AZ Board of Nursing shows a pattern of corruption, failure to follow their mandate .


If you have concerns that a truly problematic healthcare professional may be practicing in your community, do not depend upon healthcare regulatory boards to identify them. If an incompetent, dangerous or unethical provider is well connected, the boards may allow him or her to continue to practice regardless of the risk they pose to patients. At the same time, excellent practitioners may be removed from practice, not because they represent any danger to the public, but because they represent a threat to the interests of the board or board members. The boards have full and sole discretion to find and to report to the public what they wish, true or false, without consequence or further accountability. Because the boards fail to reliably separate the “good” from the “bad,” they lull the public into a false sense of security about the safety of given providers in the community. In the current system, there is simply no way for patients to tell “good” from “bad,” and this means the boards fail miserably in their one primary, and most essential, mandate which is to protect the public.


If you haven’t heard nursing cases in AZ , you will soon learn they are extremely punitive . To non mormon’s, Blacks, and homosexuals. Take the case of JOHN SCHMALING NP . AP5944 , ok this dude was reported to the BON , he was writing prescriptions to family members from 2006- 2015 , Rx controlled substances and non . No charts keep no assessments documented, no patient / NP relationship. Prescribed and dispensed both prohibited acts . This person so confident , he never showed up for the board meeting . Never paid out for a lawyer. The BON did not order UDS , hair, no psych evaluation . no pulling other files, no supeona all his employment records for 10 years, didn’t contact neighbors , apt mgrs, his co workers , basically straight forward single complaint and no witch hunt for more dirt.

His investigator Kristi Hunter np (mormon) and this person Mormon. need we say more ? And they wonder why they are hated so much ! Their warped minds they have something superior going on . Oh and President of the BON Randy (corrupt dirty twist the facts ) QUINN – Mormon and V Pres (lying make statements protecting them, hiding facts, )Carolyn McCormies, Mormon . Along with other Bd members who are mormon’s.

So for writing 83 RX (you read that right 83 prescriptions , he got a $1000. fine , no probation , no deep dive . Pretty gutsy of anyone to even write for one rx, but he just did it over the years, knowing it was not ok, and no records kept. The BON swears they are ‘protecting the public”. How do we know he didn’t write prescriptions have a relative fill them and give him the pills? Or selling narcotics ? We don’t and neither does the corrupt BON, but they don’t care just let them take care of friends . This incident the went on for years will not affect employment, unless he changes places he works . NP have no over sight . (and no direct supervision ordered, he’s mormon, good people (sarasm) .

(the mission of the bon , to ‘take care of friends” ?? They learned it from Jokey Ridenour who does this very thing. )

AZBON protect the public ???

Well as long as they are not incarcerated.

A findings of fact , on the misdiagnosis, shoddy nursing work, no f/u / placing wrong orders, not ordering tests , not recognizing when something is emergent, not listening and putting the signs and symptom’s together to recognize when to contact a higher lever of care . Not getting the Dr to see the patient, not sending out to an ER .

Every single case the patient / human being suffered pain and up to death , one committed suicide over the pain and not being believed. On pages 30-59 are the names , the scenarios, the horrific mistreatment , misdiagnosis and down right cruel end of life when the person asked for help over and over.

Yes , we get it inmates do make things up , but when someone brings you coffee ground emesis , and many other obvious signs you don’t ignore that . Those attention seekers go to the ER too , and drug seek but you don’t ignore very shocking signs , even if just to protect the prison , these NP and RN ‘s are incompetent and need to be investigated .

The BON can get the names of the license under their jurisdiction by the patients name , but they have already been submitted and IGNORED . Someone in triage , that is saying “there and inmate toss it”. Or Elizabeth Campbell , telling the bd president (who is dumb enough to obey her !!! ) ‘make sure you keep him to 5 mins !!!” yes Bethy don’t allow someone who persisted to get their case heard , get any information out to the public , that doesn’t go along with you lies !

page 30- 59 if full of violations , and it is a Dr who is testifying to it .

AZBON is inconsistent with cases

So many discrepancies with cases , that are alike and YES CASES CAN BE ALIKE not every case is different ! Even the bd members are saying, “how is this different from the case this morning ? IT”S NOT but McCormies will turn on the mouth, repeat herself, rag on repeat the same nonsense til others just want to move on and shut her up .

