As if Austin could not dig deeper in the trenches and over 2000 miles to reach out to a real dirt bag to ‘hook up ” with and partner in her quest for finding dirt on a good nurse. Austin who it appears you really got to think when you read her ‘report” now what REALLY happened. First she blames Cindy Bushey for the “lead ” the name . Funny she did not bring her into the court ? Hmmm actually thinking it was PAUL FRANCIS BUSHEY who gave the name . After I left he started cyber stalking.   And he was the one who wrote a “poor little oh me , feel sorry for me ,I am a victim out here in AZ ” exact words IS THERE ANY HELP FOR ME ?   And he called himself LAMPSHADE. Well he is pretty shady, but LAMPSHADE means, I am the life of the party , I am a party person. Although he SAID he was “looking at the lampshade ” uh huh. As an alcoholic he lies a lot , can fling one off faster then he can pop a beer.

So Austin , gets this lead , of a Carl.  she calls Fla. the wrong number , uh huh, and gets Frances .  So here she is calling a wrong number but gets this woman to give ‘dirt ‘ on her daughter ?   (anyone buying this BS yet ? )   Yes every mother loves to give the agency dirt on their kids to try to destroy their career, right.

Then the board members who supposedly read this entire ‘report” did not raise any suspicions ?   Well , since the AZBON , and the Dir think this is “ok” , do not get upset when your relatives , whoever is contacted.

Now Carl was not at this number he used his mothers phone number , and used his mother for A LOT of things.  Austin , jumping the gun and the horrible mess of ‘investigator” did not check out anything or anyone .  (and neither did her side cohort Campbell) . The article this comment came from was about Carl beating up a woman who he had stolen her bank acct, sold two of her houses, bought a new truck with her credit card , a zero turn lawnmower.   The woman discovered  he was stealing her money , he got a POA over her , and sold everything she worked for all her life (she was a nurse from NY so you know how hard she worked).  Her husband died , and she was vulnerable , he said he would ‘take care of her.”  Locked her in her first house , took all of her clothes, put screws on the windows so they wouldn’t open, and broke the air conditioner.  (I thinking Randy Quinn loves to here how this man took charge , he SIDED WITH HIM over a good nurse!)  And Harrell, must be thinking “what did she do to HIM”  alfa male .  Yes the board took pity on poor Carl and Bushey. And said hey this good nurse needs to have her head examined .

Well , Carl beat this woman up (her name was Elaine ), a woman who saw this called the fire dept who had to break down the door , this woman severely injured.  She went to the hospital , and to a nursing home never to return home . The home Carl sold and kept the money.  The mint condition care that the Grandfather wanted for his grandson, Carl sold it, the house in NY that was for the Grandkids to live in while they went to college, sold for a song. The new Lincoln that she drove Carl was racing up and down the highways with.  (your kind of man right Berringer ) . I wished I had not told my atty about his past, who told E Campbell, so she got off , that area.  yea bring him in , and let’s talk about credibility !

Now Carl has never paid child support, his  wife snuck out in the middle of the night and escaped.  He had used ‘cow pokes ” on them when he babysat, cause like Bushey was not one to work . Love this man right LORI G ! . You felt the need to put a hard working nurse out of work over these con artists.

Carl was so abusive to his mother  , (and no one would help and go against the ‘golden boy” who never grew up) not Audrey not Gloria ,  they were not going to get eliminated from the trust by going against him. Carl the gatekeeper , got his mother to buy him a house with 2 acres she was afraid , and he kept everyone that way.

Visits to your mother include , sociopaths calling false police reports, stealing your money out of your rental car, spending the day at the police station .  Eventually my mother paid the price so stayed away. elder abuse was as worthless as the AZBON, as an agency , the police , when told how dangerous he was and capable of killing her saying “wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake “.

