Nurse pleads headed to prison

How is this case any different than what Joke Ridenour and her criminal partner EMMA MAMALUY doing . Providing a ride to some , and taking away others freedom to work in their field . ? AZBN should be KICKBACK’s GALORE

Former Bureau of Prisons Nurse Pleads
Guilty to Contraband Smuggling and Bribery Conspiracy
MIAMI – Miami-Dade resident Ruben Montanez-Mirabal, 33, has pled guilty in
federal district court to conspiring to commit bribery, conspiring to provide
contraband in a federal prison, and providing contraband in a federal prison.
According to the two-count information and facts admitted at the change of plea
hearing, from around November 2021 through late August 2022, Ruben Montanez-
Mirabal, who was a registered nurse working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons
(“BOP”) at the Federal Detention Center – Miami (“FDC-Miami”) in downtown
Miami, solicited and obtained illegal payments from FDC-Miami inmates in
exchange for bringing in and delivering to them prohibited objects, including
controlled substances that had been soaked into sheets of paper. In exchange for
violating his official duties by providing these drug-soaked papers and other
prohibited items, Montanez-Mirabal accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from
these inmates and their associates. Along with these payments, Montanez-Mirabal
also solicited and received other things of value from inmates, including the free
use of a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce.
Montanez-Mirabal would bring these prohibited items into FDC-Miami and then
either deliver them directly to the inmates or hide them in places where the inmate
paying him would be able to recover the contraband. Those inmates would then re-
sell the pages to other inmates at a rate of $1,500 per page. As admitted at the
change of plea, Montanez-Mirabal made a number of these deliveries for inmates,
including one delivery where he was observed hiding thirty-seven drug-soaked
pages underneath a shelving unit in a mop closet accessible to the inmate paying
him. Investigators were able to recover these pages from the closet and laboratorytesting revealed that the pages were laced with a synthetic cannabinoid-controlled
substance and had the defendant’s fingerprints on them.
Montanez-Mirabal also admitted that during the charged conduct, he was aware
that inmates were reselling the pages for $1,500 each, and that he delivered
between 100 and 140 such pages to inmates inside FDC-Miami in exchange for the
bribes he received.
United States District Judge Jose E. Martinez will sentence Montanez-Mirabal in
Miami on May 16, at 11:30 a.m. Montanez-Mirabal faces up to 15 years in prison.
U.S. Attorney Markenzy Lapointe for the Southern District of Florida, acting
Special Agent in Charge Maged Behnam of the FBI Miami Field Office, and Special
Agent in Charge James Boyersmith, Department of Justice Office of Inspector
General, Miami Field Office, announced the guilty plea.

Nursing students you might just get fined if you quit or get fired.

NEVER sign this. National Nurses United stands with nurses on this, AZNA , ANA, NNAA would be for the hospital , congratulating them and teaching the news one a good lesson. sick mothers that they are . What have they done FOR NURSES ????

WASHINGTON — When Jacqui Rum quit her nursing job at Los Robles Regional Medical Center last fall over the heavy workload and low staffing levels, it came with a high price — a $2,000 bill from her former employer for training costs. 

The payment was related to a contract Rum was required to sign when she took the job at the Thousand Oaks, California, hospital owned by HCA Healthcare, the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain. Under the agreement, which is standard for entry-level nurses working at HCA hospitals and becoming increasingly standard for other health systems, Rum agreed to pay back the hospital for training if she quit or was fired before her two-year contract expired. 

Nurse Jacqui Rum.
Nurse Jacqui Rum.Jacqui Rum

Despite the agreement, Rum said she quit after 13 months because of the physical and mental strain, citing staffing that was so thin she was often unable to take even a 30-minute break during her 12-hour shifts. As a result of leaving, she has received seven letters since October from a collection agency working for HCA demanding payment for the remaining $2,000 in training costs the hospital says she owes, and threatening to charge her interest and legal fees. 