Any nurse who applied and was not given a license, denied for what ever reason, requested to withdraw application , and that was denied . That is NOT consistent. McCormies bullsh*t about ‘we don’t want to lose that information” is such trash talk. This liar is going to get the other bd members in trouble and when that happens , your own fault for even thinking this stupid broad knows anything about anything.

There are cases they did allow withdraw the application. So don’t let her lie to you . Take their lying butts to court and not OAH . The excuses for not allowing withdrawal is lame , a lie , and will ruin a good nurses career forever !! Once denied a license you are reported to a data bank it will ruin your life , your career in many fields. And then Mamaluy , ‘the bd owns the material” so keep it and shove it up your butt ! .

Nurses do not make the mistake of applying in AZ for a license ! Some of these people are working just fine in other states for years, and then apply to AZ and their careers are ruined , and other areas of employment , and many areas of their lives. McCormies is as cold as them come. unhuman , no common sense . Sicking bitch for sure . She should not be on a board and the others members need to stop listening to her , she does not know what she is talking about .

AZBN using psych evals, 4 stigma

Dirty Docs willing to write what the corrupt AZBN wants .

The Arizona Board of nursing is extremely corrupt . They say how consistent they are but it is proven they are INconsistent, unfair , treat nurses differently based on their religious back ground, sexual preferences, and how obedient they are . This board is made up of historically a cult . They have been indoctrinated , brainwashed , and think they are the example of how everyone should run their lives.

Every agency and lawyer who has dealt with the Nursing Board agency, knows when you mention certain , ‘docs’ names they are a ‘whore of the court” and will whore themselves out for money . They have mental issues of their own , which lead them to psychology . Narcissistic . And just like the mormon cult , they make their followers of their strange believes see a mormon counselor . Because they know what they are to tell the pour soul who is meant to think of themselves as ‘mentally challenged”.

Very common for society especially mormons to tell everyone , about any female who speaks up, they are crazy, lunatic, off their rocker, nuts, whack jobs, and down right mental cases . For the men , they like to use DANGEROUS . Who can be more dangerous that a mental narcissistic with a degree in psych and an ink pen . ?

The Cops use their own psychs too, amazing isn’t it . Those who have that steady stream of income know what they are to say or not have the job. The Beatrice Six , of wrongful convicts , corrupt cops, twisted investigative files, is playing now. Their psych (whore) made the witnesses feel that they suppressed the evidence and told them what to say ! “Most of the defendants were persuaded by the police psychologist, Wayne Price, that they had repressed memories of the crime.[5]”

Any state agency will use what ever dirty trick to get those who minds are easily molded to think they way they do . “expert” Expert at lying , lots of experience in this area.


you must have these traits .

A normal human cannot treat others so cruel , mean, and down right nasty , taking away their reputation, their ability to earn a living, stealing their livelihood and pretend they are protecting others from you . Some nurses have done nothing wrong, but a hospital wants to silence them, so the AZBON is more than willing to spend taxpayers money to do so.

First , nurses are huge targets . They are caring, understanding and will take a lot . Throw a urinal full of piss at a cop and get beaten, a nurse will not fight back , not do anything to the person except understand they are upset.

There are those who come and go at the nursing agency, they seem to figure out they must be a heartless a hole to stay . So the target is chosen now those who will inject lethal doses, even to peer nurses, and who does that better than the mormon’s. ? They know how to stick it to someone , bully and bash anyone who speaks up, shun them and be a downright rock thrower to destroy them .

So the traits they all have who stay and can do this , deceitful , callous, narcissistic, manipulative , hostile, recklessness, irresponsibility , impulsivity, power over people in the lowest point in their life, be willing to pour salt in the wound. Be as toxic as they come, have no remorse. As you can see they are made in hell and blessed by Satan .

These people on the board, are sociopaths , they look for targets, they pretend to be ‘doing this for your good’, and even state over and over , how they protect the public from you . And never answer any questions , never admit to any wrong doing, always excuses and lies. Over and over lies.

While you leave broken, depressed, confused , they act like it hurts them to do it. NOTHING can be further from the truth. They love getting one over. The more you fight them , the nastier they get .
They know they have unlimited blank check to go after anyone who is not obedient or tries to say anything bad about them . They love the fact that no one watches anything they do and the head snake is in on it . Psychotic to the max, they should not be a part of the public, they need to be locked up. Doing things illegally , but who’s watching ?