Carl bought a police look alike car, reports of woman being pulled over , by weird acting cops. I went to police station, the only detective who “got it ” . Swung around in his car, “I KNOW HIM” . He had pulled him over , ‘he has more equipment in that car than I have in my cruiser.”  He knew he was video taping woman , Carl pulled over (OWE don’t you love this man who can have power over woman Preston?) . He would make them do sobriety tests etc , flash him to ‘get off”.  An make video tapes. This DET said get me one video and I can put him away for 5-10 years. YES ! At my mothers age to get rid of this creep, and let my mother move into the assisted living she wanted to, (but none of her greedy kids wanted her spending their money ) . None of them interested in elder abuse by Carl.  They did not care, instead became partners (like AUSTIN and CAMPBELL) .    Telling Lett about this dirty SOB , how he beat up every wife, girlfriend , driving police car, “He is extremely dangerous.”   I knew that .  But seems to be his reason for opinion that I am in need of counseling because of him ?  his actions ? who needs counseling?

Well the new arrest , of many visits to jail, starting age 16 a lifetime crook and always got off .  He would make trustee he could con anyone.  When I found his judgements for unpaid child support , I attached them to the property and his ex wife will get the money , (they refused to enforce it now , when his children suffered all there life and needed the money now for college ) .  He is the only one known by lawyers in the state of Fla to keep a Drivers license while over 22 felonies in wisc for unpaid child support pending. (IS this the male creep that Austin would take in ).

The woman who was dating Carl who was going to testify, he pulled her over , and cut off her long hair to the scalp , and threatened her , she refused to testify.   The DA is as crooked as they come took a bribe paid for by my mother . (What parent walks into the court room, has a reserved seat and the DA walks to the back and holds his arm to escort her to the reserved seat , with a grin that only money would entice. )

And you guessed it , he got off on the beating of a woman, extorting all of her money sold everything she owned , put her in a nursing home for life .  Her grandson’s letter to the Judge is a heart breaker .

Surely the sick minds on the AZBON must be so proud , and to have this nasty sociopath name in my nursing record is just beyond discusting .   Do not tell me the AZBON is for public safety .   I could not keep the abuse from happening and save my career , my ability to support a single self supporting woman, and work and worry about this situation in Fla , which was going on while Lett thinks that someone being emotional over this is just plain wrong.   When you look at MI, and Fla , AZ is about as far away from them as you can get .


Anyone wonder why so many mormon’s get involved in the legislature / senate / house / politics/ head up agencies and take care of their own ?

Arizona Daily Independent has learned that a Cochise County grand jury investigation started earlier this year will cause an indefinite delay in a lawsuit on behalf of three young victims of abuse filed against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The existence of the normally secret grand jury investigation was revealed Monday by Judge Timothy Dickerson, who is Cochise County’s presiding judge. He issued an order cancelling a hearing Judge Laura Cardinal was supposed to conduct Wednesday in the lawsuit involving admissions former U.S. Border Patrol agent Paul Douglas Adams made to two LDS lay bishops in 2010 and 2012 that he was sexually abusing his children.

The abuse continued until 2017 when Interpol discovered explicit videos of the abuse and tracked the videos to the Adams home in Bisbee. Paul Adams killed himself in pretrial detention in December 2017 after admitting his years-long abusive activities, including an infant daughter born after the bishops knew of abuse in the household.

The bishops have acknowledged knowing about the abuse and contacting Church officials in Utah. The Church’s defense in the lawsuit is that Arizona law prohibited the confessional statements from being divulged without Paul Adams’ consent.

Cardinal planned to use the Dec. 1 hearing to mediate discovery disputes among the various parties involved in the lawsuit. But that hearing, according to Dickerson’s Nov. 29 order, will not happen until “a to-be-determined date” after he rules on a motion “pending in Case Number GJ21-0072.”

Cochise County court records show GJ21-0072 was opened sometime between Feb. 25 and April 15. Dickerson’s order does not indicate who is the subject of the grand jury’s attention, but it would appear to be someone other than the dead father.

And the children’s mother, Leizza Adams, has already completed a prison sentence after being convicted for her role in the long-running abuse. She relinquished her parental rights to her six children several years ago.

