 years agoI agree that web site and the phone communication is not clear at all. The staff sound bored on the phone and audibly sigh when a question is asked that needs clarification.

Yuliya Dreyer4 reviews2 years agoThis web site is not user friendly
No iPad or mobile device??? I have to own a computer to renew???Jake Anderson1 review2 years agoI’ve been on hold for an hour now just to ask them some information about my CNA renewal. How does this department even function???

Diane Wilson2 reviews2 years agoI applied for an LNA and they did not notify me of what they needed from me until I have waited 5 months for them to process my application. I’m still trying to get my LNA but the Board is very slow, it has now been almost a YEAR! Calling them on the phone is another nightmare in of itself. The people on their lines also do not know how to give out clear information.DeNice5 reviews2 years agoMoving from out of state and wanted to begin endorsement process early. However there were details I could not find on the website. Attempted to contact then and was on the phone three times for 30 minutes each. No answer from staff. Sent email which it took them a week to respond. Horrendous service.

Kimberly D10 reviews4 years ago Each time I have called the AZ state board I have been helped in a positive manner.
Wait time is long, however it depends on the time you call.
Each individual has been very nice. (AZNA member Womack a suck up , there is always one ! ) Even after being screwed over by them ! Decided to use sucking up!

Miram King7 reviews2 years ago Very efficient board.. Got my license to practice done within 2weeks.

Jordan McBride2 reviews2 years ago Waited on the phone to speak to someone for an hour and 20 minutes. The woman was not able to answer the question I called about and then transferred me to someone else’s line, who did not answer, and their mailbox was full. It’s a waste of time to try to contact anybody here.

Rebecca McCullough1 review4 years agoThe Arizona Board of Nursing is a JOKE! Would give a negative star rating if I could. They should embody compassion as nurses are taught. Instead they NEVER answer the phone, and when they find it in their hearts to do so, they are rude and condescending in their response. They do not care, and I have spoken to many new nurses that tell others in the area to go ANYWHERE but Arizona to get licensed, because of their experience with the AZ Board of Nursing. Anyway, if you have to deal with these people GOOD LUCK and God be with you!

Janice WilliamsLocal Guide·12 reviews·4 photos4 years agoCould not of asked for better service. The lady in the office who helped me was very kind, professional and helpful. She was also very patient and helped me get the process going for getting my nursing license.L S1 review3 years agoNo one will answer the phone. No wonder there is a nursing shortage. have tried multiple upon multiple times for information.

Joe RoseberryLocal Guide·14 reviews·1 photo3 years ago Very rude. Must not be a happy place to work! No follow up. You must constantly send emails. Search “Complaints Arizona State Board” and you will get some very surprising information. Does not appear to be professionally run state agency.

Beverly Lawver5 reviews3 years agoSo far, they have been professional and helpful , both on visit and phone.

Kelly CullenLocal Guide·28 reviews·3 photos3 years agoWent today and couldn’t be happier I drove from Tucson. I moved from Minnesota and the ladies in the office were so efficient and helpful with everything I needed to complete for my license!

Brittany Klinger12 reviews3 years agoHorrible experience with the testing procedure for the CNA course. They do no recording of the test results, the test proctor used her husband as the actor and they totally botched the results to steal money from students. Nothing explains an entire class of students failing the non written portion and scoring 80% or above. Nothing can be proven because there is no evidence. However, when told of the possibility that the test proctor may be embezzling money from the students there was no remediation only the student being brushed off and told that she would have to pay another $88 to retake the test. Dispicable.

Maria Sanchez58 reviews3 years ago It’s very hard to get a phone call answer to a live person.Lot of people can’t get to the office expensive to get there.
Thomas Flood7 reviews4 years ago

Lost everything I sent to them. Took days to get anyone to look. Still have not found it. Impossible almost to talk to a real person but that is not surprising since they are Gov. Employees. (note a nurse wrote in another site, that BRENT SUTTER was telling a date that he was throwing faxes in the garbage , and saying “we lost it ” . to frustrate a nurse who is trying to comply. Dirty tricks, shameful ! Another employee willing to do ‘what ever” , oh and he has a felony that go buried !

