EMT ‘s charged with murder

Have you heard the shocking news that 2 EMS workers have been charged with 2 nd degree murder after a man died in their care? An officer’s body cam filmed the entire incident involving an extremely inebriated man.

Putting a person who is drunk on their FACE , and telling them you don’t have time for this sh*t . Got time for court hearings, finding another job after a stint in prison ? Cop should be charged with not stopping it , but they are the same way. EMT’s were rightfully charged in giving ketamine<enough to kill an elephant> on a cops order and killed a young man , because he had on headphones and dancing to music .

The nurses named in Judge Silvers law suit at the prison got away with negligence, patient dying, and missing many diagnosis, failure to send to higher level of care . Inmates filed complaints all tossed, because the DOC is another state agency . AZ BON is corrupt and does case by WHO THEY AFFECT IF THEY DON”T . WHERE IS THE OVER SIGHT !!!

Fake Nurses BON FAULT ONLY!!!

just another indication that those ‘groups ‘ non profit or what ever , are not doing a thing for nurses is just a shell , a front , a fake front , just as fake as the nurses. !

Any group who says they work for nurses and is not blaming the BON on this , who are in charge of the schools in charge of PROTECTING THE PUBLIC and issuing licenses , are just as fake, just as big of frauds. The BON needs OVER SIGHT because they do as they please, have a large budget and staff , who get their lucnh breaks over and over.

But yet they post all over they are going to get to the bottom of this to protect the public . laughable !!! what are they doing in their own state, waiting for another year to go by and say we have to be professional . another JOKE. another exe (ax dir) that is FOS !!

“protect the public ” BULLSHIT OUT OF AZ BON MEMBERS , HOURLY .

Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe
it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” Vladimir Lenin, the Russian
communist revolutionary, said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

This is what the BON members are instructed to say , over and over, this is the cop out, to make them look like they are upholding some kind of rule/law that is written in cement. This is their excuse for doing the extra punitive that other boards do not do . It is almost as bad as stupid Elizabeth Boyer, constant, “we don’t want you to incur any big expense but the bon’s being is to protect the public , and a psych eval will “give us ‘ more information”.

What she is really saying , is ‘we have to do this, and your going to pay for what I order you to do, and it certain is MORE INFORMATION , because we have a list of docs, (that you can only go to one of them) , and not only will you be paying for an evaluation, but you are giving us more dirt to screw you over should you take this to court . By us ordering a psych eval, we have our asses covered , the psych will give us what we want, and if not we will call the dirty doc and pester them until they do , it they don’t then they are OFf our list . everyone loves money and has a price.

So I will make a motion for you to have a psych eval , I can always count on one board member to 2nd that motion <they are so stupid , they are starting to think this is all normal ! > , and you will do it or we will tell everyone that you are unable to be regulated, revoke your license, and you will not be able to work as a nurse ever again. Do I really care if you can’t afford it ? ? OH hell NO! . To protect myself and my sister wives club of board members, you will do as I order you to do . IT’ s like an insurance policy . IF you don’t do it your fked , if you do it your fked. I know that so the truth is I am trying to fk you over and you will never even think I am not empathetic to you. You won’t even get it when mccormies says “we really want you to be successful ” . Who doesn’t trust the BON, after all we are here to ‘protect the public’ Oh and Emma Mamaluy says , ‘best if you can state that about 20-50 times during the board meeting, nurses are so dumb they are even signing those consent agreements , so keep up the ‘protect the public’ we need each of you to repeat after me “protect the public’. Keep being dutiful and I will protect you .


Came out during discussion , that LOCNIKAR husband, or former is on the list as ADDICTIONOLOGIST for the BON.

look up his history , he certainly is experienced drug user . Plastic surgeon, doing cocaine before procedures totaled car heading dntn to get more heroin. just for starters. He has a license and NO DRUG SCREENS ORDERED . Don’t think that KYRA isn’t getting some of that money ,doing dirty work , being harsh on nurses, and going along with what the BON , back door deals, wants !! She has a license in nothing. professional (unprofessional board member, like a dirty lobby member ) . No one lives with a drug addict that does not use and try their stash . SHAMEFUL BOARD. Oh and Lett the psychopathic evaluator , wife worked at the BON too. So many connections , they can’t let an outsider in , too risky.


