EARLINE HEMMING {wicked one }

do not trust anything about this witch. She put false places where she lives all over the place. She impersonates another , and will do anything ANYTHING for a buck . Money hungry to the max. She’s really a Frances. through and through. Contact the author and we can fill you in on plenty. !

(oh and thank you for allowing me to use your site to warn others about this evil doer ! ) This is a public service message. God Bless.

Mark Brnovich Employee


Many of the attorney’s would have BAR complaints but they have ‘connections” . Just like Hospitals and Bd of Nursing. Scratch each others backs . Should all be sitting in prison for a long time. Politics keeps them free to do the dirty work. Look at Elizabeth Campbell , another dirty dog. Sent formal notice, certified and regular mail to Jennifer Dursma in Tucson. Why did she do this? Well Dursma is a herion IV drug user, they must have scoured records to see who would not call the BD office and say WTH is this ? So they looked at the revoked cna, and said hey she ‘s a druggie lives in a crack house, let’s send it all to her ! (the papers that were to be sent out legally to the one who was being railroaded . ) IF a nurse made such a HUGE mistake, they would be before the BON ordered a psych eval, put on probation and revoked for not working while on probation. When the person who was SUPPOSE to get the notice , showed up they went into ILLEGAL EXE Session. Not for legal advise to tell lies to the new ones . Campbell is a dirty dog. An Atty called her on her sneaky unscrupulous ways, last board meeting . Of course the corrupt board of nursing, sticks by her, she is prosecuting good nurses for them. They only way these filthy underhanded can ‘win’ is by cheating . No wonder lawyers are scum of the earth , rare to find one who sticks up for justice . Rare , the rest will answer for their actions someday.

Brnovich plans on another gig, he might think about cleaning up his own house . Nurses are heros , bad time to ignore your pettifogger “Beth” Campbell , and her sneaky ways.


When are you going to start keeping an eye on Elizabeth Campbell. Over stepping every chance she gets . Pulling sneaky tricks into the mix. Taking licenses of good nurses ! Taking advantage of a new one comes along, they know nursing and do not know legal or how corrupt the system is and she takes advantage of that . SHAME ON her and everyone in BRNOVICH’s office . You can’t be that hard up to do shake downs of nurses who are accused with no evidence . None. Criminals have more rights.

Prosecuting when she knows there is no case. A nurse tells where the evidence is and to look at this . They do not want to see anything . What a life , being the head of the snake . If she was any good she’d go after Drs, who always hire lawyers .

But she isn’t just dirty wicked evil tricks. Corrupt as they come.

Carolyn McCormies is unfit to be on the AZBN !!

Hey students! Apparently McCormies does not think she is such a good instructor at Eastern College, or she would not be making degrading statements that she does.

A discussion about nurses who have finished nursing school and are cleared to give vaccine injections was the subject. These people in the past were able to go into a hospital and work for MONTHS before they got the results of there nclex test results. The test was by hand the results were months later . In the mean time they work fully as a RN and NOT just IM injections.

SO McCormies who says a lot of very stupid things. said “I’m just glad I am not getting a vaccine from them ” ! No kidding . She does not even trust her own students, or any new graduate nurse.

They could have exited out as LPN’s a year before , and given lots of shots , started IV”S , checked off in school , but they are not good enough for her ?

Too controlling , too punitive, unfair , harsh, inconsistent . Never should she ever be allowed to be in charge of a nursing department . Only in Safford a school run by BYU. Partial to the mormon nurses.

She used her position on the board of nursing to take down a co worker . It was Logue on the BON who said they all did the same thing, they should all be reprimanded . But Carolyn MCCormies , who had a target nurse she was after , had her little hissy fit and has sucked up to other board members that are now ‘friends’ and got her way. McCormies got downright in her face , and wanted HER WAY.

Another peer nursing instructor , said McCormies husband runs the house, so McCormies gets on a board so she can have power in some area of her life. SHAMEFUL !

Eastern College , keeping this biased , and unfair , impartial is not only hurting themselves but the mormon cult as well.


She is one of the psychologists who are on the ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING list. We like to refer to “the list” as a “shit list “. Any Doc who is willing to do what any agency wants . Tricks nurses , np, cna’s by putting things in almost every report . “certain degree of suspicious” REALLY !!! Like a nurse is suppose to trust someone who ‘partnered ‘ agreed to be a referral with the Corrupt AZ BON ? The nurse who goes in and is honest will not do well.