That appears to leave the Church and/or its members who had ongoing knowledge of the abuse of the Adams children as the likely targets of any grand jury inquiry. Attorneys representing the Church defendants in the civil lawsuit declined to comment Wednesday, citing Arizona’s strict confidentiality laws related to grand juries.

Despite the delay imposed by Dickerson, a Cochise County jury was not expected to hear the children’s lawsuit until late 2022 or early 2023. That trial date will be announced by Cardinal in April 2022.

Among the discovery disputes Cardinal was expected to address during the now-vacated hearing was a request by Shaunice Warr -a fellow Mormon, family friend, and former U.S. Border Patrol agent- that the judge reverse an Oct. 12 order turning over Warr’s USBP employment file to the children’s attorneys.

The lawsuit contends Warr, as a federal law enforcement agent, was a mandatory reporter of any known or reasonably suspected abuse. The same mandatory reporter argument is made against Dr. John Herrod, one of the two bishops, based on his professional status.

Cardinal also ruled on Oct. 12 that the children’s lawsuit could be amended to add one count of civil conspiracy against the Church as a legal entity incorporated in Utah.

The Arizona law does not address whether the mandatory reporting “confessional” exemption applies only to admissions of past abuse, or whether reporting is required when a clergy member has reason to believe a child is being subjected to ongoing criminal sexual abuse.

Arizona Sen. Victoria Steele has been unsuccessful the last two legislative sessions to get the statute revised to require reporting of confessional type statements if the clergy has a reasonable belief that the abuse is ongoing.

Of course Victoria Steele can get a vote , look who is running the legislature .



Posting for a nurse who worked with this nurse in Needles. A registry sending nurses for day by day work , went to Needles Hospital it was some time ago but has not forgot Ms ALFORD . The nurse was working , got dumped on with the most patients, no breaks . She found a tourniquet on the arm of an elderly lady that was on since 5am, ! the mark on the arm was deep , hidden under the gown. She told staff who did not like any bad info on one of their own. IT was past 3pm and no break no lunch break had not left the floor, when all of a sudden , JOAN ALFORD approached , and said ‘someone smelled alcohol on you”. Really , who? Oh no , no information given just a rail road job . Then when this nurse called her agency , Joan Alford was bent over by the door knob listening !! No kidding. This nurse dumped out her entire bag, had drug test urine and blood and it was all NEGATIVE . Dirty Joan was taking a chance that there would be something she could report. Joan should have lost her license a dirty nurse , a lying bitch, and being abusive . The nurse never went back . now Joan is in Kingman, do not trust this slime ball . Any nurse that would pull a stunt like that !! Surprised she did not put drugs in the urine !! Always tell others when someone does something nasty like this so they can wear the reputation they hold !

Assistant Attorney General Arizona Elizabeth A Campbell

This woman Prosecutes nurses and makes money off taxpayers to do so . Only there is no reason for the prosecution . Nurses that have done nothing wrong , reported unsafe conditions, nurses / NP who have refused to sign the crazy ‘consent agreements ” that even dictate you cannot appeal or question the decision , even if some things are not known .
Campbell prosecuted pharmacists , and is now prosecuting nurses . Much easier for Campbell , pharmacists make more money and are always represented by an attorney . But with nurses she can take advantage of them most likely not affording an attorney for the hearing . Since the nurse has been put out of work for considerable time to force them to sign for financial reasons , a pack of lies , starve them out .

Campbell also has it pretty easy , if the nurse wants to exercise there due process rights and go to court.

She has some unethical tacky , underhanded , comments by herself and her line up of lying witness, in an attempt to bash , smear the nurse.

The court room is like a “free for all”. At first appearance you do get the idea that her and the ALJ have done their ‘dirty work before, like partners in crime . Campbell knows how the ALJ has ruled in past cases , a rigged system. All she has to do is sit there like a high paid tattle tale and bring up a string of weird unrelated nonsense, whether true or not . Campbell seems to think it is ok to bring in others who lie , she knows they are lying but doesn’t care.

So many things that Campbell does makes wonder wonder how the hell she passed any kind of Bar exam . She could never get away with her antics in a real court room.

