Hey guys, nice sight , can I add another lying so called “witness ” to the AZ board of nursing’s list of those willing to lie ?

Her name is ANNE LAVONNE TOTSCH,  she testified that her father was a chief of police in Cathridege , Ill. <she brags home of where Joseph Smith was hung >.  to those who know her . But no one knows anything of her father being COP.  Isn’t that odd no one remembers that ?

Totsch  lied to the AZBON investigator , Nikki Austin , Ms Incompetent herself, Totsch told her she worked for the DEA , but did Austin check this out ? Oh no. Austin , nor her partner in crime ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL nor the ‘chief counsel , Emma Mamaluy checked  out her story.  When a nurse who was being abused not only by a dangerous male, in the apts owned by YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER ,  but by the staff as well.    Ms  Totsch, who by now was moved to the Risk Mgt department, and was trying to figure out how to get her company out of what appears to be something , even after leaving this nurse is not going to take the abuse.  It appears that Anne is quite the story teller, and can lie at the drop of a hat.   Why is that a trained ‘investigator ‘ at the AZBON could not be honest and actually investigate her lying witnesses , and say, this person is lying and the nurse was telling the truth all along.   Why.  Well , we do have a theory.  The connection with the AZ BON and Yuma is a well traveled , long history , and connected.

This nurse said, you people are corrupt , and siding with your lying housing person in the office, (felon T Saavedra ) and a person who is not even working at YRMC  , being supported by a woman.     This nurse left beginning of April , when Ann Totsch (the liar )  suddenly remembered , about September, that this nurse called her and left voice mails she was going to do harm to her ! Wow ! .  This is odd for several reasons ,

1) why wouldn’t she report this immediately , IF it happened . which it did not .

2) Why is she reporting this to the AZ BON , and not police ?

3)why did they not just drop it , she’s gone and get on with hospital business and take care of patients , or were they worried that since this nurse prevailed in court against the stalker the medical center might have a problem .

SO lying ANNE TOTSCH decided to concoct this wild story . When asked if she saved any voice mails, she did not . Another ODD event !  Did she call her own hospital security to report this ? nope , she did not do this at all . When asked if anyone else heard her tall tales , “oh yes the chief of police did” .  Well we contacted the COP, and he denies hearing any voice mails ! Denies even hearing this nurses name !

Totsch went on to really devise a story , and the plot thickens . She actually said this COP was writing policies for the hospital and was turning this nurse over to the county attorney for prosecution!   I guess this story teller thinks if you say it enough it will come true.    Now if Austin did not recognize a nut case by now, well no hope for her .And partner in Crime Elizabeth A Campbell , was not any wiser.

NOW the real clincher comes when this woman who is desperate to go on a shame and blame game with this nurse , who is not posing any risk but HR , security or risk mgt  did NOTHING while the nurse was there.  Took no action , except to add on their site ‘safe housing”.  Neither did incompetent HR Teri Norris, ignored the problem.  Now the trouble maker , who knows how to play victim PAUL  FRANCIS BUSHEY , has the cajones to go to Totsch, for money .  This is a non employee, she states he looked so “kindly ” .   So did Ted Bundy, is this ‘former dea agent , really duped by someone’s looks ”  (another red flag incompetent board members !  She gave so many strange tales to the AZBON but they kept her to lie for them, after filing notice of charges, could they back out ? and admit made a mistake !!

Desperate Totsch testifies , ‘as a nurse she would not want her worst enemy taken care of by this nurse, ” well another lazy lawyer trick, do not check out your witnesses !  It appears that Totsch , is not a nurse or ever been licensed in AZ ! a class 6 felony . !   She even lied under oath about this .  Wrote Rn by her name.    While the two partners in crime were busy using her lying statements , against the nurse . Lazy incompetent , no investigation only witch hunt .  But Totsch is certainly willing to lie and hey they’ll take it . NO evidence .

