One of many AZBON Dirty tricks

A Student graduates , 2015 applies for license . Back ground check is done . RN writes “no” to every been arrested in jail or prison or committed a crime. That’s odd the back ground shows she was in prison for 3 years in Ohio. 2 degree robbery felony. And 2014 DUI . gave false statement to the board. a psych eval ordered by the dirtiest doc in the business and does his damage with a pen . Phillip Lett< whore of the court , expert liar> writes she can function safely but needs counseling or TWO MONTHS. Wow he’ s getting weirder . But he knows the BON won’t do that (2 months) so he makes it look like he’s being nice (sociopathic as he is). 2 mo. And then a revaluation . Why not? the RN pays for it. Then Rn goes to who another psych who says she has trauma . counseling and do a reevaluation , then comes in the biggest disappointment to the pysch profession Cindy Rollins , who says she needs psych therapy for coping skills (coping with the odd BON ! ) life stressors . So Rn gets a license and must apply for jobs part of the probation , (the bon knows no one hires people on probation; and blames it on the RN for not “trying hard enough”. ) the RN applies at an urgent care and writes NO convictions again while on probation ! Then applies at a Sr facility and writes NO convictions again ! Having a hard time getting work she writes a letter of reference for herself , signing someone else’s name, from someone else but she writes it . The fake author was unaware.

Another psych eval the counselor states she lacks candor and honesty and would not be comfortable with her working as an RN . (She falsified a R E license application as well ) .

Then RN has a relapse , and is ordered ethics and boundaries evaluations . At the BON meeting she is denied a license . Then goes for another psych evaluation and this one states she is ethical and honest ! Then back to the BON and she is given another consent agreement . From revoked to back working less than 4 months. Does this seem like one of the “tricks’ from the bag of ‘tricks”?

McCormies should never be on a BON or any where , judging others . She knows this is NOT at all the way things go for others . This was special treatment. McCormies is a liar , deceiving , and allows the back room talk drive her motions . Nothing but diarrhea comes out of her mouth when she spouts of protect the public . lying bitch .

The hidden secret AZBN

Many are hearing the wicked stories of the AZ BON, but until it happens to a nurse they say no one will truly believe it.

AZBON telling nurses they must uphold the more trusted profession while they lie their heads off , answer to no one.

A case before the BON will crotch Campbell , ‘RUG ” BETH , you just know that the BON (CAROLYN MCCORMIES ) was told not to stop the 3 women from talking . They went on and on but did not know anything first hand just telling the BON what a great person the lying nurse was. Choked BS! the VA police wouldn’t even take a report ! McCormies runs her big mouth about FIVE MINUTES that includes atty and client but in the case 45 MINS !!! OF BS !! lies , HOLDING A HEARING AT THE BON , (McCORNEY lies about that too ) . “it s not a hearing ” then play fair BITCH, treat others like you like to be treated ,but MCCORNEY is a lying bitch. a Lowlife obedient to the corrupt lawyers. SHAME ON YOU , unfair , impartial, favoritism , you suck go back to your temple and tell everyone how great you are again. Stupid people can be impressed and believe every word out of your big yap ! NOT THOSE WHO KNOW YOU !!! and how you did dirty , real dirty . SHAMEFUL , and just as much shame to the dummies who go along with her nutty ways. Sold you soul long ago. You know exactly the roll you are to take your told to. CAROLYN MCCORMIES CANNOT DO THE RIGHT THING . and that protect the public hose pucky is long been worn out like your mouth . deep throat .

What happened at OAH that was unusual? That was odd ? That you did not expect ? we all watch court room drama but nothing could prepare you for what takes place in this kangaroo court !!!

Please add to the list of things that happened or did not happen. I’ll start :

The BON has no oversight. It operates as an agency of Administrative Law. Administrative Law only allows for “minimal” procedural due process. Not allowed for is: 1. Right to know and face your accuser 2. Right to know or ever see all alleged 3. Right to a jury trial 4. Right to discovery and review evidence until time of a trial 5. Right to depose witnesses 6. Right to remain silent

Civil rights are also not protected under Administrative Law. The BON can do what they want. They can demand psych evals make their own interpretations and include in orders that are posted on two publicly searchable databases, they can charge you without evidence as their standard of proof is not clear and convincing evidence or beyond a reasonable doubt but instead, that “reasonable suspicion” exists or, “it is more likely than not ” that nurse did do it.

Boards are unjust and abuse power. They paralyze innocent nurses ability to practice nursing by the thousands in every state, every month. We find Tx, AZ and now Ca are the worst!! AZ being top of the list !