The way the court hearings are conducted Campbell brings in her board of nursing friends who are allowed <as testifying witnesses > to sit in the entire trial. Never in any other court is this allowed. Campbell obviously instructs them to look at her and she ‘mouths ‘ the answer to them . Signals going back and forth. Eyes rolling when nurse is talking . Disrespectful . Campbell is very comfortable in the court room , just go have lunch with the girls at the board, then take the elevator down to the basement one floor below . Very few court rules to follow , and the ALJ are biased towards the Bd of Nursing. Campbell puts in she had surgery and was not “healing that well” so asked for an extention , but if a nurse asks for more time doing a case pro per, it is denied.

Elizabeth Campbell aag new watchdog or cohort ?

A long comes Monique K Coady aag , who is formerly with the AG office and the City of Phoenix . open meeting expert is how she was introduced. Time always exposes the truth. Seems to be a Jane of all legal subjects, natural resources, enviromental, water , what ever she does the board does need a full time watchdog. Even though , Carolyn McCormies likes to make statements , like everyone is dumb enough to believe it cause she said it . Like “open meetings laws, I think we are doing a pretty good job of it already “. Not what the auditor said though right , liar president !

So Coady said they cannot give a LOC to a nurse, Sangio (atty ) says ‘help me understand why?” Agenda listing. Then ‘we’ll talk about it off line ” . WTH , isn’t this a violation open meeting law? Was this on the agenda ? Why can’t everyone hear so they know . Was exe session called for legal advise. ?

Ok so on to a case . When you hear Mayo nurse you just know what ever Mayo wants they will not go harsh if they have not been fired. (yes we know all about the RN who had a DUI and got Nothing ! ) . INCONSISTENT !

Now this is about a NP who accessed a chart she was not involved in that patient’s care . Mayo policy you must have the patient sign before you access their records it is ok . Now after the fact , the accused got the signature. Is this ok ? well Elizabeth Campbell did not want to take this to court, she did not want to prosecute a Mayo nurse, and made up a rediculous BS , saying this was about 2 NP who were friends then they weren’t . OK so how many Domestic Violence cases where the two were man and wife and then they weren’t come before the BON , in retaliation, and the victim of DV gets beaten up by the BON. ? The BON does not recognize retaliation they just ignore all when brought up . Now this was clearly a violation of not following institutions policy. So can everyone get a document signed RETROACTIVE to CYA ? Can the surgeons get a consent signed AFTER a procedure or surgery . One board member , brought up chart can be accessed for treatment purposes , only. Leaning to DOC . Quickly shut down with Elizabeth Campbell’s , ‘state proposes LOC”

Very obvious scared of going to court when an atty is involved, and all the work it would take for preparing for court . So Elizabeth Campbell said “the state supports a LOC” , “it would be difficult to establish violation state supports LOC” “mayo policy written permission , state proposes LOC” “at hearing would be hard preponderance of evidence , and hard to prove ” (as if Campbell hasn’t done this before “. She did everything but tell them , she wanted a LOC, repeating over and over ! She did not want to have another case ,that was not her usual easy win . Nurse w/o attorney , never been to court before , and Campbell the dirty pettifogger she is , will pull every dirty trick in the book. This case the nurse had an attorney . Wonder if the ones voted ‘no’ think they are ‘safe haven ‘ from being accused of being INCONSISTENT ! Think again . It is McCormies running the meeting , allowing nurses 5 mins (which INCLUDES the atty , so 5 MINS together ) but allows the other side ie “BETH ” Campbell to run her mouth REPEAT herself REPEAT herself REPEAT herself over and over and fuking over until she gets her way . Nothing like a huge hint LOC LOC LOC . They just motion , cave , and vote . INCONSISTENCY of cases ! SO why would Coady just watch this biased, unfair case , if McCormies can’t shut up Elizabeth Campbell , who is NOT giving legal advise but looking out for her own work load to be easy , sit at the BON office and chat with the girls , pretending to be doing what she is getting paid for.