Remember the nurse pays for the evaluation to prove to an out of control board who thinks everyone is a liar , that you do not have ___problem . And you are paying for these pricey evaluations to CYA the BON. You are also paying to give them more evidence , against yourself . It is also a way to take any money you have saved away for retirement or that needed vacation, and get you worrying about money . Forcing you to sign their consent agreement . You have a hard time finding a job, no one wants to take the chance on you. But you don’t want to lose you license so you can work in your field , that you obviously had a big interest in to invest in this future. Newsflash you most likely will lose your license anyways.

None of them care . They may say, ‘hate to order psych evaluation and find nothing and throw that money out the window” don’t believe it . There are enough callous individuals voting against you . All the while stating their excuse is ‘public safety ” . Emma Mamaluy told them to say that, and the ‘parrots” are very dutiful in that arena.

Why can’t you go to your own psych of your choosing ? well they can’t control them with money ! that’s why !

When you go , another surprise , there will be a paper that says, the ‘board ‘ investigator can contact Rollins . This conversation cannot be for YOUR advantage. This will be on the phone, no written record. And will you be on the line. oh NO !

Then when it is all over , like any real upfront honest doc, you request your records you will get them Request a copy from Rollins – DENIED !! You pay for it and Rollins DENIES you a copy .

We hope this helps someone who the board has ‘decided’ they need a psychological evaluation on . BTW this alone puts a stigma on the nurse. They have no interest in public safety , just finding something to put you on probation for and justify they are actually doing something.


The board is in control of your license, your future, your career, and your livelihood. Draconian board members are inconsistent , play favoritism and have no common sense .

Many cases of nurses , NP, CNA, who have worked for years in other states with no problems . On a back ground check some minor offense as a teen shows up . The other states license the person, they worked well , have excellent references . AZ will order psychological evaluations on almost every case. At the Nurses expense , (most states want a psych evaluation , the board pays). These can be extremely expensive . The AZ BON has a list of who you can go to , no one else . These psychs, are well versed , in ‘finding something ” , if they want to remain on “the list”. Just recommending counseling will mean PROBATION.

When the applicant finds out the hoops that AZ does , nothing like what they were used to in their home state. They decide not to work in AZ or do a travel assignment . They decide they want to withdraw their application . Seems simple enough. Not AZ harsh BON. They will DENY LICENSE ! In case you do not know what that means. In Short your entire LIFE is messed up , not only your nursing career , but any job , that you want to apply for or work in any other field you are barred from .

The general public does not know that a BON will act so punitively over some unrelated to nursing one time action . They look at it as you must have done something really bad to have a denial, have a license acted on . Word is out to nurses to avoid Arizona , they think about the sunshine in the winter, the hiking trails, the red rocks . Go on vacation , and have a good time but work in states that have strong unions and do not put up with a BON like the one in AZ.


Well the brains of the bunch and common sense goes to Smith, for the entire board of nursing . The lone vote the only vote and common sense approach .

So here is a young man, raised in California, came to NAU to go to nursing school. Like any co ed college students they take a break from studies and party. He made one mistake , dui. UH! More than a bad hair day. Expensive, plead guilty, now the after math of it .

Applied to AZ Board of Nursing, which ends up being a bigger mistake than getting a dui. A misdemeanor. OF course Boards do back ground checks after you pay them for a license , finger prints , and he marked it on his application.

At the AZ BON meeting in Nov it was McCormies, the non alcohol , non coffee drinking , magic underwear wearing , and harsh on all nurses except her sister/ brother mormons. McCormies has CONCERNS , (her way of making a mountain out of a mole hill , she has a way or pronouncing it too, ) louder and dragged out CONCERNS !!! . That the new grad is dishonest for some reason she imagined , and will not tell California board about his DUI. Untrusting , is another one of her traits , but I can show you a pile of lies this whack job will try to weasel out of.

So the gentleman who got the degree , made this mistake of applying in AZ , has gotten a bd order, to prove to ms untrusting McCormies that he told the CAlif BON.

IF you have never called Calif BON , it is about as hard to get a person as AZ , but at least you’ll get someone who knows what they are talking about . Back to the board meeting still paying an atty by the hour, Proof handed to Ms untrusting , Carolyn McCormies, who is trying to rule nurses in every state and every country. Then his investigator , who is another piece of work Bonnie , called the Calif BON !! (OMG is AZ board members think they are your prison warden?? WOW.