Hey guys ran into retired nurse , she used to work Boswell, Del Webb, she described Kathy Malloch reputation was “being really really stupid”. That mgt liked her being on the BON . Banner uses the BON to do their legal fights . Just report a nurse to the BON and they will take over do a deep dive investigation , gather records, for years back, gather witness who will lie even co workers who are suck ups . She was known as quit the ‘joke’ of the hospital , and “she wrote a book ” when this employee was asked did you read the reviews , like 1 or 2 stars most wanted their money back .

Then there is Kathy Scott, who was power hungry , tried to shut up anyone with any ideas and let them know it would be short employment for these long term nurses . And ‘did not appear to have any mgt skills at all” . So I ask how in the haiti’s did these two get in charge of spending 25 million a year , to hospitals and nurses who do not live up to a prudent nurse ???? Don’t forget Peter Fine gave $250, 000 . to the swearing in ceremony. Can they be bought ? It’s all about the money . !

No one is holding back on comments

so russell pierce died a known white supremacist , a mission creep for sure , he was the 1070 author . A cop for awhile had the same sick mind as another “joe” . A few places on the internet carried he died the comments were so honest and true is was quit surprising . Predicting when jokey is gone , the same comments , but don’t save it for her special day , let her know what you think of her as a director, and how she runs the agency , then as a nurse , and I guess….. as a human. The jury is still out on that one.

She sure knows how to get others to do dirty work, she got some lawyers lined up , at least she knows she doesn’t have the brains to handle anything . Always allowing others to run things at the office . Her boy ducey dolittle is gone so now she is looking for a connection to get Hobbs to her way of thinking . one of the dumbest moves was allowing emma mamaluy to handle ANYTHING .

wait until it gets out how mamaluy old boss and her hooked up , they can sure sway things. peeping tom was a rovering eye , adultery , his wife couldn’t trust him. How he got elected is a mystery Hoffman is a decent honest person, in Az gets you no where.

10,000 nurses NY Strike

while AZ nurses still think they can’t have a union because they are ‘at will’ gutless, stupid , weak, and a bunch of martyrs. IF they only knew they work in a state that has the worst BON in the entire nation !

More than 10,000 nurses at five New York City private sector hospitals are gearing up to strike on Monday, in what would be one of the biggest private sector nurse strikes in U.S. history. I’m one of the 99% of my colleagues who voted to authorize the strike, and I helped deliver our 10-day strike notice to Mount Sinai, where I work as a nurse in labor and delivery.

Striking is always a last resort. We’ve done everything we could to avoid a strike — and we will keep working toward a fair union contract. Nurses at three hospitals, NY-Presbyterian, Maimonides and Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island have reached tentative agreements. But we are still fighting for settlements at our remaining facilities that protect patient care. Management has pushed us to the breaking point by refusing to listen to the alarms we’ve been sounding about chronic understaffing that puts our patients at risk.

AZBN end of year accomplishments

2022 did not go by unnoticed. The AZBN was again the most corrupt Board of Nursing in the entire nation. Taking the lead on the the most inconsistent decisions . Based either on the Dirty Atty , and Emma Mamaluy the lying lawyer for the BON, secret meetings, making back door deals. To the nurses who are on staff and did a violation and got nothing. If a nurse is not disciplined this will go far for the hospital. Just like the lawyer for Tory Richmond, will sing that tune over and over and over. If the jury only know what kind of numbskulls are on the BON , and the dirty deals.

2022 was also the weirdest board member comment , and that goes to ANGELA FOUNTAIN. who told a CRNA who was before the BON on 2 fatal outcomes of patients in a dental office . When he talked about what he did (his version) Fountain said “GOOD JOB”. Oh yes if she means fatally losing 2 patients in 2 separate dentist offices.

2022 was a big year for AZBN , the members are voted the dumbest board members and disgrace to the nursing profession .

2022 Also gave the dirty director headlines again as the worst and most corrupt Dir of BON agency .

2022 got to hand it to the dirty director to misplaced funds 100’s of thousand and tell the lawmakers their “was a glinch in the system” . They took that answer without question. All 7 of them .

Then as if the AZ BON is the only agency that can handle anything related to nursing . Ducey signed the lawmakers gave the BON 75 million over 3 years and put ……wait for it …………………..2 former BON Presidents (no one is a bon president who is not aware of the amount of corruption ) . Kathy Malloch who knows nothing about nursing and anyone who buys her books wants a refund ! Kathy Scott , another temple attendee, so you know she’ll do anything for a buck . Banner’s former ceo , and Tim Porter O’grady who brings in foreign nurses , gets them licenses thru konnection Kathy , and makes money off them . Import nurses is their answer. unbelieveable .

Any other accomplishments of the worst bon in az , submit your replies . There’s more .

Until Dirty Jokey Ridenour gets kicked off the thrown , and out the door , 2023 looks pretty bleak .


