Elizabeth “beth”Campbell Pettifogger.

Shameful as this bitch is , to take a ‘case ” where their is NO case, and ride it out, creating a trial like none other.  Does law school teach this ?  No, I think you have to be raised by some real money hungry dirt bags to turn out like this bitch.   She thought she was ‘funny ” bringing up unrelated nonsense about nures, NP.     Whether it is true or not. Once she  can cheat, lie, deceive and screw you into a conviction, some type of punitive action on your license . The rest is on you to prove it.   And when proved the lies the liars , they just ignore all of that and run her mouth , “however ” .    Yea how about that “however “.    Put Another way: once they fraudulently and criminally deprive you of your initial right to a fair and impartial trial and the state’s burden of proof, regardless how falsely, you seldom if ever get it back.

I refuse to sign to let them out of their hole they dug.

Well Campbell, you did a shitty job , sloppy work, but hey your working for a wack job board of morons .   But in the end , when your kids are all grown and you are retired and they only keep in touch because you got a bank roll. Think about your cardinal sins, and how this will all play out . Then think about how you could have run your life in a honest way, made a income, and could look in the mirror.   If you can look in the mirror now and like what you see, your sicker than we thought .

It’s all a big game in life, go to work make some money so on your little time off you can enjoy the things that are there for all of us to see. But instead, you choose corruption, you choose to be a liar, you choose to try to get the worst possible outcome for a nurse .  Your just so sick in the head. No one would keep a job that required that of themselves , unless they are one big socio-pathic sick mother fucker like yourself.  Marriage is a legal bond, and for that reason and the kids, (2 girls and a boy ) , appears why he sticks around with a cold black hearted bitch like yourself.

Your really not to bright, cause once you do a revocation  because the nurse/NP is “unable to be regulated “.  You lose all control . that should make you pull that head of hair back further , put your hairline in the back of your skull.


I am not a Mormon and never would be, but the insulting remarks in these comments are unnecessary , yes they are messed up mentally , but they can’t help it for the most part .   Mormons are not ones to do things for their fellow man, they only take care of other mormons.   The ones I know are some of the most twisted and wicked  people I’ve met. Sincerely wrong, in their thinking process .   Completely unhinged.  They are, for the most part, sincerely mis-led.   On the outside, looking on, we can clearly see the whole picture and have a hard time believing how so many could be hoodwinked. But for those on the inside, who only know what they have been taught, who have had the truth kept from them, who are tied into such a cultural bondage to their faith (yes, a cult) — it can be very difficult to break free from a lifetime of teachings in order to see reality.


It is my belief , that Randy Quinn is Not someone I would trust to give anesthesia to a dog. Saw his shady biased Quinn  do his “work” at the board of nursing .  He does not treat everyone the same, he was partial and taking care of other mormon’s.   Don’t think because he was on the board of nursing that it means he has any higher experience than others in any way.   In fact if you knew what most of us have learned , you  wouldn’t trust him  or anyone who stays with the board of nursing for too long , in any manner.  He was working in anesthesia and calls himself and expert in anesthesia . That is absurd. No nurses say they are an expert psych nurse or expert operating nurse , that is just the area they work in . Then he puts on his bio he is responsible for a 4 million dollar budget. Tells where his priorities are . Money .   So many complaints ,  nurses from other states know not to trust AZ .    The board members in charge of the budget ?? UH pull  your head out of la la land Quinn , cause the board has a director and a cpa.   This Quinn is so sickening in how he treated the female nurses especially at the board meetings , degrading , condescending , insulting and demeaning . He is very much hated by a lot of nurses ! Hate is a strong word, but believe me he is not one who is welcome in many areas.  I was a  nurse who worked 34 years at a hospital, and was given  5 mins to speak, on my  side of things . This nurse  did everything asked of her,  she did their crazy costly  psych evals they order on just about everyone.  Mainly for a cya reason.   This nurse here,  drove to Phoenix twice a week  to do a refresher course the board ordered . This nurses  instructor told her the board members  Quinn, and Nikki Austin her investigator assigned were all extremely punitive and was quite shocked at what they were making seasoned nurses who could teach the class do .  This nurse  did a skills evaluation ordered by Randy with the stupid women harem voting , Quinn knowing full well NO ONE has passed it . Ordered it anyways.  This nurse did everything, paid thousands for the tests the schooling for a minor error and a nursing home complaint that was unwarranted. Then Quinn was the one who suggested and  ordered probation , which the board also knows a nurse will NOT get hired anywhere , a stipulation to get through probation successfully work 36 hours.  In fact this nurse  was fired from the volunteer job for being on probation.  This nurse was heartbroken to go to the board again , trying to explain all this when Quinn who is basically an asshole, interrupted her and said , “wrap it up you got 5 minutes ” .  Wrap it up, in other words shut up , bitch,  don’t want to hear any of it , my mind was made up before you got here. They voted to revoke with Quinn making the first motion of course .   A heart wrenching way to end a long career , when the psych told her “you are not crazy the board of nursing is “. We  agree . Of course the board took that Dr off the list pronto . Any psych who does not order counseling so they can justify probation , is not someone the board wants on their “list”. Only the most damning docs are on “the approved list”.  What a cold black hearted woman abuser, only males count , dirty sob .  Surely he only works with mormon dentists and their are plenty of them (sigh). !  A real jerk who always made the first motion so the dum dum obedient women on the board would just follow along . Never a discussion just a DICKtator. Someone once said, I wonder how this pompous idiot was raised , well in Thatcher and by the cult members .  To many he is just so weird, very odd , the males are the most favored in that cult so , they think they are superior to women, and what they say goes.   It worked for the moron while he was on the board, no one spoke up against his motions , but then it was him in the middle (monkey in the middle) and the dutiful women BAA BAA with their votes.   Quinn even told others when he was  termed out not to vote for a black woman as president , that she was too busy. (She did get voted in, when she was present the next meeting,  and suppose this really infuriates him ) .  If you look up anything about this cult, you will know what is said here has been taught for years.    Quinn in my opinion is responsible solely for putting a lot of nurses out of work , destroying families , lives , their careers , their livelihood, their reputations.   Everything here is my belief and personal observation. So I say to those picking out an anesthesia person, you do not have to take who the dentist or Dr hires, you can refuse , and tell him WRAP IT UP RANDY !  He put so many out of work , not just in nursing but other areas as well . The ability to support themselves and their families.   Very few cases justified , being a board complaint, or something that should not have been dismissed, or a letter of concern .  On the other hand some very serious issues were swept under the rug. No concern for safety of the public what so ever , even though they say this over and over , it means nothing , just mouthing words.