“We’re being preyed on by someone in power. We’re desperate for a job, we just got out of school, we don’t know any better,” said Rum, 38, who lives in Westlake Village, California. “I didn’t even have time to take a lunch break, my hair was falling out, the level of stress just wasn’t sustainable.”

While Rum said she did receive about 10 weeks of training and mentorship, it fell short of what she’d expected given the $4,000 value the hospital placed on it.  Some of the in-person classes covered material she’d already gone over in nursing school or that wasn’t relevant to her specialty, and she had limited time to spend shadowing a more experienced nurse.

The practice of requiring repayment for training programs aimed at recent nursing school graduates has become increasingly common in recent years, with some hospitals requiring nurses to pay back as much as $15,000 if they quit or are fired before their contract is up, according to more than a dozen nursing contracts reviewed by NBC News and interviews with nurses, educators, hospital administrators and labor organizers. 

Los Robles Regional Medical Center.
Los Robles Regional Medical Center.Google Maps

Hospitals say the repayment requirement is necessary to help them recoup the investment they make in training recent nursing school graduates and to incentivize them to stay amid a tight labor market. But some nurses say the system has left them feeling trapped in jobs and afraid to speak out about unsafe working conditions for fear of being fired and having to face thousands of dollars in debt.

“These training programs do not provide nurses with any sort of new qualification. Rather, employers are passing on to nurses the cost of basic on the job training that’s required for any RN position at any hospital, and then they’re using these contracts to lock nurses into their jobs or risk this devastating financial penalty,” said Brynne O’Neal, a regulatory policy specialist with National Nurses United, a labor group with more than 200,000 members.  “Having that debt hanging over them means that nurses have a harder time advocating for safe conditions for themselves and their patients.”

HCA said in a statement that its programs were developed by nurse educators as “an important investment in our colleagues and demonstrate our commitment to advancing the nursing profession.” The hospital system, which has 184 hospitals, said the program also allows nurses to receive training across a wide range of specialties such as oncology, surgical services, critical care and pediatrics. It also gives nurses the option to transfer to its other facilities. 

“Given our substantial investment in this professional development program, we ask participants to commit to stay with us for a certain period of time after completing the training. During the course of their commitment, nurses are eligible for promotion and have the flexibility to pursue opportunities at any of our more than 2,300 sites of care across the country,” the HCA statement said.  

The practice has caught the attention of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which in September began investigating forms of debt created by employers for their employees through training programs. The agency is in the process of reviewing the training repayment programs as a type of debt product being offered to workers, similar to a student loan, and assessing whether the agency should take additional oversight actions, said a CFPB official. 

‘Undoubtedly to trap you’

Labor experts say that employers in a growing number of industries have been using similar training repayment requirements as forms of debt to keep workers from leaving their jobs in a tight labor market. Along with nurses, workers in the trucking, retail and pet grooming industries have also raised concerns with the CFPB over onerous debts they have incurred through employer training programs. 

“We’re seeing these expand exponentially, especially in sectors where there’s a huge demand for workers that predated the pandemic,” said Jonathan Harris, an associate professor at Loyola Law School and a fellow at the Student Borrower Protection Center. “The main purpose is not to provide real useful training to workers and simply to just recoup the cost of that. The main purpose has, in many instances, been simply as a mechanism to keep workers from leaving their job through debt and using the training part of it as basically a pretext to make it try to appear justifiable.”

California passed a law in 2020 that would prevent hospitals from charging employees for job-related training required by the employer that isn’t related to getting a state-mandated license or certification. Still, HCA has continued to send letters to former nurses there, including Rum, seeking to collect payment for the training costs, according to collection letters shared with NBC News. Harris said that practice appears to be in violation of the California law.

Hospital training programs for recent nursing school graduates aren’t uncommon, but not all hospitals have a reimbursement requirement. A survey by National Nurses United found about half of nurses said they were required to participate in a training or residency program at some point in their career, and among hospital nurses who participated, 55% said they were required to repay their employer for the cost of that training if they left before their contract expired. 