To the rest of the nation , what goes on in AZ is unheard of . between utah Idaho and Az , there is a number of MORMONS who populate the government jobs, positions of protecting their own who are obedient to the cult , look around you will see who they are . When the females are raised to go into ‘female ‘ type jobs, they tend to be a large number , they get on the BON, and are extremely prejudice. Since they have been called on it they have a coupld of people who are not a part of the cult , but still they keep a pres in who has to have her way. It is sickening how this group makes decisions , cannot separate their brain washed thinking into common sense . As one ex mormon states it :

When I was Mormon I was taught that a wife and mother was my most important, most high calling. If I HAD to go to college, get a degree that would support my family if anything happened to Spouseman. Teaching. Nursing. Acceptable female careers. My wants and needs didn’t matter,

Notice that Carolyn McCormies buys this bs hook line and sinker, her greatest accomplishment is ‘being married’ . Sad, and sad for the pour nurses who wonder whats up , why are they so strange acting . They are brain washed they cannot think rationally . dui , OMG , they hate drinkers , even coffee. Swearing, they say gosh darn it . “act like a lady, but your my whore ” . It ‘is confusing. AZ is the worst BON in the nation, hope this clears up why these nasty wicked women do what they do . (they treat their own just as bad if they sway from the cult too)

Board members just think if they say something it is true ???

Hey Boyer , and McCormies, saying “we don’t want to expose your personal affairs” and “we are considerate of your privacy” NOTHING can be further from the truth !! LIARS !

Everyone is finding out about the out of control board, who are nothing but liars !!!

I have stacks and stacks of files in my office with Accusations from the California BRN which include horribly damning language against the nurse, much of which, according to the nurse, is stretched, fabricated, embellished or just downright wrong. These accusations are not sent to me by the client. They don’t have to be subpoenaed. They aren’t sent to our lawyers because we are the named counsel of record, no. They are public record easily accessible on the BRN’s website for everyone including my grandma and 11 year old son to read. Keep in mind, at this stage they are still only ACCUSATIONS. Nothing has been proven, but regardless, the accusation with its condemning statements is there for all to see. What about being innocent until proven guilty? Is this a fair process? Or is this abuse?”

MARC HARRIS a g office (UH)))

At the bon office , he actually made the statement “THE ALJ GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME” what planet is this goon from !! He actually thinks , that the ALJ sides with nurses ! WOW . No surprise Mark , NUMBNUTS Brno kept him on staff. Making loser statements LIES !!! like this .

Come on their big boy, tell us when the ALJ side with a nurse tell us right here or shut you stupid trap ! Buddy with Charlie Hoover if that tell you anything!


EMMA MAMALUY got caught making deals with other dirty lawyers

If this shank think that she is going to get away with saying , the license is gone now < UH DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT EXCUSE. Your a crooked unethical and discussions with atty’s and how you can ‘get the bon to do what you want’ IS NOT GOING TO FLY !! Closing in on you . McCORMIES is a crook, parading around as little bo peep in her get up dress to go to Temple look .

AZ BON has the worst BON in the country !

Take board member Lisa Smith, and calls herself Dr like she is an educated person. But then after all this time on the BON she cannot make a motion. She even says “i m just reading what is on the paper” . why are BON members letting those who put the options on paper letting them make the decisions/??? NO mind of her own , like the rest. Then she screwed up and said “let someone else do the motion” . OH REALLY ??? because you are not living up to a brand new bd member . Your not progressing Smith , get off the BON and quit ruining lives ! Your stupid , you are struggling . Asking a nurse what happened with the phy therapy board ??? NONE of your business ! weird questions !!! Weird statements , the bon members just are NOT PROFESSIONALS none of them ! Go with Jokey to the has been never was . take up knitting . volunteer to clean toilets at the temples !