Arizona nursing license . Can cause lifetime damage to you, don’t do it !!

The Arizona Board of Nursing and staff have utilized every tool at their disposal, including misinformation and vicious, harmful rhetoric, to demonize nurses who have done nothing wrong.     A solid nursing practice , the investigators chasing gossip, digging to find that liar who is willing to tell tall tales,  to give a hideous report to the board. A board  who should know that they make up lies, add words to sensationalize it , and have no real evidence !   These people are NASTY , and may try to justify their actions, like a prosecutor. “someone has to do it”.  But they chose to be on the board, work at the board.  They have had a number of attorney’s who have spelled out every lie, every corrupt judge who’s only talent is rubber stamping what the corrupt board of nursing wants, what they write for the ALJ to sign their name to .    Do not work or get a nursing license in AZ . It can ruin you for life !

Dedicated to A great Nurse, LYNN

A message from a nurse , who wanted to post, to other good nurses who are victims of this horrible dirty corrupt board of nursing in Arizona . Those going through turbulent times, those who are being punished who are targets of political retaliation of this corrupt board. An agency filled with and attracted to by those who have no conscience, who do not care what the matter really is but will nonchalantly vote , with the crowd Not with a back bone, no remorse, no thought at all of destroying a nurses life in so many ways. Continue praying for your fellow nurse daily and ask God to bring light to his situation and allow other nurses to seek God and and pray for deliverance and Guidance and bring peace to you and your family ,you will definitely feel much better if others are sympathetic , empathetic to your situation and that you find strength within yourself. Pray you can recognize who is truly there for you . While doing what you can , with limited resources , while they have all the money and time to damage you for life . Read ,write, and stay focus during his time of traumatic events, of course you want rest completely until their is some justice in your situation , and it may take decades , but don’t give up, and you will Gain some peace …I pray for your sanity in dealing with an insane board of nursing agency.

BON protects state agencies

File against nurse, the family can sue .Let the dangerous nurse off  , problem solved (they think !) . All while being paid to protect the public .   ALL BS !  clean out the AZ board of nursing , of corruption . Protecting hospitals and State run agencies.   Ducey stacking the board with those willing partners .  SHAMEFUL > !

Cover up for cops .




House Bill 2114, introduced by Phoenix Republican Rep. John Allen, adds an appeal process for officers prior to even being put on that list as well as other additions, such as making it so an agency can’t use the list in hiring or firing practices.

The #PhoenixLawEnforcementAssociation, or #PLEA, helped write the bill and is its primary advocate.

The bill was approved Feb. 19 by the committee on a 6-1 vote.

The only lawmaker who opposed it was Rep. Richard Andrade, D-Glendale. He is also the only member of the Public Safety Committee who has not received campaign contributions from PLEA’s political action committee, according to campaign finance records.

Nava, the son of a police officer himself, said he was concerned with how the appeal process could further complicate trials, given that little is known about how such appeals would be conducted.

“Really, I haven’t heard a lot about how this appeal process is going to work,” Navas said, adding that the bill seems to be less about “due process for officers” and more about protecting “possible #badapples.”

Proponents of the bill, such as PLEA Executive Director #JoeClure (who is on the board of the Maricopa NAACP and they ironically have very little to nothing to say about Phoenix Police violence), shot back, saying that the Brady List is a “scarlet letter” for officers and getting off the list is often a difficult task.

“We are not here to protect bad apples,” #SeanMattson with the #FraternalOrderofPolice said. “This is just to instill an opportunity for due process.”

Rep. John Kavanagh, a Fountain Hills Republican and retired police officer, said the list is currently public record and not difficult to obtain.

However, ABC15 recently spent nearly a year making public records requests in order to create a publicly searchable version of the Brady List of Arizona officers for the first time ever.

The list, which contains 1,400 law enforcement officers, also contains the name of Rep. #AnthonyKern, R-Glendale, who sits on the #PublicSafetyCommittee and voted in favor of the bill.

Kern was fired from his job at the #ElMiragePolice Department, where he worked as a code enforcement officer, for lying to his supervisor. That landed him on the #BradyList, the Phoenix New Times reported last year.

An investigation by USA Today last year found that many prosecutors across the country aren’t even properly using or tracking officers on the Brady List, sometimes leading to wrongful convictions.