Educate yourself!  The best way to deal with a nasty board is to do everything in writing . Do not give them any information. They are known to supeona things from every place they can . Remember they are NOT using their money , it is free money, and they get millions to spend. They will stop at nothing. Some real wicked board members out there.  I have seen on nursing sites, that they will read every post , and stick up for any board anywhere. Although they would not agree that the actions are professional at all or they would want someone to treat them like that at all.

Some really bad boards out there . California just got caught falsifying documents. The Dir was sexually harassing staff.   Do not trust them, they think they are private detectives but are very petty ! More into gossip about anyone, whether true or not !

more ..AZ Bd of Nursing corruption

I agree with “criminals get better treatment than nurses.” In our situations, there is no “innocent until proven guilty”. All the advice to “keep quiet and do not discuss with anyone”, as well as, “be careful what you say because it may used against you”, takes all the control out of the accused nurses’ hands, leaves them without any recourse to get information in order to defend themselves, and renders them sitting ducks. I had NO IDEA where the hospital administration was taking this or how they were plotting to make me look bad. As I mentioned in another comment, I had no clue as the direction they took this until the discovery was presented. By that time I had already made my explanation/defense statements and was unable to address in response what they accused (Which was TOTALLY MISREPRESENTED. They left out several critical points which changed the overall picture in how the situation appeared.

Anyway…I’ll stop now. I’ve said enough and its in the past. Just was trying to educate others a bit and support those currently in this situation.

(do not allow a BON to silence you , you have rights , they do not want you to discuss to get information on their corrupt pattern of abuse , they use over and over.   Turning someone on the nurse, when the hospital and board of nursing are corrupt ones .


They are KNOWN for putting in many false statements about a nurse to the Board of Nursing . And the so called “investigators ” do not care if any of it is true , if their is any evidence at all, they will use the taxpayers money and spend what ever it takes to go after one nurse.   Yuma Medical Center by former employee and part of the mgt team, describes them as a ‘shit show “.  Everyone in agreement here .   Don’t forget the big liar ANN TOTSCH , who is a fraudster , master liar .  No one can believe her lies so why does the board investigator ?  CORRUPTION at the nursing board, and plenty of board members former . current on staff willing to do what ever  it takes. Nothing fair or impartial . Dirty dogs like LESLIE DALTON , a mormon , she is making this world a corrupt place for her children and grand children . Shame on her for not standing up for the truth .


Copied from another site, this person is on the Arizona Board of Nursing, shameful.

Well lookie here ! THERESA BERRIGAN aka TERI Berrigan AKA TERRI BERRIGAN , aka TERESA BERRIGAN , got reported , a board member making MEDICATION ERRORS ! RETALIATING !! (and the biggee, ‘not enough evidence ” ) if the AZBON looked at this case on any nurse but her they would have gotten DOC , PROBATION, REVOCATION. but you know when this was filed this was in the same building with OAh, and look at the board for Nursing Care admin !! All residents of Gilbert/ Mesa. (no wonder the C virus figures won’t come out on those east valley assisted living). One of these board members is RANDOLPH, (remember PAM on the AZBON, and Wilderson, Imig, Seamans, Olson (bigger mo mo name then the others but all part of the mission creep gang ) . I can so believe this Berrigan is a ‘natural ” at retaliation, and went after Bridget Green. If this was investigated by the AZBON BERRIGAN would not be on the board ! Not throwing out expired medications, does she know anything about nursing ? besides how to vote along with her mormon bitch .
Did Ridenour talk to Allen Imig ? or Nursing CARE bd member CAMPBELL ???? ( another familiar name ) the names of the dirtiest nurses just keep on showing up don’t they !! here is complaint ::This does NOT in NO WAY mean she was not guilty this is political bargaining , dirty board members , taking care of each other ! Teresa , (terri Berrigan ) has a substancial complaint on her, medication errors, and retaliation.