Arizona Board of Nursing ‘mistake’ not depositing 348k in general fund

Ok , now how long has this Board of Nursing been doing this ? How long have they known about the laws that state deposit funds within a certain amount of time ? Just not depositing is one thing but over looking the funds for years . And how long has the SAME INCOMPETENT DIRECTOR been in charge of this organization , but blames it on change of staff , and other crazy excuses ! The Auditor hardly touched on many other areas of big concern. But certainly looks like this Dir Jo Ridenour is incompetent , most likely never was competent to run an agency .

So, Ok we got caught so just make up the amount that is missing . No fine, interest, no jail time . Is that how they treat nurses before them who make human mistakes ??? Oh Hell no, probation. Put Jo Ridenour on probation, better yet replace her with someone who can do the job.

Audit : Has not remitted all required revenues to the State General Fund—A.R.S. §§32-1611 and 32-1663.01
require the Board to remit 100 percent of civil and administrative penalties and 10 percent of all other revenues
(except federal monies) to the State General Fund. However, the Board did not properly classify its credit
card revenues in fiscal year 2018, which resulted in the Board remitting less of its nonpenalty revenues
than required to the State General Fund. The Board attributed this error to an outdated cashiering system
and manual accounting processes that have since changed. Further, although the Board made accounting
adjustments in fiscal years 2019 and 2020 to help correct this error and remitted additional monies to the
State General Fund, the Board estimated that it still needed to remit approximately $348,000 in nonpenalty
revenues to the State General Fund as of July 2021.
Additionally, the Board has not remitted 100 percent of both civil and administrative penalties to the State
General Fund, which also impacts this estimate. Specifically, Board staff remitted 100 percent of civil penalties
but reported remitting only 10 percent of administrative penalties prior to November 2019. In November 2019,
Board staff began remitting 100 percent of administrative penalties but only 10 percent of civil penalties.
The Board will need to research how long it has not remitted 100 percent of both penalties to determine the
correct amount owed to the State General Fund and reported that it plans to remit all monies owed once it
determines the correct amount it must remit.

AZ Board of Nursing

There once was this Nurse who was accused , arrested , and sentenced . It was all a coercion by a woman and her son. The Nurse lost custody of her child, (dtr age 5 ) her freedom and was being punished for something she did not do . Fast forward. The accuser and his mother moved to NC, she got a job at Lowe’s then a Real Estate license. When the family of the accused nurse could not get involved , but other ‘s could . This is where a person who stands up for what is right, after researched the matter and knew the in’s and outs , got involved . Cost nothing , and only took a small amount of time. Looking at the co workers / agents in this R E company and reading bios, one said , former FBI agent. Ok, he is the one to call. Ring , “just want to give you heads up what happened in AZ , since crooks have a way of repeating their actions. Your new coworker did something in AZ and giving you a heads up . “

He listened, did not ask a question, did not say a word , he knew he had an informant. A web page , similar to AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING WATCHDOGS was up he could read all the evidence , the statements, the corrupt Cty Atty office , the dirty prosecutor , and con artist atty’s . He said very little , he had the information and knew what was said was all true and possible. NO comment , just listened.

Fast forward , within a year this woman , lost custody of her child (dtr age 5 ), her BF broke up with her . She lost her R E license, was arrested for stalking her boyfriends house and his new GF, the minor son accuser 15 got a girl pregnant 15, they all moved in with the mother accuser . The woman’s boyfriend contacted the Nurses parents wanting to align with them and help him in his fight against her . BF knew what false accuser did in AZ . The older son turned on his mother, sent statements of her and his younger brother making up a story so they could sue the school where target Nurse worked . <they did sue and made money off the deal> . County Atty ignored the older sons statement. It does not have to happen to you to get involved. A tale that is as true as the BON is NOT in existence for any public safety . Wait and watch and eventually the corruption rears its ugly head and karma will get everyone who gets involved in unscrupulous and illegal coercion .

And People think that gossip cannot escalate . And that the dirty board of nursing / and cohort agencies / will not do everything to stop any kind of justice , even with mandates and oaths !