The practice has become increasingly common for recent graduates, with nurses who finished school in the past five years being twice as likely to say they had been in a job with a training repayment requirement compared with more veteran nurses who started their careers 11 to 20 years ago, according to the same survey. 

Cassie Pennings said she thought she had no choice but to sign a two-year contract and agree to repay her employers as much as $7,500 for training if she wanted a job out of nursing school at the major health center in the Denver area, UCHealth. 

UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora.
UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora.David Zalubowski / AP

She said she received some training from the hospital in her first months on the job that included online modules, several weeks of in-person lectures and three months of shadowing a more senior nurse. But she said she got little value from the formal instruction and had limited time to spend shadowing her mentor given the heavy workflow at the hospital.  

Despite the contract, Pennings said she quit after one year because she believed the high patient-to-nurse ratio was creating an unsafe work environment in which she feared she could harm a patient or lose her nursing license. She said she’d seen other nurses continue to stay in their jobs despite wanting to leave because of the fear of having to pay back the training costs. 


Politics NewsTreasury Secretary Janet Yellen says no federal bailout for Silicon Valley Bank

“You’re not buying a product, you’re an employee and employees get on-the-job training all the time because they want you to be a good employee. This is undoubtedly to trap you,” said Pennings, who left her job in October. “They have an issue keeping nurses there, it’s a retention issue, and so their solution to the retention issue is to trap you. To make it so that if you leave you will owe just enough money that you can’t afford it. It makes you uncomfortable.”

At UCHealth, where Pennings worked, officials decided last fall to stop requiring repayment from nurses who left before their contracts were up and were looking for other ways to incentivize nurses to stay, said JoAnne DelMonte, the hospital system’s vice president of professional development and practice. 

DelMonte said it has been a long-standing practice for hospitals to seek training repayment because of the investment hospitals make in training new nurses. Programs like the one used at UCHealth can cost a hospital $60,000 to $100,000 per nurse for the first year. Those costs include having to pay new nurses a salary with benefits for several months before they can take on their own caseloads of patients, as well as paying a higher hourly rate to the more senior nurses who mentor and teach them for three to six months. 

“In terms of the repayment agreements, those have been the national standard for many, many years. It is just recently that that has been looked at through a different lens and we are no longer requiring that repayment agreement,” said DelMonte. “The real objective there was to demonstrate that we felt that we were providing a commodity, a program that was of value to the individual and to really encourage them to stay with UCHealth for two years, and we are not doing that anymore.”

Rather, she said the hospital is working on ways to encourage nurses to stay, like offering fellowship opportunities for them to move to different areas of the health system and trying to lessen the workload on new nurses. 

‘Indentured servitude’

Emily Boundaone, a nursing instructor at San Antonio College in Texas, said her students frequently enter into contracts with repayment requirements, and she worries the practice is contributing to the nursing shortage by locking the students into jobs they are unhappy with and then keeping them from switching into other areas of nursing during the first few years of their careers.

“When they get stuck in these unsafe situations or the short-staffed situations, they can burn out so easily that they just say, I can’t do this anymore, and they don’t have enough experience or perspective to know that there’s other kinds of jobs out there,” said Boundaone. “So I really think that it’s going to exacerbate our nursing shortage.”

The amount of debt nurses have to take on can vary widely by hospital. One two-year nursing contract from 2022 with Baptist Health Systems in Texas, which is owned by Tenet Health, required the nurse to repay the hospital $15,000 on a prorated basis for the nurse’s training, according to the document reviewed by NBC News.

The contract states that the training was being provided for the “benefit of the Hospital and the Employee and that the Hospital will be making significant investment of time and money in the employee by allowing the employee to participate in this program.” It says the hospital would withhold any owed training costs from the employee’s final paycheck if the employee was to leave before a two-year period. 

