Boyer ‘s biased husband Paul Boyer is off the senate THANK YOU !!! So many stupid bills and comments. He was bff with ducey and appointed the wifey to the BON. SAD for nurses who are so much smarter , more experience , and just really hasn’t a CLUE .

Why does she inflict in her voice to sound like a little old lady. A real PUT ON talk , just annoying, none of them are real . put on’s .

Inappropriate laughter , nothing about a BON meeting is FUNNY NOTHING is FUNNY. very inappropriate.

IT looks like McCormies is trying to do On the Job Training for stupid “BETH BOYER ” to move to president. Now not sure , but it gives the appearance of slipping out the back door. CAROLYN MCCORMIES , is not the smartest bulb in the pack. She knows to go along with the crooked atty on staff and she knows that they are protecting certain atty’s .

BE interesting if the new gov will keep dip sh*t on the BON. NONE of them are smart enough to be deciding other nurses fates ! NONE OF THEM . Margie Shultz doesn’t have the brains not to stay home when barking her cough all over everyone, and into the mic , another DUMB BLONDE on the BON. Let’s hope JOKEY GETS what ever crud she is coughing around !!

AMAZING how these types thing of being obedient as virtuous rather then cowardly .


Never ever never ! The AZ BON cannot handle anyone who is honest ! They just cannot , they love the downright disgusting dirty players like Carolyn MCMORMIES , the more they lie and go along with corruption the more they love them !! Never ever want them to leave keep them at the BON forever .

SELF REPORT , won’t help! If you think , hey my agency should have a program to help me….I will contact the BON and see . BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!

Self Report : THEY GOT YOU !!! What better evidence ! They don’t have to prove their case, you admitted a problem , and they will still order you to have a psych evaluation to cement the deal. Should you lawyer up , and try to down play it.

SELF REPORT is like going into a police station and confessing to anything. Are they going to go easy on you NO!!! Honesty it not a part of their game plan ! The corrupt AZ Bd of Nursing , doesn’t even have to ask you anything , they have all they need by you reporting yourself.

This dirty board , will jump all over that . Why should someone be punished for self reporting . Especially if you state the true what happened so the patient can be helped if you make a medication error .

Self reported you are hooked on a medication and need help getting off. The HELP they offer will ruin you for life . This dirty board cannot accept honesty ! They are FAKES , FALSEHOODS , do not trust them .

Biggest mistake, is self reporting ! first mistake was getting a nursing license in Arizona !


They are way too brain washed. What does this have to do with the AZ BON, look around folks ! Presidents of the BON all mormons for decades . Kathy Scott , Banner , Quinn, the moron , McCormies , and get their church friends to join them Elizabeth Boyer , no qualifications at all , except holding a license . Fountain is a real MESS . Midwestern should fire her biased mind right out the door ! . She didn’t slip away from Randy Quinn’s gang soon enough , he had to have his shoe in ,so if anyone in his gang gets BON complaint they will ‘cya ” . a RACKET .

Not only a BON full of them , in and out through out the years. (Tammy Gresball) but they have ruined their own members lives who ‘saw the light” who were opened minded and said , this is horse pucky ! I’m out of here !

Here is a real ‘testimony ” Boyer !

“”” I honestly don’t think I could love my dog even more after today.

So I stepped onto a church parking lot for the first time in several years today. And not for any of the reasons you may be thinking. I was walking my dog, and remembered a path that was nearby so that we didn’t have to go near the roads. I walked by the church building, tempted to blow my stacks at the top of my lungs about how the church destroyed my family and ruined my life when my dog just pees on the building for a good ten seconds or so.

Needless to say: he got two chicken jerkies after we got home.”””

THEY EVEN RUIN THE LIVES OF THEIR OWN MEMBERS ! Never should one of these brain washed lying dirt bags be in any area to judge anyone ! (The AZBON sure brought the cult to headlines by their actions that do not belong in a taxpayers funded organization , by a tax free cult parading as a ‘religion” )


This so called BON ‘investigator” cannot write a report , did not respond to a applicant . Why is it that nurses must drop everything and focus on what the BD wants but an employee who is dysfunctional ignores requests loses documents, and is still there !