Now if that did not get this  ATTY GEN employee , or the “senior ” AZ BON/ and now Assoc Dir/  attention this woman has much hate for this nurse , but find out the two have NEVER MET !    Wow , so much hate and defaming statements , someone you caused to break a contract and get the h*ll out of Yuma .  Totsch not only compliments the stalker , but stating nasty comments about this nurse , any investigator or atty with any common sense would know she was retaliating , and playing turn the tables to save her job !    Maybe they did , and were still  willing to use this liar TOTSCH committing fraud on the court.

Now as if it could not get any more insane.   Totsch states on the record, that the employees told her they did not want this nurse back. (as if the this nurse would ever darken this YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTERS DIRTY DOORS , ) .  Really have a meeting about a nurse who was not on staff and quit , as if that alone is not a red flag and surely never happened . Totsch  testified the reason was :: are you ready for this ?   Cause if this did not toss her as having some real hatred and mental issues , what would ?   She may as well of said ‘because she killed Jon benet Ramsey ” .    Ok here it is “she was always talking about aliens at work , not the illegal ones, but the outer space ones ” .     Well , this got a reaction from Lett, who’s EYES bugged out, like  WHOA !! .   Of course he wont be the first psych to call the entire situation in YUMA , ‘crazy talk ” ., by his actions .     IF the back ground theme , dododododo , from Twight Zone, a FICTION, psychodrama, was playing it would have been laughable.  Surely Rod Serling would have never given lying Totsch, any academy award or nominate her for one.  Disgusting is what Totsch is, dirty lying nasty wicked evil woman .  And to think Yuma Regional Medical Horror show, had her on staff in the leadership committee!   This is best they got ?    Beware if you live by her , steer clear if you have any dealings with her . And just to be clear , her name is on the AZ BON site under NURSE IMPOSTER .   She committed perjury, fraud , and committee a class 6 felony but the the one who suffered was the nurse who lost her career.  A corrupt ALJ MIKE DOUGLAS who was not in the court room ,decided that Totsch was ‘credible ” . He is not qualified to judge anyone, neither are the clowns on the AZ BON ! Anyone in the court room knew she was lying, the AZBON members lied about reading the transcript lied too.    Hey Anne Totsch if ANY of this is not true , or you are not a liar , sue me .   You are a disgusting piece of filth , hideous, revolting loathsome vile POS,  not to be trusted . Just like all the other so called “witnesses ” .

Elisabeth A Campbell

There’s MORE :    at OAH a SHAM COURT Phoenix, Az, about to be signed by Ducey to renew , for 8 years ! they go by PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE, not beyond reasonable doubt. What they call “evidence is the state finding anyone who will lie then quote them, so they think their hands are clean . dirt bag ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AAG , contacted a felon , (did not check out her background) but the criminal told Campbell, that she took her mother to play Euchre, Campbell on the record said she never heard of a card game called Euchre so she goggled that !! really ??? this is what the atty generals office is come down to , costing taxpayers money so she can look up a card game this woman’s mother in Fla plays,! via the mouth of a felon, who ended up being her “witness’ , when she had no contact with the respondent for 30 years ! So why was she a “witness” ?? Cause she can name call make up lies , and had motive to do so !! Stooping to an all time LOW ! . BUT Campbell neglected to look up her main witness who stated she was a RN, “worked as a nurse 13 yrs ” whether she even had a license !!! (worked in Yuma 13 yrs and never had a nursing license in AZ !! __ Campbell, is   UNPROFESSIONAL , LAZY, INCOMPETENT ,  But she found out how to play Euchre!