Dora Dixon2 reviews5 years ago been CNA for 14yrs.. I like what I do, helping patients.. Thank u, AZ state board of nursing for helping me with no problem renewing my certification 🙂

Brooke A Finley10 reviews2 years ago Got an APRN license in less than a month after submitting all required documentation. Initially, I submitted the wrong form online and it was corrected by the staff within a few weeks. (note A FEW WEEKS ! ) hope you got license protection ! pretty sloppy to send the wrong documents !

Tatum2 reviews2 years agoIn November I paid $100 for my LNA, it’s January. I’ve called multiple times with having to wait 45-75 minutes. Honestly I don’t even want my license anymore I just want my money back.

Kenneth W7 reviews3 years agoNO STARS. pretty poor

Paji Hung3 reviews·3 photos3 years agoIf I could I’d like to give only 0 star. The staff on the phone was very rude. The only thing she did was passing the buck to others; she didn’t solve any problem at all. I was stunned by her discourtesy and lack of professionalism.

JustinLocal Guide·8 reviews·1 photo3 years agoTransferring a CNA license between states is at least a 30 day process, which begins once they receive your paperwork. Seems a little bit arbitrary and drawn out. Things like this are why there is a worker shortage in the nursing field.

Susana Royce6 reviews2 years ago website states working hours 8-5, had to hang up when I first called then tried again, I have been trying to get a hold of somebody since 8am, now it is noon. I have been on hold for almost 2 hours, I was already getting a headache from them .

Everyone of you should write to the Gov with CC to stop the madness Clean house .

ROBERT ELLIS AZ Board of Nursing

BSIT , or should stand for BULL SHITTER I TOO. This big black dude is listed as IT dept but has been doing bouncing while on duty . Doubles as a bouncer. This is a trick that hospitals use bring in a big DO WHO , tall and big but no brains big dummies what we call them . Bruiser, bully what ever you call this type. At work they are called to turn patients or pick them up cause of their size. The smart ones say get a hoyer lift. And the smart ones will not bow to the dirty director , and harass the public . They would say, what are the security guards for and refuse . No matter how full the tip jar got . Jokey will pay big bucks at this point , she got her tits in the wringer and is facing the music. “if you want to lead the band you got to face the music ” Only Robert Ellis boss is using him , big dummy that he is, will do ANYTHING at the BON. And Jokey doesn’t know how to lead with integrity she only knows how to intimidate , via using others to do her dirty work . That is where dutiful Robert comes in .

Ellis is too stupid to not question this manipulator , and Jokey thinks her hands are clean but using others . In person or on the phone this is how he operates. Here is a review of Jethro aka Robert Ellis , the over sized bully bouncing bookkeeper.

((I agree with all of the reviews that state that the Arizona Board of Nursing doesn’t answer their phones in a reasonable amount of time. My wife is a nurse for a clinic in Arizona, and we renewed her license online only to find out that we couldn’t print it because our printer was down. Apparently this is a one-time only event, and if you don’t print it then, you can’t print it later (a flaw that should be corrected by their I.T. employees). She needed a copy to show her supervisor that she has a current license, so I told her to call the Board. She did, only to be left on hold indefinitely and had to hang up to attend to her patients. I told her that I would call for her the next day.
When I called, I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes before someone answered the phone. I told her the story about my wife needing a printable license. She asked me if my wife was available, to which I stated that she was at work and doesn’t have the time to wait on hold. She stated that “unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to…” and knowing what she was going to say, I cut her off and stated “I need to talk to somebody who can answer this question because she doesn’t have the time to be f****ng with you guys.” She stated “Oh, so if, we won’t be able to continue this conversation with you speaking with me in that way!” These are all direct quotes; I recorded the conversation as well as the Board of Nursing who also recorded this conversation. I then asked to speak with a supervisor who will talk to me.
A little over two minutes later, a supervisor came on the phone and I asked for his name. He replied “Robert” (he later stated that he was the Assistant Director of Operations). I explained the situation just like I did with the initial employee. After we talked for a couple of minutes, we got the situation resolved. He then proceeded to scold me by stating, and again, this is a direct quote from my recording: “We will not tolerate swearing and talking down to our employees. We have a very strict policy about what we can and will and will not provide. You are not [wife’s name], so I will go out of my way to make sure we send something out, OK but we will, I will not tolerate that conduct, and don’t call back here talking to my employees like that again, are we clear?” I pressed him on why they take so long to answer the phone, at which time he stated “are, are we clear?” I attempted to inform him that they only received a 2 out of 5 rating and was going to explain about the long wait times, but he then continued with “OK Sir, thank you very much for your day, OK. We’ll get the license sent out to you, OK? Thanks!” He then hung up on me.
Yes, I dropped the F-bomb, and judge me if you want, but remember I was calling on behalf of my wife who works clinic hours (the same time that the Board of Nursing is open) and I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes. To add insult to injury, the initial employee who I spoke with would only talk to my wife, who again was at work. I understand that they do this for privacy reason, but they can prevent this by answering their phones in a reasonable amount of time, i.e. less than 10 minutes. Then I got scolded by a supervisor in a very rude manner! I wish that whoever oversees the Board of Nursing reads these reviews and takes action, just like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

