AZ NA Sad at the Capital how many of you have to have someone do your thinking for you. Every time one of the ‘old timers AZNA “saw someone talking to the gal who at her own expense and time was willing to share the real story, one of them came up and said “how are you doing” any interruption. A few who know they are not the chosen ones, got it. The rest would rather stick with what is political hacks.

Be as it may, you must think for yourself. They are not going to be there for you. Study up and what you can lose, what others have lost. And how they were railroaded. AZ BON has a horrible reputation. Time for Dir to hang it up , and clean house. But they just put a new person on from GCU. UH!! She will be President of the Board , of course no one who has recent experience! more later . Work with those who know what is going on, do not spend another dime on AZNA, they do nothing for nurses , a few bills on NP .

Two hospitals in Tucson unionized , this is a start for AZ !