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

This is something the Board of Nursing in Arizona , should read and learn from it. Starting out with their lies and liars who they call ‘witnesses” only to end up with so much out there on their practices and what they have done . The dastardly deeds done to nurses is spread far and wide all of it true.  The numbers of lies they have told and are still doing it. Mostly still trying to prove their case . There is no case never was. It they can send others to me and say do horrific things, then see if they can get one  upset, they can say , see there , told you .   It hasn’t happened has it Elizabeth A Campbell.  ( A G OFFICE ) Trying it in the court room , telling the atty for the defense don’t object, putting on a psych experiment , badgering . Then telling the out of control secretary at the court to attack, didn’t work did it. ? Then having guards at BON stand in a stance of ‘grabbing distance ” . Sickening you are, laughable crazy bitch you are. Then having guard on a day when no board meeting to attend , costing taxpayers for your further dog and pony show. When the sec guards did not intimidate bring in the police. When they found out your and your partner in crime are FOS!   Then having males who work for the board one at a time, follow, stalk, harass, they got called out on it. Then send in to the police a false report , EMMA MAMALUY , backfired.   They knew it was all lies .   Then telling board members and staff lies.  Oh what a tangled web you have weaved yourself , when you practice to deceive ”   Emerson was right .   Sickening , you should have done things legal, and ethical all along , now you both got your tits in the wringer.   Shame on you and those stupid enough to engage and go along with your nastiness .  And the ones you did it for , friend of a friend, in Yuma, well they don’t care, You are  the fools. Emerson was right !


the WITNESS LIST :   Yes the board of nursing arizona desperate for sure .  This lying woman , has  a record. the board doesn’t care , she can lie her head off , even changed her story and the not too bright Nikki Austin handed out both versions.  Ya know when you change your story, well , hard to keep ‘facts” straight when you make them up .  This is another low life , A LOT like GLORIA DABBS , .  Neither one had the guts to show up in person, if you read the transcript (which the board lies about reading , no way they can make those comments if they read any of it )

You will hear Saavedra , saying she couldn’t hear or pretend she heard something else . Funny how those ‘testifying ‘ aka lying through their teeth, always want questions repeated (like liar  totsch)  or will ramble on about something not asked. Saavedra using residents to get rid of me wrote all kinds of lies,  she was not happy when her incompetent boss was told of her mgt (mgt skills) Just like Dabbs,  Saavedra has a record . felony , yea  Carolyn MCcormies this is your type of friend !   She was caught stealing from the water district,  she learned it from her mother who stole money from the Girl Scout funds ! As assistant leader the girl scouts washed cars to make a trip to San Diego, Teresa’s mother holding the money when it came time to take the trip , all the money was gone!

Saavedra had worked at Yuma Medical Regional Center , not on staff but as outside firm . (her boss is on her application with DO NOT CONTACT HIM) haha . Why, Teresa did you tell parents of newborns they had to pay cash for pictures and you kept the money??    Uh Huh. Now I’m sure M Shawn Harrell wants to be her bestie ~!  Oh but her Bestie is Gina Thomas who wrote a paper against a nurse EXACTLY like T S did .  Teri Norris HR 101 you do not put close friends working together !! BFF”S since 3rd grade , and both up to no good. But Gina was gonna risk it and backed out of showing up on the TELEPHONE for court .

When asked if I would move i said no Bushey is the blowhard, bully, he cause the problem tell him to move . Then I found out that she was “close” buds with Bushey , I told her i would move although I was working long hours and not something you want to do on your day off , to get away from him. T S said ‘all apts are full ” I thought that is weird.  lots of empty car spots. SO I asked the cleaning girls , they said “lots of empty ones ! ”  What ! then T S looking out the window saw them talking to me, and motion them in , heard a lot of screaming . Guess they got in trouble for telling me the truth.

So purchased an expensive camera , to leave in the window focused on my car, when Bushey told TS about it she encouraged him to call the police right away ! .   Bushey testified and was proud of it had the cops name who came , and said T S told him to ! what , the apts have security cameras , did Bushey call the police on that ???  Reporting a security camera and the mgr telling him to, that is just plain odd and makes you wonder if these two are “all there” mentally .  Odd . Strange happenings all the way around.

