Diane Milhaskey alj ADMINISTRATIVE LAW COURT . 10/29/18
Recap events. Respondent pro per asked for one extension , denied,
unheard of a judge not allowing ONE extension but the AAg Elizabeth
Campbell did not agree to it so the alj is siding with the state all the way ,
whatever fits her schedule.
Witness list was not provided by AAG Campbell. FAILED to file witness list.
Campbell brought in AZ GAMING DEPARTMENT employee to represent
the AZ BOARD OF NURSING. ALJ Milhaskey . refused to allow
respondent to ask ‘witness investigator “ to ask her questions concerning
her ‘employment ‘ with the BON. one question AAG did not object just
interrupted, to about “gaming employee “ employment with the BON .The
respondent stated his objection about her being BON employee, and ALJ
reprimanded the respondent for 10 mins . The Milhaskey stated “i don’t
want to reprimand “ with that witness said “you already did “. (is that on
the transcript ? lots of changes after the court hearing. At all times
showing partiality to AAG Campbell. Even the tone of her voice changed
when addressing individuals. From sickening sweet soft tone to louder
harsher “stop your argument “ message tone. (no arguments in this
courtroom just plead beg, and cow down is acceptable.
Again the Bon is using ‘security “ “police officers “ at taxpayers expense to
sit in a trial , for intimidation purposes . There are security (2) at the door
and camera is rolling, but they brought in officers, who sat and texted the
entire time. A common “trick ‘ of this BON. To make respondents look
“dangerous”, with a hidden message to the judge. The “sham court “
started at 903 am the officer did not arrive until 908 am so the participants
felt ‘safe “ in a room at the end of the hall , closed door , with no one else
around , for 5 mins but not the rest of the time. A JOKE !
Although the opinion was already in before the trial started. Milhaskey was
not even a good actress . A long winded speech of rebuttal questions by
Milhaskey stating “a GOOD lawyer , asks maybe one or two questions of
the witness “ What planet is the ALJ from ? subtle little remarks , that
confirmed anyones doubt about this ALJ being a complete idiot and biased.
The state was allowed to bring up everything from abortions to obituaries ,
from 1969 , but the respondent was not allowed to get in one question
about the credibility of this az gaming dept ‘witness” . (what are they hiding
? ) When Gaming Witness took the stand she said “she works for the state
of az and ‘was assigned to this case “ the Judge with that gave her a very
odd look. After lunch when the respondent started to ask questions about
this, he was stopped in his tracks by AAG and ALJ. It appears that the
ALJ asked about this “witness ‘ real story during the lunch break. What was
really going on, although she will deny it.
It also appears that AAG prepped her ‘witness “ who jumped out of the
witness chair , with ‘relief” , when the ALJ got her out of answering any
questions, after appearing very nervous. But answered questions with “to
the best of my recollection “ really who needs a psych eval here? She
cannot remember ? This investigation started in JAN ! not even a year
ago! Then multiple “I BELIEVE SO “ . OF course respondent did not know
to say I need a YES OR NO , can this witness be fraudulently
charged? Of course she swore in respondent, who had to remind the
“experienced “ ALJ she forget to say “in God we trust “ and had to prompt
her. Pretty sad. At one point ALJ said ‘you can complaint to my boss”
really like your boss isn’t part of the problem? (Greg Hanchett) Then
when reprimanding and not show any leeway to non attorney, ALJ made
another inappropriate statement. “I want this case over TODAY.” Really,
putting a time limit on the respondent, after allowing the state all morning ?
Bad actor, how about something like “I’d want due process and justice to
be served, and although we can go as long as it takes I will not allow for
repeating one’s self. “ AAG Campbell mentioned that the Dr who was fired
from WARMC, was black and that was the one in the fictional book written
by Respondent was “negroid” , Campbell mentioned SIX TIMES on the
record, a ‘fictional character was attending Howard University.” Campbell
repeated herself on every count more than once, and a number of times,
exaggerated many times including , intimidation and ‘pattern ‘ of behavior
(over a 52 year period of time , same incident 2-3 times) . While Campbell
and the BON have a steady ‘pattern of corruption behavior” . Linda Monas,


More than one person suggested , making myself scarce, that they have been known to kill people who expose them . Cause great harm . This is true I know. It has happened. To go into hiding, to never post the truth, to never file anything in court. They are known for retaliation methods and doing what ever they can to get a person to stop. That kind of fear is for the gutless, the obedient, another member who has been trained since birth to keep quiet , never speak up, never question. This is posted so you when the question comes up “who done it “. To many are aware and will make it known. It has already been reported, and well documented, even future predictions, which have already come true. Just so you know.


I remember at my hearing basically the same “cast”. Afterwards they said I was too anxious and implied that harmed my ability to treat patients. Working as a NP . The board holds the ‘anxiety meter” .

