DOT REINHARD Auditor General

Always highlight and give credit to those who are a part of the problem. “Reinhard” is a ignored facts . Her credentials BS (bull shit) justice , and admin justice . Her and her gang of thieves , great pretenders at the only over sight of the board of nursing , trying to make it ‘appear’ to be an audit . Hey “DOT ” is this how you want any case against YOU handled ? You studied law and have justice in the title and ignore any and all evidence . Spelled out for you so no mistake about it. You should have treated co workers that aren’t part of the cult you are so afraid of offending. You will ignore wrong doings, ignore the illegal , immoral ways of the board of nursing to keep a job . Your a real sad state of affairs , and who would suspect YOU , when there are so many in the office ? We do ! If this is how you operate and deserve to be out of a job on the street, like many RN and NP . So corrupt so nasty .

“DOT ” BS admin Reinhard

CTY ATTY office or Board of Nursing agency which is most corrupt ?

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and two top prosecutors are facing a new State Bar complaint that accuses them of ethical misconduct in a high-profile case that was tossed out of court.

The 46-page complaint was filed Friday by defense attorneys for Nubia Rodriguez, who was charged with negligent homicide in the traffic death of Phoenix officer Paul Rutherford.

(the actions at the Grand jury are standard procedure , and they get away with it most of the time). The Corrupt Board of Nursing has a standard way of operation , a trickster type of plan.

Back room deals talks then have discussion with the board members (or the most corrupt the Pres who knows they have to keep others from voting something in not decided in the back room , or told to the investigator to recommend. All rigged ! Then write ‘in the interest of the public” WHAT ? What does the public know about the dealings the crooked illegal acts ? They will be paying attention because the new nurses are messing up like crazy , they are saying this job sucks and moving on.

Nursing Board Members Arizona

Why is it the Director is sending names to the Gov office who to appoint to the board of nursing . These positions are open to any nurse/ public member who meets the qualifications. Ridenour even got public members appointed. Remember Brandon Dale ? Now she has her facial over priced over rated , hair dresser by trade , using made up names . Dale didn’t last long once he figured out how they operate . No one should stay when they figure it out, unless they’re dirty.

What is takes to be a BON member , it is standard as well to stack the BON with those who are easily convinced , never had a law suit or accused, relatives that are cops, graduated last in their class , never heard and don’t believe in wrongful convictions, no state employee is going to lie, the system works, they read in the paper they were arrested so they are guilty and believe in the system . Are on an ego trip and can convince the stupid family members , and other new nurses they are something now . Those that have seen them in action , think they should all be in a prison for a very long time.

Rachel Mitchell

Will the BAR cite her ? Just like the corrupt board of nursing she put this pour woman through 4 yrs of hell wondering if she was going to prison. Suppressing evidence , while taking care of a cops name and most likely his pension . Just like the mental mess ELIZABETH CAMPBELL is going after those to take care of others . SICK BITCHES both of them . And then act like they are just doing their job. Sneaky half truths, crazy kooks !

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and two top prosecutors are facing a new State Bar complaint that accuses them of ethical misconduct in a high-profile case that was tossed out of court.

The 46-page complaint was filed Friday by defense attorneys for Nubia Rodriguez, who was charged with negligent homicide in the traffic death of Phoenix officer Paul Rutherford.

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“Nubia Rodriguez committed no crime. It was obvious. However, this did not prevent Maricopa County Prosecutor Tiffany Brady from charging Ms. Rodriguez with homicide. This did not prevent supervising attorneys Ken Vick and Rachel Mitchell from enabling Ms. Brady’s prosecution,” according to a copy of the complaint obtained by ABC15.

ABC15 reached out to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for comment, and a spokesperson said Vick and Brady had no comment.

But MCAO didn’t respond on behalf of Mitchell.

Instead, her campaign spokesperson, Matt Benson, sent the following emailed statement, “This meritless complaint is nothing more than a political hit job timed to coincide with Tuesday’s election. It’s unfortunate that ABC-15 would fall for this obvious ploy.”

The defense attorneys for Rodriguez, Lawrence Koplow and Armando Nava, declined to respond to the campaign’s allegation.

On March 21, 2019, Rodriguez hit Rutherford in the two-way turn lane on Indian School Road near 75thAvenue.

Rutherford, who wasn’t wearing a safety vest, was working a traffic accident when he suddenly ran into traffic without looking both ways. Business surveillance video shows him dart into traffic.

The charges against Rodriguez were dismissed twice by different judges.

In an August court order, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jennifer Ryan-Touhill remanded the case back to the grand jury for what she called a “troubling” presentation filled with false and untrue testimony.

“The State allowed (a Phoenix detective) to present evidence designed to evoke sympathy from the jurors to distract the Grand Jury on whether probable cause exists,” Ryan-Touhill wrote.

MCAO then attempted to re-bring charges through a preliminary hearing, which involves a judge hearing the evidence and determining whether there’s probable cause.