Oh and Teresa wrote bad checks but what pissed off the cops was she LIED ABOUT IT !  tried saying her check book was stolen at a FAMILY REUNION , NOW i can believe all of her relatives are thieves , for sure.  Her son, husband, all have records.  Big time drug users .  Her husband was at the apts, making drug deals with Paul Bushey , and Dorita Pools husband.  The apt next door was empty for a couple of weeks, when Ts and PB were coming out together , still arranging their clothes, and cloud of funky smelling smoke coming out .

Dorita Pool buying Avon from T S who was told she could not sell things to residents at the apts did it anyways. Then she got caught using the inner office mail envelopes selling to employees at the hospital .   In return T S gave special favors to Dorita , another one who is deceiving , in her own marriage .

T S was ‘friendly with P B ” but the man who wrote about their affair, and he got and STD from her , well you cant write something like this unless it’s true . The guy is banging TS and writes “i felt sorry for her husband he worked his *ss off in Somerton, and she is screwing around on him ”   This is where Gina comes in, watching the front desk while TS is showing apts to ‘would be renters” who never showed up to live there.  She had key to every apt.

In fact it wasn’t until much later I discovered she went into my apt, probably had PB watching and stole my flash drive . THIS is how she got the ‘write up ” of P B    BFF Jonathan Hill. ( who got involved and lied for Bushey ) .  Another married nurse who wife was in ALAbama while he is banging the student nurse in the ED.    To turn him against me, didn’t turn it in to anyone just keeping records .  So how did he get it, T S stole the flash drive ! Entered my apt illegally .   He lied about many things , but told me “Paul lets me shoot his gun ” HAHA. Yes little boys, do like their toys.   But Jonathan shooting when you hardly ever saw him sober , dangerous .   Wouldn’t an educated person , wonder why the housing mgr was having meetings asking people to write down what this ONE NURSE HAD DONE TO THEM ??/ OH but this is how T S operates UNPROFESSIONAL she doesn’t know how ! Her boss got a report on how T S was running the apts. and T S was gonna ‘get even ” .  Well it bounced back on her, cause when the board member who is on staff read what I had in writing documents and the police reports , T S got sh*t canned again !   Of course she lied like crazy on her application , I guess the BON can over look AT LOT , unless it is a nurse doing this they are after .   Oh and people should know not to trust T S when she rolled over on her sister TRACY DOMINQUEZ, who was stealing from her employer , both her and T S worked same place and Tracy went to prison for 5 years . yup resident of Perryville , did she catch on, why she was the only one who went to prison?   Then she got out and the mother, liar  told everyone she is a nurse, and she is giving botox in yuma !   (T S neighbor , before she got evicted again , said TS told him she is a nurse at YRMC , wanna bees )   Teri Norris , a real unqualified and proved it many times mgr over T S was completely oblivious to TS past or what was going on. and she worked HR !!!    lazy did not do anything. Until she saw true stories about YUMA , that would interfere with her recruiting .  Now she is no longer at YRMC , partners in crime with another liar Ann Totsch.

The court case where the back yard neighbor (before TS got evicted ) went in for a protection order, T S and her kids throwing rocks at her , then flicking cigarettes on her trampoline to burn holes in it. T S tormenting this woman’s kids on the way home from school, playing loud music, swearing name calling all hours of the night.  This woman was scared to death of T S . teaching her kids to throw rocks , because they wanted this trampoline gone because when they were on it they could see over the fence and she didn’t want people spying on her .   YES this , is the one that the AZ BOARD OF NURSING used for their witness to take a good  , hard working ,self supporting nurses license away .   Putting this wenches lies in print , it takes a real ignorant person to even think for one minute anything she says it true .  This is what the board of nursing is made up of, they must relate , and agree with her actions, and want to team up . Thief, liar, law breakers , cheating spouse, just like Dorita Pool , this is what the AZ BON values .  While telling everyone they are protecting the public !   Avoid AZ at all costs and Yuma, the ‘leadership mgt ‘ went along with all of this.   Maybe Leslie Dalton does lunch with her fellow Yuman .