The process :

Thank you for your perseverance and never quitting the fight to overturn , Courtney Bisbee’s wrongful conviction for an alleged crime that never happened. A false allegation (2004); wrongful conviction (Good Friday 2006) under disgraced and disbarred (2012) ex-DA/County Attorney Andrew Thomas and his ex-DCA Lisa Aubuchon (also disbarred); and wrongful imprisonment (11 years silenced under Arizona’s draconian mandatory minimum sentencing) for an alleged crime that never happened. Plus 19 months harsh parole (prison without bars)….”New evidence” proof of Courtney’s innocence was NEVER heard in a state court. Why not? Affidavit by prosecutor’s key witness stated his mother and brother planned to sue the school district. in 2012 Courtney filed her Writ of Habeas in the Arizona federal district court. After years of waiting, an AZ federal magistrate judge issued an Order for an unprecedented two-day hearing in AZ federal district court — in prime season March during the presidential election primary, long voting lines with the harsh spotlight was focused on AZ. The “state” AG filed an emergency appeal to shut the evidentiary hearing down. The magistrate judge denied it. Once again, the state filed another emergency motion to shut the hearing down and went over the judge’s head to the chief judge, and prevailed. The chief judge — the state of Arizona shut down the court-Ordered Evidentiary Hearing for the “new evidence- proof of “actual innocence” Courtney Bisbee’s Writ of Habeas. Why? In 2012, the same chief judge wrote that Courtney had 13 viable claims and she would be allowed to file an appeal in the federal court once she exhausted the state courts. The same judge denied her to file in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. So she filed a Certificate of Appealability to the 9th Cir Court but during the US Supreme Court Kavanagh hearing a surprise introduction was made by Senator Grassley, of a 26 year female top prosecutor from the AZ Maricopa County Attorney office. Earlier, Sen. Grassley told the public, he was going to select a “female legal assistant” to interview Christine Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh. He lied. The public was misled. She was NOT a “female legal assistant”, denigrating her position) as a seasoned prosecutor. This was NOT a trial but a job interview. A top prosecutor was not needed. Why was a Maricopa County Attorney prosecutor used? People ask why was Courtney’s certificate of appeal to the 9th Cir Court suspiciously was “denied” on this day, where her Writ of Habeas sat for years. Kavanaugh had close ties to the 9th Cir Court and the journalists were digging deep. Next, Courtney filed in the U.S. Supreme Court on the unconstitutional issues of her wrongful conviction case. Arizona, is a state where changing a babies diaper can result in a class 2 felony with a person still in prison on that charge. … To understand this 17 year old case, all one has to ask is who all benefited financially and politically from the wrongful conviction of Courtney Bisbee. Which lawyers/prosecutors moved up to governor-appointed judge positions? Non-custodial parents on both sides where child support and child custody are major life issues? Where we have fought — study her case/cases in the Family court. Criminal court. Civil court. Probate court. State federal district court. US Supreme Court. If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. Study the National Registry of Exonerations where over 48% of exonerations / wrongful convictions were caused by official misconduct. Over 2,700 exonerees active data show this is systemic injustice.

Kevin Rapkoch

AZ Board “investigator “, another biased east valley Tempe temple trotter . Making up a small portion of the population in reality but with connections with cities like Ogden, Utah, West Jordan UT, BYU , Chapman, Beus, Sorenson, Larue. Too many connections to be coincidence . If he is your investigator , like many nurse victims, over the years. Don’t think for a minute he is over worked, you won’t see this “karen” doing bedpan duty or involved in patient care what so ever. Jumps in Dahn’s vehicle , with the company credit card and head off for 2 hour lunch break . It certainly raises questions did he find the job in the church bulletin .

AZ BAR similarities AZ BON

They do have their ‘stinkers” and willing to play favoritism with . GEORGIA STATON. Sucui / yuma knew which lawyer for the medical center to hire. The judges are tipped off which way to go . Now John Phelps is with the BAR, and Phelps seems to be the name as one of the higher on the ladder , names . How does this happen ? By chance ? Phelps and Furlong allowed a case of Georgia’s to be deposed at the BAR. Is this normal procedure ? Not by a long shot.