After a three-day hearing in September, Judge Joseph Kreamer dismissed the case permanently by ruling there was no probable cause for the negligent homicide charges.

AZ BON Long term corruption

A CNA who lost everything by AZ BON , says this : “A real fighter and kick ass Nurse Aide . every patients should be so lucky to have someone like her at the bedside. The Corrupt AZ BON was involved because of a wage dispute with her agency . NONE of their business.

“”The stress I endured in Arizona was horrible.

My life was detrimentally affected.

What was done to me was UNCONSCIONABLE and CRIMINAL.

Laws must change to protect people.

No one should ever lose their Right to earn a living 

when they are not guilty of any wrongdoing.”””

A lot of victims of the BON could say the same thing. ! sadly .


The MILGRAM SHOCK EXPERIMENT , that was carried out to see how obedient the participates would go . IF the ones who inflicted the pain on individuals was the board of nursing members the ones being judged would be smoking and fried to the ground. The type on the BON like Carolyn McCormies is so obedient, that she will follow blindly anyone who is giving her advice or coaching. Mormon females are brain washed from birth to obey , especially the male who is not an equal to them but superior because they are male . Yes they are mouthy at the BON but at home they are doormats.

The experiment

Milgram (1963) was interested in researching how far people would go in obeying an instruction if it involved harming another person. Stanley Milgram was interested in how easily ordinary people could be influenced into committing atrocities, for example, Germans in WWII.


Volunteers were recruited for a lab experiment investigating “learning” (re: ethics: deception). Participants were 40 males, aged between 20 and 50, whose jobs ranged from unskilled to professional, from the New Haven area. They were paid $4.50 for just turning up. At the beginning of the experiment, they were introduced to another participant, who was a confederate of the experimenter (Milgram). They drew straws to determine their roles—learner or teacher—although this was fixed and the learner was always an actor and the ‘teacher ‘ was the hired participant who inflicted the maximum electric shock .


Sixty-five percent (two-thirds) of participants (i.e., teachers) continued to the highest level of 450 volts. All the participants continued to 300 volts. Milgram did more than one experiment—he carried out 18 variations of his study. All he did was alter the situation (IV) to see how this affected obedience .

The AZ BON would be 99% for giving the most severe and damaging pain to inflict on another . (the 1 % is the one bon member who is there to do the job as was intended ) The rest are all sell outs who are wicked as the day is long .


Joey Ridenour puts way too much on this one . You cannot tell her , she thinks this incompetent lying lawyer will get her tit out of the wringer . Grab your popcorn and watch the end of the career of both of them who were wrongly put in these positions . The just LOVE TITLES . And think they hold all the answers . Ever illegal act will surface.

Chief , -bull shitter , executive- executioner . Love titles too. Fitting . Call them what they are . In their little girl arena they lie and pull it off , they need to answer . Call them on their acts.

AZ Office of Administrative law sham court

In case no one has noticed and think this is normal . When ever a nurse goes to this court , and asks to extend when something is due it is always DENIED . When the assistant atty general asks it is always approved. If the nurse has an atty they generally approve it but expect them to go easy on the lying witnesses and they mostly do .

So if OAH is fair and impartial , why is this happening ? because they are biased and crooked. Campbell was one of the worst . She would ask the nurse if ok to extend the time when she was told no she’ d just do it anyways. Games they play . little games girls , with a full set of marbles.

Carolyn MCCormies DO NOT TRUST!

yes people know who she is in Safford , and the son she pooped out , (CHASE MCCORMIES ) looks just like her , he’s ugly . No wonder he is a prosecutor , and has that mentality . a chip off the old block head, and her chip off old frankenstein cloned block head .

remember when daddy do, lurch look alike , McCormies was putting comments out there about the play “the mormons” he did not think this should be out there . (belly laugh here) of course , they are all mormons . A some of the things these mormons do is just down right laughable . No way any of us would do business with any of them , they have to get state jobs , to make false judgement over others. get other mormons in . Very sad . They are so brain washed that they are the only ‘good people’ they actually start to believe this . Once you start to look at the back ground and the source for all this nastiness they inflict on others , you cannot stand to be near any of them. It is a CULT the mormons are running . If you get a license in Arizona you will be judged by a CULT brain washed biased incompetent fools . All they can say is bigot. They have pat answers to all who reject their craziness. Tax free organized CULT .

carolyn mccormies is a witch

The above named is just as wicked as they come . What a nasty bitch . She got her line from stupid cuz Randy Quinn .thank you for coming .

Excuse me bitch , the building is not yours it is open to anyone, when my license in being questioned I will be there and speak up . thank you for coming ??? Wish we could say the same, but you are so off the mark with any kind of non bias , you are NOT qualified to do this job , your so incompetent you reek with , ‘WTH ” ? Just as callous as they come. Shameful .

If you think people are going to believe your LYING TRAP , ‘protecting the public , ‘ at all once hey see how unfair and disturbed you are , just unhinged in so many areas. Some one should ask you to stop , just do not go to the board meetings, you are creating a night mare for some really honest people. Unlike your self.