Under the list of lying so called “witnesses” who are a ‘witness to NOTHING , along comes GLORIA DABBS (aka (thanks Vivian ), WHORIA).

Yes this is the drunk from Tenn , the one who did not graduate college  but has it on her fb she did Central Michigan . Laughable . This is one of the colleges she attended paid for by mommie dearest and flunked out . Too busy partying and drinking , too lazy to put any effort into trying. Another college in Fla same thing partied , flunked out. Then got a car from her parents, enough whining, these sociopaths sure know how to play anyone. totaled it , when drunk again in Tenn. Killed her would be first born, and used my id to have that abortion.  Then she met “barry” of course at the liquor store but his daddy had money , as a thoracic surgeon, this enticed this money loving cunt to latch on to him. Got pregnant to force the issue., smoked the whole time.    Had second kid, too . never working .  CPS called many times by those who lived close by they  knew not a good situation.  By this time I have nothing to do with her never talked , heard she was a drunken mess, and what ever else she did.   Moved in with several boyfriends , left kids with the father .   Many Dui’s only got occasional jobs when court ordered. One of those was a deli, the owner said he had a big week end coming up , a time he could make some money get ahead. That morning a water leak and big mess they had to get cleaned up to get the deli in order for the crowds in town, a big business day for the owner.    Whoria came in late as usual hung over , looked at the situation said “im going to have a cigarette” . never saw her again.  Felt bad for this man, he said he wife hates her worse.  Before she walked off the job, Whoria  her son in there to get money from the owner telling him he was graduating. He gave him money , (sociopathic ways of Whoria get what she wants not willing to work for it , but manipulate it out of people ).

As last ditch effort to get my mother away from Carl (abuser in fla) I was so busy working trying to save for retirement, and keep my ventures going , I could not go, and did not want to jeopardize my license by Carl’s false police reports to scare me off so he could control mothers mind 100% .  I contacted Whoria, at this point unaware of what a total loser she is , and what a huge drinking problem she has,  begging her to go to Fla she did not , cause her son (she was not taking care of ) was still in Tenn . She could care less in fact all of them could care less . Telling her what Carl was doing and what he was up to , nothing legal , nope wasn’t going.

Whoria knew Carl was not good to be with anyone, but Whoria did not care, she was out for herself. Desperate for money, no man would take any interest in this gravely voiced, heavy smoker  whiskey drunk , her fathers inheritance she got early (stole 25k cash from him ) when she was going to court for yet another DUI.  Thief, drunk, druggie, long record, no drivers license, couldn’t keep a job , but Nikki Austin (as board of nursing (assistant right under Jokey Ridenour )  spoke with WHoria and they BONDED , big time . Then Nikki got her pal Elizabeth A CAMPBELL introduced to WHoria and the 3 were INSEPARABLE! .  A trio of liars, thieves, dirty workers.

OH and btw Whoria saw you in a car at Pat’s place NYE,  that guy who followed you out and got a hummer in the parking lot. Real Class, what did he do buy you a drink?  Between the Eagles and Pats’ place , she knows everyone there, oh and bar tend for a short time , but stole too much booze so she got fired. Really impressive to mothers friends who was a member for years.