Tammy Jenkerson Turney

Anyone who knows anything about mormons, know’s both of these last names are big cult names. You decide . Special treatment here ?

Ms Turney, np goes before the AZ BON , 2013 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT , threatening with a firearm, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the peace, road rage . Discussion at the bd meeting she hit a car backed up hit it again. Flailing a gun at two men .

Board member M.Shawn Harrell (another mormon, and protects Sister wives) , said, ‘we can’t put her on probation or supervision because she works alone. ” (note they have done this many times to others ! Made the NP hire Drs. at a high cost for direct supervision . (BD lies A LOT ) .
The BON also lied when they said, psych eval by ‘bd approved” the psych was one she was already seeing, had a relationship with (a no no ) and THEN the bd approved her to continue on with the one she was seeing. No probation , no over sight , no follow up .

It didn’t take too long and THREE patient substantial complaints , one a male was on .25 xanax , Ms Turney order .50 , double the amount without checking the PMP to see if someone else ordered it. 3 charges of below std of care. Insurance wouldn’t pay is only reason turned in . Testosterone injects with no proper assessment. Pt # 2 opiods. Pt # 3 . Charge unprofessional conduct.

The BON also failed to state that they had to file in Superior ct to obtain patient records .

Did they protect the public or another mormon ? If they had supervision when she became violent , with a gun, and a vehicle using it as a weapon maybe these patients situations would not have happened. Probation now, horse is out of the barn .


Too many nurses who got special treatment at the corrupt AZ Bd of nursing . This one takes the cake . Joseph Boone, grad BYU (bring em young ) mostly mormon school. Member of boy Scouts of america ,another clue . Working night shift at a northern AZ hospital . Show Low. He was in a double patients room two woman, sitting with his computer , suppose to be charting on it. Any hospital rules are no internet access on the computer. Well he did access a site outside of hospital charting , pornography. Yup sitting IN A PATIENTS room watching PORN while at work.

well one of them turned him . to the BON. And guess who was president of the BON at the time Randy Quinn (the dishonest , unfair , biased mormon that he is ). Life time brain washed mormon. Of course they know the last names the ones who are members of their cult .

So Joseph Boone who was jerking it off in the patients room, went in front of the BON . Or should I say went in front of RANDY (dishonest , at judging cases fairly and w/o his own brain washed mind taking over ). Boone tells “Randy” “I already spoke to my Bishop and my wife, I’m mormon ” . Randy the no integrity bd president that he is , must be thinking . (well if he gets anything more than LOC , everyone will see it , and we don’t want him out of work because then the elders wouldn’t get their cut of a paycheck and he is on the BON so he can take care of friends which consist of mormon’s. The other bd members were all obedient stupid woman, who follow the wanna be bishops BS , slap on the wrist. Letter of no concern .

Boone was fired and got a LOC from the BON , a Bd that orders psych evaluations on almost everyone under the sun , way more than most bds. But then the nurse pays for it. It would have to be a psycho sexual evaluation which is even more costly . So , toss the public protection out and warn him “if you come back before the board again’. Did shyster Quinn give warning to others ? In other words , beat your meat in your own home and watch porn somewhere else besides during working hours and in a patients room .

Why is a psych evaluation necessary . well , Boone a newlywed, is watching naked women on the screen , couples screwing and getting off . He is having an affair with someone who isn’t real . It is addictive , more and more is needed . AND , when you are doing something at work where the chances of getting caught and losing a lot (your job your license , ) Your already addicted!

Pornography impacts the brain much like an addictive drug by triggering ever-increasing amounts of dopamine. Over time, the brain builds up a tolerance to the excess dopamine and requires either more access or more extreme content (or sometimes both) to achieve that same level of perceived pleasure.

Pornography can shift sexual interests, behaviors and relationships. It shapes “sexual scripts”, providing models of behavior and guiding sexual expectations, with studies finding links between watching pornography and heterosexual anal intercourse, unsafe sex and more.

Porn encourages self-gratification

Problem: Delayed gratification is a crucial skill to learn if one is to maintain control and direction in their life. Basically, the healthiest of individuals have mastered the art of discipline and delayed gratification.

Repeatedly giving into the urge to watch pornography leads to a lack of ability to delay gratification. Your brain becomes more and more focused on the things you find pleasurable and the discipline of delayed gratification falls to the wayside.

It is no coincidence that people who are hooked on porn might be radically underachieving in other areas of their lives.

