Randy went to the Az Bd of nursing meeting and bragged about the number of nurses , CRNA ‘s he has reported to the board of nursing.

UH !!! AND who would want to work with HIM??? CANNOT BE TRUSTED !!!

Just like facilities that are known for reporting nurses to the board of nursing, no one wants to touch that place with a 10 foot poll. Nurses need to avoid Randy Quinn , this is how he was raised , mormon’s are super tattle tails. It is in his nature , individuals like this think they look better if they can make you look bad. It is a sickness and warped mind . Think he’s your ‘friend ” they will drop a life time member of the terrible temples in a heart beat think he can turn on YOU ?????

Arizona Nursing Agency

What clowns they have , incompetent to the max. One can’t get to the meeting on time MANN, and one too lazy to show up at all Hill MEKOBA , another one is sitting in her underwear , Al – Hark . The rudest one is CArolyn MCCORMIES , who says “thank you for coming’ but only as a “Your leaving now” Nurses before the board, who participate have NO IDEA WHAT THE OUTCOME WAS . SHAME ON THEM ALL . They are nasty to nurses and disrespectful . Judging others but think no one is judging you ! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU , if you if you do not know that you are part of a scam being on the board of nursing by now you are as dumb as a box of rocks !


Congratulations to Deanna WRight NP, RN for holding your ground. Board of nursing and their Associate Director and along with their chief bull shit r atty on staff , EMMA MAMALUY , all wrongly filed against a nurse . Cannot interpret laws . (omg that is the mandate INCOMPETENT !!! all the WAY ! )

TERESSA SANGIO , JD, is one for nurses. “Bethy ‘ Campbell hates her . And has made snide remarks , jealous as she is that someone else ‘get’s their way’ Actually out smarts the stupid Campbell and Mamaluy who are so busy looking up everyone on facebook, involved in records, and playing dirty tricks they miss the real picture . THEN instead of admitting they made a mistake they pull another one ! ALJ Thomas Shedden retires suddenly , after awarding Wright her atty fees and costs. And the Dirty Director Greg Hanchett (that dirty Ducey appointed ) assigned Tammy Eigenheer (a real dirty judge ) to the case and she REVERSED ALJ Shedden’s order !

Oh Yes Elizabeth’s Campbell’s old tricks, if a Judge does not agree with her find another one who will. Will “BETHY the UNETHICAL DISHONEST Lawyer going to play this number at the medical board ?. IF she does she will be ELIZABETH NIFONG CAMPBELL, the prosecutor who went to jail and disbarred making a mistake of going against accused who had parents with money . Drs have money .

OH and instead of ADMITTING WRONG DOING , Emma Mamaluy , Bethy Campbell, Jokey Ridenour, and the Board of nursing members ALL OF THEM cannot admit wrong doing !!! They go and hide in executive session to decide if they should dish out money for lawyer fees and costs (TAXPAYER MONEY ) for their ‘fax paus ” and follow appeals judges ruling . Hiding behind closed doors keeping information from those footing the bills for their mistakes in open public meeting. This is NOT legal advise . Just hiding when they lose .

AZBON biggest lie !

Protect the public. They make sure that during every meeting they say it over and over . Mekoba- Hill finally dropped her “motion to deem ” laughable nonsense , it did not give her an boost to her crashing career. Acting like mouth mcmormies is not attractive !

Who ever the misinformed is who wants to get Mekoba-Hill advise on prisons or jails , is really out there. Those initials mean NOTHING ! We have seen how she operates at the board of nursing meetings . She can’t seem to get her butt out of bed get dressed and make to the meetings . So some person on a screen you can’t see is making comments and decisions on someones life . She was caught many times not even in the meeting, not back from break not back from lunch . Not voting when it comes to her , because her voice is on mute and she can’t remember to un mute it. IT is on mute because everyone an hear her pouring coffee , flushing the toilet, doing dishes . STOP THE BS about protecting the public. Get real . Anyone this shiftless is not reading the cases , just let the ‘staff’ who are corrupt write out your choices, easy for you to pick a choice than to think for your self. (this goes for all board members.) McCormies shows up because she thinks the world will end without her mouth their to tell others what to think. CAROLYN MCCORMIES is the most hated board member .