Tenet didn’t respond to calls and emails seeking comment. 

While Rum’s training with HCA was valued by the hospital at $4,000, former HCA hospital nurse Sarah Kidd said she signed a contract in 2017, when she took her first job after nursing school at a hospital in Arlington, Texas, that required her to repay $10,000 in training costs if she left within two years. She said the training largely consisted of three months of shadowing a more experienced nurse, along with some in-person meetings and online training modules.  

After a few months on the job, she said she wanted to quit when she realized how short-staffed the hospital was but was afraid of taking on more debt in addition to her nursing school loans. At the time, she was making $500 a week and couldn’t afford to live on her own.

“It’s a common scheme they use to trap new grads into working for them,” said Kidd, 31, who now works as a travel nurse in San Francisco. “It really is like an indentured servitude.”

JOKE RIDENOUR investment firm

David Harbour GUILTY , another orange suit waiting .

Phoenix, AZ — Last week, David Allen Harbour of Scottsdale, Arizona, was found guilty by a federal jury on six counts of Wire Fraud and 11 counts of Transactional Money Laundering. On Tuesday, Harbour pleaded guilty to one count of Tax Evasion, which resolved two pending trials scheduled for later this month. Sentencing is scheduled for June 5, 2023, before United States District Judge Douglas L. Rayes.

Harbour acted as a self-styled investment advisor who defrauded numerous victims between 2007 and 2021. The total loss to investors exceeded $20 million, which Harbour diverted to fund his lavish lifestyle. Harbour’s extravagant expenditures included: private jet travel; country club memberships in Arizona, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; million-dollar speedboats; stays at luxury hotels; expensive jewelry; and a private 40th birthday concert by the Eagles.

“For his brazen lies that defrauded numerous victims out of more than $20 million, the defendant now justifiably faces the potential of a lengthy prison term,” said United States Attorney Gary Restaino. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office is committed to deterring investment fraud and holding wrongdoers accountable to help protect our citizens’ financial security and to vindicate the tireless efforts of our law enforcement partners.”

This case was investigated by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Assistant United States Attorneys Kevin M. Rapp and Coleen Schoch, District of Arizona, Phoenix, handled the prosecution.

Now that he has been found guilty he might just sing like a canary on others. A resident of PV , and investment names DCR HOSPITAL INVESTMENT , High Pointe (that would be a board member , who is higher than pikes peak ! ) and NATURAL HOLDING. oh yes sounds so pure and daisy like . What size does Jokey wear , orange would look real nice on her , the handcuffs might scratch her nail polish . About 2 months later when the roots come out she will be a two tone freak !


JOKEY RIDENOUR is going down . As well as the AZBN members , of course they knew. ,Randy weird one Quinn knew ! could be related , there’s a darlene k quinn in the mix too. A web page the AZBN hates so much they are willing to do what ever . Even set up a false non profit with a dirty dir of that cozy up to the target.

It turns out that they wanted to nail the male so bad they hired an investigator that was not on staff. LINDA MONAS . and remember SUSIE FLORES she was not only Joke Ridenour Admin assistant but was house mates with Monas . lived together N 91st ave Peoria .

Oh and ELIZABETH (A HOLE ) CAMPBELL knew all about this as well . She is not so free and clear.

OF COURSE an investigator who not only knows but house mates with dir admin assist , is biased .

History of attending cops school but didn’t seem to last at that, worked GCU as a security guard . She used to work at the AZBN <always hiring friends of friends> but was not currently working there . The legislature said to Ridenour “you are suppose to ask us for permission” So did mommie dearest ask , oh hell know. That is theft of state funds . HEY cops time to put the handcuffs on , her theft and other tricks are closing in from all directions.

JANAE SHAMP at it again

wow , if she can get elected anyone can . Now she sponsors a bill that schools be notified if parents or guardian had sex offender on their record. (in az if you piss outside you are on the sex offender registry ) . there are way different levels and those with worst are in prison. SO all you have to do is tell Janae that a bill needs to be introduced and there she goes off into lala land . She should be cited on her nursing license for stupidity. ANd for being biased . But she is working for the BON as is SELINA BLISS, EVA BURTON indirectly of course.