Looks like Boone who is a MASTER BAITER , of course as a male they made him DON , would they do that if he was on probation, cited by the BON ? . The Jerk off is going to be applying for his NP , will his record come into to play for that ? Psych Np , so he will be working with some very vulnerable patients , and when he was caught the last time the BON failed the public not taking the right action .

Many who are and aren’t nurses say he should have lost his license . Including former Bd member . No way would they want him as a nurse , and for your own good watch shaking his hand.

Next time that bd president Mccormies who is as big a cheat with those not mormons, says ‘we are consistent ” , tell her what a liar she is . And Randy the dirt bag, who is protecting mormons, tells you his job was to protect the public , be sure and tell him what a liar he is . no such thing as a good mormon, they are so much more scummier than the general population . Randy Quinn dirt bag, Carolyn McCormies , lying bitch, are the reason so many nurses talk bad about the CULT of mormon’s ! Since then bent the rules their usual track to keep this mormon name clear , this must be posted to protect the public . !

EX MORMON gets fried at AZBON

You just know with a name like Mary Ida Dalton , there is some connection with the cult. But in this case this pour girl poured out her entire life story and the pain she has endured by being raised mormon. Lots of stories just like hers how damaged they were.

At age 14 or so she knew she was gay, her church, family , siblings all turned on her . Shunned her. She was telling the BON (who’s members are mostly mormons) I was mormon, she turned to alcohol to cope. These people can be so nasty to one of their own when they come out . Down right dirty , shun, bully . Speak up go against their brain washing and you will pay the price, destroy you. She told how she got a dui, and then stopped drinking , was going to counseling for years and helping others get off drinking . She reestablished relationships with her sister and was on a good track . Immediately when she said , “i joined ex mormon for support” BOOM !! Telling bd members who are mormons you joined ex mormon, right then and there the nurse was cut off by Carolyn McCormies a mormon and (Elizabeth Boyer a mormon motion 36 months probation and psych eval , her cost) . Must be something mental wrong with her .

Other cases when the nurse admits she has a problem , Boyer , who hasn’t a clue what she is doing, made a motion for psych evaluation . Immediately the bd members stopped her , even the nurse was shocked a psych eval when she ‘s been sober so long and in treatment . But in this case , this person spoke against mormons (she got out thank goodness !) by stating she was a member of ex mormon (people who have been damaged by being in the cult , saw it as a control mechanism and got out ) .

So McCormies keep saying how CONSISTENT the bd is , maybe you can get the stupid to believe it, but this is INconsistent and over the top.

36 months probation , without someone setting her up , create a cause for revoke is going to be a miracle . If she can get a job .

So brain washed these creeps are , sitting on a bd judging others and twisting the real story. New board members wake up and stop being obedient with those who put a ‘suggestion’ out there, how they want it to go . Sneaky McCormies is good at that , pointing out the worst she can . They couldn’t get rid of her fast enough , no thank you for being here or express condolences for miss treatment and what she has been through, no kudos for remaining sober and turning her life around. If you can imaging what an insult to these mormons that she joined ex mormon , which certainly shows the Sunday school , marathon meetings is where their ultimate decisions come from .

SAD , in AZ what it has become. How many nurses know this is the make up of the corrupt board of nursing ?


board of nursing complaint

Those who are on the Board of Nursing , think their job is to protect their ‘friends’ . Carolyn McCormies<the nasty bd pres , of the AZBON> is friends with this one . You just know it will be either dismiss or letter of no concern when the cases come up because they are CHEATS , and take care of another one . (meaning another mormon ) . Sister Skinner was reported to the BON, she not only violated the Dr’s order, but did not chart she gave the medication. Now why would any nurse not scan and document giving a med? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD NOT BE GIVING IT ! Well someone noticed. This is practicing medicine no matter how to you stretch it . And should have been a DOC , but McCormies did not want this on the www, cause she is a sister wife. and They take care of each other . And the AZ BON is NOT consistent , they are biased . A private counseling session on what comes next at the BON, coached, and for a first time, seemed to know how things would go . McCormies recused herself, but only after the Auditor General had to tell the AZBON agency how to operate .

So nurses how do you like all of your information , dirt, lies out there but they hide a creepy cult’s crud from public view?

Think that due process class Carolyn McCormies will do any good ? She sure likes to think she know jack chit about the law . A joke for sure !