A real clown show , and nurses are all done being fooled !

“They are for administration! They know that “industry” uses Boards of Nursing as henchmen to insulate against self-incrimination when errors are made due to unsafe AND UNJUST cultures. They are not advocates for nurses or nursing….as our numbers dwindle, they refuse to address the elephant in the room!” TRUTH!

AZNA big actors, fakes, liars all pretending to help the nurses who give up their blood sweat and tears . It was all a joke .

The ANA is a decoy for fooling representation and political action on behalf of nurses exist .

Many nurses were fooled by the ANA when they got unjust board complaints. The ANA ignored all of it after sending what was written to the BON.

Not only do not join , although they have figured out how to obtain money, just not from members it won’t hurt them much.

As long as they are willing to lie and play cohort with the corrupt board of nursing those lawmakers are fooled to even think they are working toward bettering nursing . The biggest joke is they think they are the ones that got the vote of ‘most trusted profession’. When no one should trust anyone of them .

Only organization that will help nurses is a UNION !

AZ board of nursing game players

Still playing games with the sound system . They are doing this on purpose making it so people cannot hear the board meeting . Old trick too. ! the Director was informed many times and failed to do anything about the problem violation of open meeting laws. The nurses on the phone who live at a distance have had to ask the pres of the board questions over and over to speak up . That she sounded like she was in a barrel . That lots of echos and could not hear. Pres asked do you have you speaker on (blaming it on the nurse ) when she said NO, do you ?

The AZ BON plays lots of games and has the back up of the biased omsbudman , who is part of the little girls club.

Joke Ridenour is not fit to run an agency , and appears she never has been competent to do so . They blame complaints on the fact that nurses get punished by them and that is why they speak up . Joke does not have a clue what others are thinking , and some concern on her train of thought has been expressed in AZ and through out the country.


Board of nursing , has this one on ‘the list” . Amazing that a nurse cannot go to anyone for an ethics evaluation except this person. And how was she vetted ?

The warning is , when the underhanded AZ BON orders evaluations , psych or ethics , they sneak in on the paper that you sign . (SCREAMING LOUDLY WHILE PULLING HAIR , TALK TO SOMEONE WHO’S BEEN THROUGH IT FIRST!!!!!) and not an atty . (or at least not one who goes before the AZ BON (more later) .

The paper you sign , (UH!) states , “and any other tests or treatment the evaluator deems necessary ) . So you go to Atwood, who has law degree (BIG HINT HERE , never trust !!) who apparently , just a big HUNCH here, is having difficulty in her area so is now getting every referral from the corrupt AZ BON.

By signing this you open your self up to skills eval , psych eval, being labeled unethical , hair nail panels , refresher course , repeat psych eval after years of probation, what ever they dream up to keep you jumping through hoops of disaster .

Waddell-Pratt psych, do not recommend !

We like to give newly attacked victims of the board of nursing a ‘heads up ‘ .

fact AZ BON orders more psych evaluations on nurses than most boards , the nurse pays , and it is bd ordered you go to one of the ones on “THE BOARD’s LIST” . Now , how do you think they came up with this list ????

Does it sound like a set up already ?

A constant flow of nurse dropping thousands of dollars to ‘save their license’ when all it does is give someone who has a degree , which they basically use as a sword to destroy the nurse. Calling themselves experts. Twisting words, writing intimate details in your record , the strange bed fellows at the BON write in reports put under you name . It’s all to retaliate. It is nasty demeaning and not appropriate.

FACT: It was the AZNA who stated that ‘the nurses” voted and want the nurse to pay . Which raises many questions . Is every nurse in AZ in the AZNA????? Oh h*ll NO ! They have learned they do not work for the nurse . This is just one example.

Why is the board of nursing ‘hooking ‘ up with the AZNA as the ones who give the ok to move ahead. ?

AZ Needs a strong UNION to come in and take over in hospitals .

Every Board member needs a psychological evaluation by someone who is NOT ON THE “list’. Which turns out is a ‘shit list” .