Although this agency dismissed , probably because of her being on the nursing board, she is not suppose to be on the board w/a complaint. (the board of nursing, with NO evidence charges many nurses , with decrees, probation , revocation etc. )

The entire board and Director need to be investigated, in how they are operating . Many cases that show favoritism, and bias , malice by members. The BON did not investigate, who should have because of medication errors. Most members on the BON are not current hands on, that represent the majority of nurses before them .

HERE is copy of the COMPLAINT :

6. Complaint # 15-63 Berrigan, Theresa Manager Open Date: 6/12/15 Investigator Smyth summarized the complaint for the Board. Board staff received a letter of complaint from Bridget Green the previous employee at Brookdale Baywood, located at 310 S. 63rd St., Mesa. Ms. Green alleged: Medication errors Discontinued medication were not disposed of properly Retaliatory action by Ms. Berrigan Ms. Berrigan was present and summarized for the Board what took place regarding the allegations. Ms. Green was present and answered the Board’s questions regarding her complaint. After hearing from both parties, Member Kidder made a motion that was seconded by Member Randolph to dismiss complaint 15-63 against Theresa Berrigan, for insufficient evidence of a violation. The motion passed 5 – 0.

Mike Douglas AZ dirty ALJ

How he operated as a person who is suppose to uphold the law be fair non partial but he failed miserably .  a real SOB. mormon bishop , only the brain washed can look at him without any disgust .  He is not a person, just a money grubbing dirty cult working ‘take care of another mormon dirt bag” who got into this position by other mormons who operate unfairly towards others , especially woman. He will get his reward judgement day . karma is a bitch.

AZ board of nursing/ dirty cops

While this video , some may say is rare it is not . Just Ask Marti Winkler, who ended  up looking just like this woman.  The AZBON and Dirty cops unite. Beware and stay away from the “stupid Cop” , abuse of power.  You can end up like this , no matter what .  They cannot write report with any accurate information but like the corrupt board of nursing stick their noses way too far out of joint.  Forwarded.   Cops basically hate women and any chance to over power, take one down, put them in a position to look ‘crazy” their favorite word. (see i told you they are just like the corrupt board of nursing).  Here is one women who was not drunk, was beaten by a bully cop , left in an ambulance. (just like the corrupt board of nursing, you speak up, pretend things didn’t happen or end up like this , stripped of all dignity ). while members of the az board of nursing are helping . Mostly the stupid males who will come out to intimidate at the request of a manipulative bitch who likes to get others to do things she doesn’t want to go to jail for .      Can post watchdogs site posting button , disappeared , just like the TRUTH once you tangle with AZ BON !                                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD0qYRfCuNM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1uJeptcNvjpkt2KJH3lQKlDP-r0CMMM_Zt3jQnYY2H7TdDjuHHFJ-E82g

nursing graduation

Well it is that time of year again, when Nursing students get their degree , Applied Science in Nursing, some will go on , and get more initials , not “higher up ” in nursing, sometimes it equates with lowering themselves. BSN, hospitals are requiring in some areas, get you really in debt and they got ya. I hope others who have been victims of the corrupt AZBON will give a few words of wisdom to the new grads. No money in the card, just , some sound advise for anyone thinking about buying a license in az . Here is my advise to the new grads.
Congratulations . It is not easy and is something you will guard is your nursing license. A huge number of nurses worked for many years then became targets of the corrupt board of nursing . The very best Grad gift , I can give you is to tell you to not get a license in AZ , and if you do not listen, 1) buy license protection immediately lots of it dont let it lapse 2)read up on what the AZBON is doing and how you can make changes in laws to benefit you on this site . (lots of reading) 3)azna is not for nurses better to start your own real association for nurses . This is the truth, and again best graduation present you ever got ! <1% of nurses know how the bon operates , listen to those who know. Not your instructors who are being licensed by the board, so they can avoid bedside and first hand knowledge 4) NP is flooded and they get BD sanctions too, 5) If you do ignore what we learned first hand, and decide to do it anyways , because you are careful, your mother was a nurse and she didn’t have problem, the BD told you we are rebels, you have to find out for yourself. Please work on a second career, do not allow yourself to be set up to lose it all and cause yourself to have a lifetime of lies by the board of defaming character . This is the best graduation present anyone can give you , don’t take it lightly .  Read the site ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING WATCHDOGS !