Melissa Foos , won a law suit against the AZ BON and rightly so ! Defendants CAROLYN MCCORMIES, who can’t LISTEN when someone is before the bd ! Pheanis Preston, the nasty NP , Kathyrn Busby not her first rodeo being a defendant , Melanie Logue who got off the BON as soon as she saw the light, Lori Gutierrez , the dumb ditzy blonde , who is “on something !” . Randy “moron ” Quinn the complete ass hole of the century . And where was miss IMCOMPETENT Mumble mamaluy who should know better . Melissa submitted documents over and over , and Bonnie the nasty ole bitch who can wrinkle up her big nose and send ‘signals ” while gossiping with others . Incompetent , why wasn’t she fired ??? Oh and 2nd in command of incompetence JOKEY RIDENOUR who signed the paper KNOWING IT TO BE FALSE, but doesn’t care, they have so much money of the taxpayers to blow on law suits , they will wear someone out , stay in the fight , they will all fade away .


She knows fully well that this person was denied license in March 2020 but was given a consent agreement by 7/ 20 . Fully reversed the decision . Shanodoah Korn . look it up . Shady deal , two sleazy attys , working a deal and acting like this is business as usual . BUT one thing we do know is this was discussed with the lying dirty cult member mormon Pres BON Carolyn MCCormies . She knows very well this is not at all how things go , no one gets denied then have a license by < 4 months later . THIS IS SHADY DEALS BY THE BON !> how many other board members knew what was really the underlying whispers and no one will notice. (this was the case posted about the felony past and 3 yrs in prison.

Talk about INCONSISTENT LYING MOUTH CAROLYN MCCORMIES !!! and now that sleeze bag dishonest bitch is on the panel for 75 million . AZ BON IS DIRTY !!


Oh yes the ‘good ‘ mormon , he shot his wife and kids and MIL to death . Of course UTAH . Here is part of what they wrote. !

Obituary for the Utah man who fatally shot his five children, mother-in-law and estranged wife: “Michael made it a point to spend quality time with each and every one of his children. Michael enjoyed making memories with the family.”

The comments about what a great insurance salesman he was ! How great he was and nothing about the children he slayed to death .

Nothing says cult like idolizing the man who massacred his entire family. !!

And folks this is who is on your BON ! (they slipped in a black when accused of being racist , a token , ) And hired a few queers. The TRUTH IS IN HOW THEY ACT ! , Their minds are just not right , sick and twisted !

SELINA BLISS ,predicted as usual!

introducing bills , not ONE TO REIGN IN ONE THE CORRUPT BON!

HB2042 extended by 2 yrs and expire 1/1/27 (uh this is 2023 Selina ! ) DUH !

HB2043 PA NO supervision, you and the hospitals want to put Drs right out of business , they need over sight just like the corrupt BON does !!! (dumb bill)

HB2045 bon certified school nurses but adds that CHARTERS DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE CERTIFIED SCHOOL NURSES . If this isn’t a political statement here! So children in charters are not as important , NO EXCEPTIONS to their mormon run parochial schools !

HB 2053 , new mothers home care visits VOLUNTEER program ! DCS, as if anyone with drugs in the house will sign up for this ! waste of money ! waste of time,

give Bliss a chance and she did what we suspected all along . She did nothing as a AZNA pres. now she’s doing every thing bass ackwards. and NOTHING FOR DIRECT PATIENT CARE NURSES , OR law to level the playing field. The AZ BON PUPPET ,selina bliss !

NY Nurses Strike they prevailed !!

While Arizona nurses sit around complaining about be fired, cancelled , staffing numbers , all as gutless as the day it long ! The AZNA leads they way with duct tape on their mouths, except to bash another nurse who speaks up . AZNA are traitors to the profession but will run their mouths about ‘most trusted profession” it is the nurses that can’t trust them !!!

No organized group of people are doing ANYTHING in AZ but running their mouths , “professional” ” proceed slowly” ” best practice ” . All hot air dummies blowing smoke !

BREAKING: NYC nurses strike to end this morning in historic victory as tentative deals were reached with both

Nurses won concrete enforceable safe staffing ratios in both deals and will be back on the job. KUDOS !!! HAPPY DANCE .

(Travelers , do not think “the weather ” is worth it . Backwards AZ . And will not move forward until JOKE RIDENOUR is kicked off her thrown ! Political dirty director in pour standing !

“”We’re NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE “NY nurses have some guts while AZ nurses whine about conditions ,but too gutless to do anything about it !! And AZNA and BON are thrilled no UNIONS !

As many as 3,500 nurses at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx and about 3,600 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan were off the job. Hundreds picketed, some singing the chorus from Twisted Sister’s 1984 hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” outside Mount Sinai. It was one of many New York hospitals deluged with COVID-19 patients as the virus made the city an epicenter of deaths in spring 2020.