The bill will next head to the house for consideration by the full chamber. It must also pass the Senate to become law.


Here is an open letter to Jimmie Dee Smith , who was at the AZ BAR.    Another agency that a book was written about SHAMING JUSTICE by Bartus Trust.   Got to be something to all of the nurses who have complained about the injustice , and corruption at the board of nursing.  This is recognizing Sucui, who was the agent for YRMC *YUMA Regional Medical Center).

Attached you will find the complaint submitted to the AZ BAR who continued to state ‘he had a legal right to submit ” although they know very well my complaint was ETHICAL !
Sucui had NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE but puts his name to this pack of lies . Underhanded.
He knew or should have known it was all lies and retaliation. Once a complaint it opens up to the BON filing anything and everything that has nothing to do with the complaint .
SHAME on this pettifogger lawyer who made money off of YRMC to submit this garbage that is nothing more than one big gossisp session and orchastrated lies .
YOU are from Yuma , you know him . Only a weasel of this caliper would send in the babble to make a buck knowing the BON members are on staff at YRMC , and did not recuse the vote. ANd cause a hard working single self supporting nurse to lose her career , so he could benefit. (based on lies of his employees)
He is right in line with Ann totsch a LIAR, Teri Norris LIAR, Teresa Saavedra LIAR and criminal record ! a really close knit gang of thugs.




fight the azbon , do not let them off easy. Go to court and make a record. You may regret it . It does not look good ever !

Lasting Effects of Voluntary Relinquishment, Investigation and Discipline on Your Nursing  License

A voluntary relinquishment of the license after notice of an investigation or while a charge is pending is treated the same as a disciplinary revocation of the license.  In some cases, this scenario is worse for the provider if the agreement to voluntarily relinquish also includes an agreement to never apply for another license again. Most people don’t realize what else can happen as a result of  discipline, revocation or even voluntary relinquishment (under these circumstances).

Reports to Other National Organizations on Provider Discipline.

It’s important to know that the discipline (including voluntary relinquishment) will now be public record.  It will also be reported out to national reporting agencies, including the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

As a result, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will most likely start action to exclude the disciplined provider from the Medicare Program. This means he or she will also be placed on the OIG‘s List of Excluded Individual’s and Entities (LEIE).  This will bar a provider from the Medicare Program or working for or contracting with anyone else who does (including insurer’s medical clinics and most health care providers).  This by itself will also have many negative consequences.

For example, if you are excluded from the Medicare Program you are automatically placed on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) “debarred” list.  You are automatically excluded from working for or contracting with, in any capacity, any organization, individual or agency that has any government contracts or accepts any federal funding.  This act can bar you from working for a public school, working as a real estate agent, or many other jobs.

Consequences of Revocation or Other Discipline on Your License.

To summarize, the most serious adverse problems that may be caused as a result of discipline on your license may include the following:

1.  May cause discipline to be commenced against any other health professional license you have, such as a nurse, acupuncture physician, chiropractic assistant, nurse’s aide, home health assistant, etc.

2.  Will prevent you from obtaining any health professional license in the future.

3.  May cause discipline to be commenced against any massage therapy establishment license for a massage therapy establishment you own in whole or in part.

4.  Any other states or jurisdictions in which you have a license will also initiate action against him or her in that jurisdiction.

5.  Mandatory report to the National Practitioner Data Base (NPDB), which remains there for 50 years.

6.  The OIG will take action to exclude the provider from the Medicare Program.  If this occurs, (and most of these offenses require mandatory exclusion) the provider will be placed on the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) maintained by the OIG HHS.

7.  If the above occurs, the provider is also automatically “debarred” or prohibited from participating in any capacity in any federal contracting and is placed on the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) debarment list.

8.  Third-party payors (health insurance companies, HMOs, etc.) will terminate the professional’s contract or panel membership with that organization.

9.  Regardless of any of the above, any facility licensed by AHCA (hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), public health clinics, group homes for the developmentally disabled, etc.) that are required to perform background screenings on their employees will result in AHCA notifying the facility and the professional that he or she is disqualified from employment.

What Can be Done and How Our Firm Can Help.