Then when the kid grad ex husband threw her out, she went to Fla but to get in like Flynn, and get a place in the sun for free loading living  , she became Carls partner in crime . Told him and my mother many lies.  Mother wanted so badly to go to a assisted living, but they were not going to allow that, she would go through the $$$ and Whoria LOVES money.  Assisted living would not allow this loud mouth , nasty drunk to yell at her mother (marie next door heard it but did nothing , cause she believed the lies of Whoria ).   The $$$ gets her to the liquor store/ bars / cigarettes many times a week.                                      Didn’t know what she told them but found out later when the board of nursing contacted my mother ! (yes you read that right ) . Whoria was living off my mother by then, calling herself a ‘caregiver” , but she knew she had to dance to Carl’s tune or he would not allow anyone who wasn’t for him to be around.   Carl had beaten an elderly woman , stole 2 cars , 2 houses (he sold ) , her bank account. The police FINALLY did something arrested him.  The woman was in an assisted living . WHoria told my mother that I told her to go there and tell her to say that Carl did this .  What absolute lies ! #1 Carl had already been arrested . #2 I knew from the couple who bought the  house of the woman’s that Carl sold to them , NO one was allowed to visit , no letters , no phone calls . So it makes NO sense that I would tell her that . (nice try Whoira liar ) But any phone calls letters email WHoria and Carl were screening, any trips there they made up many lies and made it so stressful on my  mother I stayed away and to save my license , because these liars , were making up so much to get in there and get the money.    So that is how the lying drunk got in , my mother having to put up with a drunk , keep quiet as Whoria sleeps til noon , closes the bars, and is a loud mouth screaming drunk.   Elder abuse was worthless, Whoria threatening them, she even bragged about how she threatened them, they gave up, and  the worker was afraid of Carl .  So when the board of nursing (AZ CORRUPT BOARD OF NURSING ) contacted my mother , Whoria was there , no she never worked she did not clean house and no care taking as my mother independent, she paid all the bills, and was taking care of the drunk . She Nosey Whoria is listening and finds out my license is ‘under investigation ” which is total bullshit. She gets on the phone and bonds with the corrupt board of nursing investigator NIKKI RAE AUSTIN, and tells her a line of bullshit and lies, Austin is drooling on this, she got a creme pie out of this , as her job is now witch hunter . Soup it up , and write down this pack of lies . Now BFF”S anyone who talks a bad word about the nurse will be a “witness ” .  Witness to what ??   What could a estranged (cough gag make me sick ‘sibling ” bitch , possible add to anything about nursing on someone they have not had contact with in 30 years ! Purposely not in contact , with the drunken low life , druggie, money hungry sociopath .  ?   That is a good question.  But when ATTORNEY GENERAL assistant arizona , hears about the wild dirt Whoria can state on the record she puts her on!  Sends her papers , about MY CASE MY PERSONAL NURSING record !!! Now my mother 95, with this paper Whoria can spin a real big tale , people will believe it !


Now Audrey Taylor,  Whoria’s new found favorite sibling , when it comes to MONEY, they can talk . They had not talked for YEARS ! Decades. Audrey telling another ‘get her out of town she embarrass me !   Those two who are not suppose to talk about the case had a dandy laugh , hahaha, and we”ll get her out of the trust , stick together we can eliminate most of them bigger piece of pie for both of us money loving sistas!

Now my atty KMD , questioned Whoria , asking about her college “degree” , she started getting really upset. !   Then told the court ,” she likes to rent cars ” “she tried to run over me ” (funny she almost got arrested for telling the police this whopper lie cause , they watched the video and the officer said “we say nothing of what she said”. Hmm Whoria did not work, no savings, no money , she ‘s one old looking hag,drunk, boyfriends don’t even want her . She is after mama’s money , her only chance at not being homeless after mommie dies and no one to pay all her bills. Either work, or scam her mother , and steal her mothers other children(me a hard working , never been arrested, never been in trouble, and always fighting for her )  and their childrens  inheritance .

Whoria’s daughter told her “if you come to my wedding I will call the police ” .    So Whoria’s knows that daughter will not support her .   Her ace in the whole is a son, who poor thing , ended up the alcoholics child , bury your head in to studies , excel to take the attention off of the problems (drunken mother ) off of that bad things going on, in the house.

Whoria said , my kids dad has a bad heart , and when he dies I will be their ONLY parent , let that sick into that bitches head (her daughter ).    Yup , blame it on her your problems .   WHoria driving my mother around Fla without a license due to her many Duis !  get pulled over when Bar closes driving my mothers truck, the tail light out , gets a ticket and Whoria blames it on my mother cause her taillight it out.