Why isn’t nnaa getting the bff to write bills against the BON . CAUSE THEY LIE ABOUT THEIR MISSION!!! wake up those who got sucked in . They ask questions so you will talk and tell them things and handcuffed you from writing the TRUTH !

“””Republican Sen. Janae Shamp, of Surprise, said during a House Judiciary Committee meeting March 8 that the idea for her Senate Bill 1253 was brought to her by someone in her district who was molested as a child and then saw her abuser on campus when she was going to check out a school for her own child. “””

Restraining orders not available ??? You introduce this bill so the kids of those accused will be bullied. Inciting violence. With stupid nurses like this introducing bills why is az bon going after aspen for low test scores . the AZ BON gave these morons licenses .


Marla Moore a typical YUMAN , was at the board of nazi nurses board long time ago. Her name is back on the list. SO what was her position for years , since she has gotten a paycheck all along ! Hired as a consultant LOL !!! right! From a one horse town , corrupted as the BON. Paychecks going out joke ridenour using taxpayers money to pay for who ever she wants and whether or not they are working for the board the state of az . MARLA MOORE , don’t pretend to be that holy roller if your at the board of nursing we know better !


About 400 Arizona students who are completing their nursing degrees at Aspen University may not be able to graduate this year as planned.

After an emotional meeting that lasted nearly three hours, the Arizona State Board of Nursing voted to give 10 days notice of an intent to immediately shut Aspen University’s nursing program down.

Several students wept as board members cast their votes. If the vote is finalized, students who were set to graduate from Aspen with nursing degrees this year, some of them in just eight weeks, will no longer have that option.

(hate to tell these students , this is a dodge the bullet , because the AZ BON is full of more tears , heartache, destroyed lives and families but a dirty BON who could care less about human suffering. ) And “bethy ‘ bimbo Campbell the aag who they can’t seem to shake , will be there to point at you and laugh at you for being human. Something she is far removed from , and has no human dignity for others who are acting normal to an ABNORMAL BON !


This was ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL’S boss. BRNO aka NUMB CHUCK , has 18 complaints with the AZ BAR , was on a discipline agreement with the BAR , a disgraced termed out wanna be senator came in 3rd , even with 8 yrs name recognition. Anyone watch this clown on Jon Stewart show. OR 60 mins when he was reported for using unapproved drugs for death row inmates?

The worst part is under his watch he allowed Campbell to do what ever, legal or not , and anything her messed up unethical mind could muster up . Both are a disgrace as citizens, as AG AAG , as legal beagles , oath liars , and court room Fk ups.

MAMALUY is a liar and very hooked up with WTH is he doing now Tom Horne

Tom Horne was EMMA (the liar) MAMALUY boss , he was az ag , if you can believe that ! , He was being followed and investigated by the FBI, (just like mamaluy ) Tommy lover boy married has his part time lover with him . As luck would have it , he hit a car , a hit and run. Must have been instinct deny everything , but when the FBI are the witnesses against you, better come up with a better game plan . Of course the cheater didn’t want his wife,” til death do we part “, to know about his side POA, but hey when you AG , you do things by the book. (hahaha)

So now Tommy got a job as Ed dept , how the hell he pulled that off , against ‘little bo peep #1 mama, still has people scratching their heads. Horne recently put up a hotline , to report teachers who are teaching about homosexuals , and not teaching what they are suppose to (according to Tom Horne) from the chapter , “how to do and hit and run and not let the FBI see it” . Surprised that Mamaluy doesn’t have a hot line to report every nurse med error/ call in sick/ wear wrong color scrubs / show up late/ swore at work/ hand their hands in their pockets in the med room/ working under another nurses license they cannot find / quit their job/ got fired/ broke a travel contract / called Joke Ridenour a bitch / posted their opinion on social media / Oh wait there is a hotline to report nurses in AZ call 1-800-EAT-SHIT

When out of state know not to get a license or work in AZ it should tell the new grads something !