If you have submitted a voluntary license relinquishment without understanding the consequences and the Board of Medicine has not acted to accept it, you may withdraw it.  Our firm will submit a letter to the Executive Director of the Board stating it was submitted by mistake without fully understanding the consequences, and the provider desires to withdraw the voluntary relinquishment.  We submit this immediately (keeping a copy, of course) and by certified mail, return receipt requested, so we have proof of sending and proof of receipt.

However, you must also ask for a formal hearing to dispute the facts in your case, as well.  We usually do this at the same time and by the same method.  If you fail to request a formal hearing, then you are waiving your rights to challenge your guilt or innocence.

If you have requested an informal hearing, you have made a big mistake.  For an informal hearing, you are admitting that everything stated in the complaint against you is true.  You are admitting that all of the charges against you are correct, so you are pleading guilty to the charges.  You are then giving up the right to have a hearing to determine whether you are guilty or innocent.  Essentially, all you are going to be arguing about is the punishment you will receive.  You will not be allowed to testify or introduce any evidence on your guilt or innocence.

If you have submitted a request for an informal hearing, not realizing this, we can still help. Our firm will submit an immediate request to have the hearing changed over to a formal administrative hearing. During this hearing, you are allowed to dispute the facts against you and prove your innocence.  In such a case, it is necessary to submit a Petition for a Formal Administrative Hearing and to specify which facts are contested or disputed and why.

The case is then sent to a neutral Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to hold a hearing on the case.  The state Department of Health (DOH) is then required to prove the facts against you by clear and convincing evidence.  You do not even have to introduce any evidence or testimony, the burden of proof is on the DOH to prove the case against you.

paul francis bushey alcoholic narcisstic blowhard . Biker gang leader drug using , gun toting liar. AKA lampshade (oh yea the ‘life’ of the party .

unemployed trouble maker (this describes him to a T) just add bully, gets others to fight for him , while he is playing ‘victim’.

If you turn the tables on a narcissist and start treating him the same way he treated you—like a snotty used tissue—he will panic. He could make it all go away in an instant by constructively resolving the conflict like an adult; i.e., by admitting his mistakes and making amends. This seems like “conceding defeat” to him, and in his NPD-riddled mind would make him into an utterly worthless human. Instead, he will become enraged to the point of incoherence and continue on his campaign of self-destruction, calling that “winning.”

The narcissist will immediately convene a meeting of all of his most loyal flying monkeys, detailing and embellishing the “abuse” you subjected him to, conveniently omitting what he did to cause you to behave this way. For example, he may have called you any number of slanderous names to place the fault on you for his own problems and behavior—such as “homewrecker,” “husband-snatcher,” and “whore”— but if you in return call him a “thief,” then YOU are an abuser! He will paint himself as a poor little lamb, picked out at random by an insane person (you) for torment. His loyal monkeys will up the ante trying to insult and intimidate you, making themselves look like the crazy ones for publicly bullying and shaming a fellow human who everyone else knows to be perfectly nice. The narcissist, meanwhile, will run and hide. He is too cowardly to personally face the person he intentionally hurt, and too embarrassed to interact with her now that she sees behind his mask.

Hopefully, this experience of actual pain and humiliation will ultimately lead the narcissist to seriously consider outcomes before intentionally destroying lives in the future. Narcissists’ personal interests are ALL that matter to them, so making it really hit home that abuse can backfire is our best chance of disabling these very sick predators.


Do not sign consent agreements, go to court !



ANYONE who signs a plea deal NOT ONLY signs away any claim of innocence BUT ALSO signs away his precious name and integrity.

Second, while a lot of persons would commend you charitable “forgiveness” of the person who ruined your life, I urge you to consider the following:

1. Jewish law, set down in Deuteronomy, clearly states that those who make false allegations must be punished here on Earth. Moreover, the punishment is clear: an eye for an eye, etc.

2. Jesus ALSO said to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s. This clearly indicates that while God’s law is supreme, we are also subject to the laws of the land. The person who made the false allegations against you is guilty of breaking the Sixth Commandment and will receive her rewards in due course. HOWEVER, she also broke the law of the land, and therefore she should be punished according to those laws.

3. It is immaterial WHY she did what she did, and it serves no purpose to excuse her actions in any way. BECAUSE, for all you know, she could have devastated other people’s lives also. And that is why we have laws and rules, here on Earth and in Heaven. This is NOT about revenge. It is about stopping this person, who is essentially a terrorist, from harming others.

Finally, I am so sorry that this happened to you.