Yup , WHoria sure looked like the perfect daughter , the way the corrupt board of nursing , calling my mother ! wow , Nikki Rae Austin a POS . Then ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL aka “BETH” CAMPBELL .  “Ms dabbs , its Beth. ” OH PLEASE , girlfriends , yup Campbell herself a court whore. bonding with this tramp low life drunk to get lies and false statements and harass on the record. “BETH” should be disbarred for harassing , nurses !  YUP Girl friends ELIZ CAMPBELL NIKKI AUSTIN WHORIA DABBS all sociopathic, liars bonding .  Only Campbell and Austin got in a big fight in the stair well after whoria ‘went off ” on my atty when he was bringing up her criminal record, and her past .   WHoria had to make me look bad, the one without a record, the one who does not do drugs, steal , smoke drink, yea she loved this and bonding with NIKKI RAE AUSTIN , BFF”S .

Had papers served on Whoria , the process server described her as a wild , dirty mouth, skanky bitch.  He went there , Whoria has to look over her shoulder, cause of her dirty tricks, she left her trunk open RAN in the house (mommie bought for her ) and hid, then called police. They came the process server told the cop what he was there for , the cop told her to come out she got served HAHAHHAHAHAH , OH was she Pissed. !!! Really dumb bitch .  Oh course she knows the cops, and the inside of the jail. Like VI said she was driving 100 mph , from Indian R with mother in the car.

Then Whoria is having that ‘girl talk ‘ with another corrupt one Elizabeth Campbell and she tells her my mother plays Euchre, and her taxpayers you’ll love this one . Worthless AAG Campbell GOOGLES EUCHRE !!! YEP , your tax dollars hard at work folks, she is looking up card games because she is not familiar with it. !!!   Does she know what , witness tampering means ???   This is how Campbell prepares for cases and admits it !   Its all in the record. Then when it all falls apart, she wipes her boogers on Austin.

Whoria can’t take it with her , hopefully the money is well spent on cigarettes and booze, think it made her or AUDREY TAYLOR HAPPY !!!! haha.  They think they got away with it, well I would not want that kind of Karma to follow me. They cannot face me , they sit in MI and make up lies to justify their actions.   Campbell bringing in a skank like whoria is just evil.  both of them , Whoria is one black hearted wicked witch.   I could not attend my mothers funeral because neither of these two thieves told me or other siblings my mother had died.   If this isn’t telling , of the kind of person she is , maybe Campbell and Austin would want her for their nurse , the three stooges , all working together , for public safety . Sickening all of them !

Amanda Knox Exoneree

Being convicted of something you did not do, is devastation.  Why can’t people see the truth ? (then you find out they can, and refuse to admit it ) .                                   Sentenced to prison or a lifetime of defamation at the corrupt board of nursing writings , all lies.   It is still a sentence. It follows you forever .   Expose these who do this dirty work . Some judges prosecutors are in jail for this , not enough !   Amanda Knox an Exoneree, is a member of the EXONEREE BAND , Innocence Project Convention . This is our song, our theme, they cannot take your soul.  I am still who I am and they are still who they are.    Sometimes the TRUTH will set you free , we are all hoping for that day.   Someone along with way will say hey I m not going to be a part of this and be a honest whistleblower. In the mean time Salute to Amanda Knox for sticking up for what is right, not caving plea bargain (consent agreement)  and “WE WILL SURVIVE!!!!”


Something she could learn from others in the law profession , is you do not prosecute people without evidence .

Allegations of criminal/  unprofessional conduct  activity MUST be properly and thoroughly INVESTIGATED!

The failure of prosecutors to perform their work (regardless of who is doing the accusing — even if, or especially if, it’s a judge or other public official), leads to wrongful convictions and false imprisonment/ false accusations  of innocent people.

Punish the false accuser, yes! But also hold accountable the prosecutor who pursues cases based on falsehoods… or without facts and evidence to support the prosecution.