Too anxious? It’s their group against me. They hold all the power. They make all the rules. There is no due process. My livelihood is on the line. Continuing to treat patients who depend on me is on the line. My education and all I’ve invested for the past 8 years is perhaps going to be wiped out, leaving only huge student loans in place. And I’m TOO ANXIOUS? This is one account of how they make up strange comments . Another one , they accused the NP of “fighting his case too vigorously ” . Strange comments ! That is the reason the state board of nursing and their partner’s in crime admin law court, cannot be regulated and should never be trusted to do the right thing without being watched over 100% of the time. Not just having supervision in the same building but watching over their shoulder !


Don’t rely solely on your employer’s insurance for protection.

The responsibility of your employer’s insurer and their attorney is to act on your employer’s behalf. Depending on the incident and the allegations, this may be in direct conflict with your best interests.

Your ability to practice and earn a living as a healthcare practitioner represents a lifetime investment. Protect that investment!

One Company . Do not trust hospitals to carry you, the only thing you can depend on is they will fire you the nurse in a heartbeat and place all the blame there.
Plus you can use the money to fight this corrupt board of nursing , who is using state money to go after nurses.
The board of nursing is broke they can’t wait for nurses to start renewing in April so they can use the funds and pay sociopaths to witch hunt . And he funds are higher, AZ costs compared to some states 3- 4 times as much to renew .

Nurses Service Organization


This poor excuse for a officer of the court, has a pattern.  First she likes to get others to do her dirty work. VERY manipulative .  Getting board of nursing members and staff who are willing participants to intimidate, try to get a person to flair up in protest, while harassing the individual .  Then say see , she needs counseling.   Not nice tricks.  You can sit at the board of nursing and give the poor nurse ‘dirty looks” of hate, be sure and look up the video of you doing this so , one time when your many lies are right their bitch for all to see. Lie like a rug or lie like bethie , she can roll them off that slippery tongue !   Don’t even say , doing your job , your job is to make sure the truth is known but a hard thing for you to do . Witch -ie women –

UPDATE ! A G in PENN disbarred, and going to jail ! yahoo. and she did the SAME THING , DIRTY ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL is doing , TIC TOC , BETHIE BEAST !
Kathleen Kane DISBARRED , trying to get out of prison, “taking my license is enough punishment ” (feel the burn bitch) Asked for leniency, “i have a teen age daughter ” , and Bethie Beast has 3 kids, so FUCKING WHAT ! Prison time princess ! Here is her charges , SOUND Familiar ??? criminal offenses including perjury, false swearing, obstructing administration of law, conspiracy to obstruct administration of law, official oppression, and conspiracy to commit oppression to deny rights.
ANd the AZNA says they are not criminals. HAHA. look again . !


Attorney General Arizona


The ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING is not your friend. Operating essentially without government, judicial, media or public oversight, the AZBN can destroy your nursing career and finances instantly They on the other hand, will suffer no ill consequences for any intentional or unintentional illegal or unconstitutional action or decision they make, no matter how egregious or devastating it might be to the nurse , their family and patients. And do not think AZNA will help .

The AZBN purposely performs incompetent investigations, presents and utilizes unqualified physicians/ board investigators as “expert” witnesses, ignores and gives no response to your lawyer’s letters and requests, withholds pertinent records for years, encourages and allows the use of perjury, misuses ’emergency ” encourages and allows the use of hearsay , denies cross examination of supposed witnesses who aren’t even available by phone to testify and answer questions, denies Discovery, colludes privately with the Administrative Law Judges through their point of contact after a hearing . ALJ will raise their voices , flail their arms, roll their eyes, reprimand , scold one party to discourage them talking and making the record fair. The list is endless. The AZBN and their legal muscle, AAG Sunita Krishna Cairo , Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Elisabeth A Campbell , do all this “openly” knowing there will be no legal or legislative repercussions regarding their tyrannical behaviors .

elisabeth A Campbell


That dirty bitch ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL cutting me off in mid sentence when i am doing my case pro per while I am reading my notes i had written down. (Yes bitch people can have notes) While I was pleading for my career , she spurts off saying “that is nothing but gibberish” WTF kind of court is being run in AZ ! they had NOTHING on me what she was saying was gibberish. Disrespect for the other party, because i am not a lawyer. They had nothing but twisted statements and lies, did not give me a chance , no probation, just revoke baseless .Just take my nursing license like it is no big deal. This court is a joke and someone needs to shut it down. These clowns a poor state actors, are up for renewal . They are unfair , biased, rude bitch, the judge was partial to her, very sick they way this is set up. How dare this dirty scalawag treat another woman like this , knowing all along she is degrading me while she is telling LIE after LIE and she knows it. ! Certainly the Atty Gen office has better than this , wow AZ sucks so bad in so many ways. I had two friends I worked with heard it so go ahead and try changing the record.