NOTICE : Robert ELLIS is not a supervisor but a ASSociate dir, so he can make the big bucks , his department is not answering the phone, but using his sharp tongue to attack anyone who goes against any incompetent member of the BON. No matter how rude , incompetent, lazy they are . Jokey Ridenour is running this outfit , (to the ground ! ) instead of making corrections she uses morons like Robert to mouth off to the public . Guess she got the idea from lying lawyer .

Don’t believe a word they tell you about how fast they answer the phone, they lie about everything !


In one state he is “C” in anther he is CHAD .

This is the one married to ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL . She is a horrible individual who will prosecute anyone , and if there is a case or not . She will manufacture one .

Why are we telling you this ? Well birds of a feather tend to flock together and are ‘like thinkers’ . Just be aware .

Campbell has done some pretty shady things, take the time she was in the small one sided corrupt judges (alj’s ) court , and was bringing up everything known to man that was unrelated . Who let’s this bimbo get away with this . Well she upset the NP, so they decided to have hearing another day. So she comes waltzing in looking as disheveled as usual , with her gang of bullies , ready for round two. Then she gets a surprise, witnesses ! So she is pissed and her ugly face got worse, demanded her cohorts get in the hall way. Where is looks like she ‘called it off” . Dang , lost her FUN! Such a good plot , get him upset and the security guard will take him out and put that in her record as a WHOA moment . Only Bizarre Beth doesn’t tell you no need for a security guard and he wasn’t there the first time . But hey it is tax payers money , WHATEVER she can dream up , to intimidate and get others to act they way she wants !

Then a male from VA Campbell rushed the case to get it through so she wouldn’t have to have a lawyer on the other side. No one available over Christmas, Campbell saw her chance to push the case through. Anyone with 1/2 a brain would know these 3 women were lying there heads off ! This is where you got to watch this snakey Campbell , she knows their lying but doesn’ t care . ! Just please her board of nursing . E Z targets nurses are . Caring , not into legal technicalities. An attorney of many years, told the BON exactly what Ms lazy butt is about “too proud to admit it !” haha QHWHEEEE Bizarre Beth did not like that ! Truth hurts !

No one can live with someone and not be a ‘little ‘ bit like her , at least this is our opinion. And “C” or is it “CHAD ” or is it Andrew. , is with Industrial Commission. Another state employee , just putting time in to pick up a pay check and get a retirement . If he is like “beth ” then he has no conscience , he can do what she is doing and saw fair , due process ? , following their oath ?? Post here if you have had experience with that court and him.

Don’t think you would ever see these two opening an office and doing a days work, they are sucking off the state’s tit. Going through the motions of having hearings, pitiful. Yea no “husband and wife law ” team here “. Not the way Bizarre Beth has to have her way !.

Just like Bizarre Beth Campbell knows full well the investigators are liars at the BON, we are just guessing now, but thinks the MR Campbell knows what she does is underhanded as well . Does this reflect on Mr Campbell what his wife does ? Well , according to Elizabeth “Bizarre ” Beth, all family members are the same. And they are the only ones who know what is really going on , even if they do not stay in contact for years ! So does this apply ? Looks like it . Just ask Bizarre Beth .