It is pretty much the consensus that this (is she a person??? ) is a whack job and down right dirty lying skank . Prosecuting criminals is one thing but going after educated good nurses who are hard workers and give and give is another kind of sicko . Being paid money which is so meaningless a tool to be ‘stuff ‘ is just wrong , whores do it , and so does “BETH” CAMPBELL.

It is not surprise these are the rules of her GAME. The lies are to the BON back room chats , and dirty alj’s (her husband is an ALj ) they found each other , like minds.

1. Prosecutors will charge and arrest someone without proof that a crime was even committed.

2. Just because the case is being brought to trial does not mean the State has rock solid evidence against that person. On the contrary, it may mean the accused is innocent and insisted on going to trial, rather than accepting a “deal” from the State, for nurses this is ‘consent agreement ” because they believed a ALJ would see the truth.

3. Prosecutors will lie.

4. Prosecutors will coach their witnesses to lie.

5. People of ALL ages will pretend to be victims and use the court system to punish someone for whatever “wrong” they feel was done to them. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but men are equally capable of revenge.

6. Prosecutors will agree to not charge anyone else as a participant in the crime, in exchange for their testimony against the accused. Many other nurses did things unprof but hey they are willing liars , ignore that !!

7. Prosecutors will overwhelm you with information that has NOTHING to do with the case. Oh yes “bethy’ was passive aggressive , ‘what’s your dogs name?”

8. Prosecutors will overwhelm you with testimony from witnesses who know NOTHING about the case.

9. Listen and look for inconsistencies in the testimony of everyone, including law enforcement officers and “expert” witnesses. Cops side with state agencies liars , intimidators , and bullies , usually low IQ .

10. Seriously consider the motives of every witness who testifies against the accused. OH yes , and consider the motive real motive of the BON!!!!

11. Insist on physical / written proof that the accused committed the crime – not just someone saying he/she did it, regardless of whether or not they have a motive to testify against that person.

12. The prosecutor must PROVE a crime was committed AND the accused did it. Just because the State preaches a good sermon and convinces you to believe is NOT justification for a guilty verdict. With nursing cases they never prove their cases, and the BON votes on HUNCHES .

13. Realize that BON members have agendas, and will lie in order to get accepted onto the BON, so they can ensure the accused is convicted.and take care of their friends. Be suspect of a juror who is sure the accused is guilty, without being able to explain why. (McCormies wants to revoke everyone who is not obedient like she is ) She can sit up and roll over for Emma Mamaluy . Good doggy !

14. Give the accused person the benefit of the doubt, rather than “erring on the side of caution” in your verdict.

15. Most importantly, before finding anyone “guilty,” imagine that the person on trial is YOU! BON members don’t think , they are very easily suggested to and they always take the bait .


The Board of Nursing is a state agency which is supposed to regulate the Nursing profession and protect the public… that’s what the BON tells the Arizona Legislature whenever it asks for new BON laws to be passed. But in fact, those self-authored laws (which few legislators challenge)¹ are designed almost exclusively to protect the BON— not nurses, patients , mind you, but BON staff.

Ducey’s dirty work before he hits the land of unemployed .

Rob R.

KIRK ADAMS is in on this Ducey’s former front line . We will all be left high and dry . ! Hate to get too political but this site is to expose and educate newbies and new victims of the corrupt AZ BON. Who are 100% about politics, dirty politics. !

pray things change and people start doing their jobs and do it honestly (yea asking ALOT of this BON!!!)

The Last Act: Ducey’s folly

The attempted cramdown of a desalination proposal was a raw exercise in crony capitalism.

Robert Robb

1 hr ago

The last meeting of the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority before Gov. Doug Ducey rides off into the sunset was a sorry spectacle in governance. There was an attempted cramdown of a raw exercise in crony capitalism. And it partially succeeded. 

Last session, the legislature revamped the authority and gave it a billion dollars over three years for water augmentation projects.

The revamped authority board has nine voting members, five appointed by the governor and one each by the Senate president and minority leader and the House speaker and minority leader. There’s a geographical distribution requirement for board members, but appointments aren’t subject to Senate confirmation.

In other words, Ducey appointed the board’s majority, with authority to spend a billion dollars of taxpayer money, without any true check or balance.

Ducey has long been a desalination bug. And it was clear that he intended for the billion bucks to be used to somehow get desalinated water from Mexico to Arizona. 

The final board appointment wasn’t made until early November. The revamped authority is still in its early organizational phase. Yet, just before Christmas, it took preliminary steps to commit $750 million of the billion to a specific desalination project. 

When the authority revamp legislation was making its way through the legislature, rumors were rampant that the fix was in for a particular group and project. The rumors were vigorously denied. The authority would operate with a clean slate, all proposals would start on an equal footing, went the assurances.

Legislators who believed that were naïve. Yet there were only two votes in the entire legislature against the revamped authority, with that appointment process, and the statutory rules allowing this particular proposer, called the IDE group, to get to the head of the line.