Thoughts: she should have spoken with a different attorney

  • Reply the lawyers are dirty especially the one at the bon EMMA MAMALUY a real POS lying dirt bag .
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Author Chisty Roy wish i had known !

How many states have the nurses put up a web site , Titled:: AZ State Board of Nursing Corruption Watchdogs ?

Arizona Board of Nursing Watchdogs


Arizona Board of Nursing Watchdogs

Arizona Board of Nursing Watchdogs

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  • Yuma , Banner all suck !

Anne LiConti


AZBON keeps nurses oppressed!

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Anne LiConti


There are doctors who have DUI”s. She should sue!

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  • Hey AZ We know all about you ! Fucharound and Feinout .

Anne LiConti


AZBON is a racket!!!!!!

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  • Want to mess with someone , see if they have a nursing license in AZ and file a complaint , anything , dogs barking, kids playing outside unsupervised, bounced a check , called police on a monster . ! oh yea they are a mormon mafia who will slit their throats in a heat beat .

Anne LiConti


Stay away from AZ, they are corrupt!

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  • Dressed like little house on the praire bitch Carolyn Mccormies is a devil in Ingalls clothing .

Maria Young

She will NEVER get a fair shake from AZBON. Avoid with them if possible. Google Amanda Trujillo. Yes, Keri Christmas Harper, they have some Karma coming their way. So sorry this has happened to her.

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Maria Young

Candy Morgan Overby I followed her in fb for a time. Last I heard they were thinking of reinstating her license. I wrote a couple of respectful letters on her behalf, and was told that I am on AZBON but list. She sent me copy of paperwork with my name mentioned by AZBON. lol, me, an every day NY state RN. My advice to nurses is to avoid AZ altogether.

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Lisa Margo

I followed Mandy Trujillo as well. She just tried to do the right thing for her patients and was washed by AZBON.

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Toni DP

I worked at the MA BORN and AZ reports everything. What she should do is not waste her money with a lawyer and request a hearing from MA

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Sandi Sielinski

Why does AZBON care so much? If she rescinded her application, why are they pushing this so hard? What’s the BD presidents motive behind this? It’s all about $$ and he’s being greedy. I hope he remembers he reaps what he sows. Karma sucks. 😞

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S. Hoover

Az Board is run by assholes! They are viscous to nurses. I live here and know many that get railroaded by them.

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Megan Buckley Pierce

Bet this wouldn’t happen if it were a physician 🙄

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  • They use psych on Drs , when it costs money but they use psych on nurses when others boards would not . Keep feeding those dirty docs on the AZ BON ‘list ‘ with funds .

Jenny Allert

What a waste of money and resources.

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Susan Bailey

Wow. Just wow. There has got to be something her attorney can do.

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Ray Nay Danke

Arizona. Get yourself together!!

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Tennousei Liila Leslie

This story is another outrageous AZBON action…if she declined the Application and has no plan to get an AZ license…Leave it be. Unbelievably unjust but that’s their M.O.

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Kathy Q.

Don’t ever try to move to AZ they are nuttiest BON ever!!

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Alia Magdalena

nah, I would not move there with that going on

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Keri Christmas Harper

Holy shiz! AZ BON has some karma coming….

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NO way work in AZ as a nurse , the BON members are CRAZY and CORRUPT NJ RN which is corrupt too, but wow AZ takes the cake !


I sure hope so !

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Lisa Margo

Never move to AZ. I have heard nightmare stories about their BON.

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  • Yes , it is all over the country, when the Gov / AG/ DOJ take their blinders off kick JOKE Ridenour and her minions to the curb only then will things change. And vote out the dirty politicians at the capitol !

Scott Nations

for many years