So now with proof , they do not want to let the nurse by education practice in his profession, not yet or ever in AZ . With good argument by Smith, we are going to give him a consent agreement, to work on a license in a state he longer lives in , will never work in, and has no plans of using , and order a psych evaluation and do what with it ? McCormies has no answer , she just continues her BS , blah blah blah public safety, stomps her feet , raises her voice , until she gets others<co bd members long term who are ‘friends’ helping ‘friends’ to agree with her . Then she says the most crazy thing, “IF THAT IS WHAT HE WANTS “. really ??? and you don’t think your lying your head off when you know he wants to withdraw his license and go to Calif and do what ever they require him to do . Then like a line , from a crazed person in MAD magazine , McCormies says . “How do we know he won’t withdraw his application in Calif and go to another state ” ! NOT kidding , !! Well McCormies how do we know , any future event ? But the most important part is IT IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT A NURSE DOES IN OTHER STATES ! you dumb moron ! Smith was the only one who voted against this crazy notion. Then Ridenour actually made this board decision, and told them what to do ! She’ ll deny it and say it was a “Board Decision” . Joke Ridenour, your dir of nursing at the board, said “let’s just cut it clean , and deny “. (NOTHING CLEAN about Ridenours dirty hands ! Nothing ! The blame game is her way ! Next time maybe Smith will demand others see it her way like the childish rants of CAROLYN MCCORMIES . She is a embarrassment to the profession ! Shame on Boyer, Andersen, Gutierrez , Fountain, Ferrigan .

You might not drink (well we know Lori sure does ! ) but you got some serious issues!


marc H. harris attorney general office

This one is Elizabeth A Campbell’s boss . Also Sunita Krishna. Harris strutted in to the Board of Nursing meeting, like a roster of the flock. Casing the joint like he couldn’t be bothered with pettiness and of course nurses are most woman and not worth much. Scoping the place for his low hanging fruit . Without any hesitation requested nurses license revoked. All in a day’s “work” . Then in a suck up attempt Krishna telling the board what order to do cases, to save him time . Like his time is more important than the other attorney’s or nurses that are non represented. Ridenour telling the board what case to do next . Surely she wants anyone who would pick out their unorganized giggly girls running a board, strange ‘decisions” biases, and inconsistent board decisions to get in and out quickly. Ridenour knows that “bethy” the beast, always hangs with the girls have their lunch date and falsely compliment each other .

The name Harris is common to the board of nursing . Harris was the name of their lobbyist , who Ducey rightfully took away. But turned a blind eye when the boards member , became the AZNA lobbyist within a short time . Can Harris say conflict of interest ? Harris is also a very mormon name and we do know BEUS is full of the cult. Martin Harris mormon from NY to UT/ had “visions of angels and ghosts” long before he was a witness to Joseph Smith seeing golden plates. “A witness ” kinda like the string of liars that Campbell drags thru the Kangaroo Court 1 floor below them ?

Of course Martin Harris beat his wife , committed adultery , like J S did, and changed religions five times . They consider him one of those “good ” mormon’s .

Does Marc H Harris pay attention when Campbell pulls her dirty gertie tricks. ? Does Not look like it. Of course Campbell dragged him along with her when she went to a real court, wasn’t the ‘chosen one’ in this case. Judge even mocked the bitch , and was she nervous. Actually they both should be cause the specific abuse of power the details of what was allowed under his watch are not going away. Waiting for his chief legal office to sign up for his next gig . Playing politics in the court room can be played in the real political arena.


More tricks by the corrupt ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING. When the judges (paid by the state, appointed by the same Gov, all eat from the same feed trough, side together ) they post it , as such. When AZBN loses they do not post or discuss in their meetings, but hide in private session illegally. The entire case is manufactured and is a results of retaliation by a dirty medical center YUMA MEDICAL . Who placed false allegations with this board . YRMC is known for doing this to nurses . (a board who’s members past and present are on staff at yrmc. ). A string of liars brought in, 1) testified she is nurse (she is now on AZBN nurse imposter list ! ) . A felony. She also made up many stories to save her employer from being sued. This case has NOTHING to do with mental anything. This is old tricks they love to pull on anyone who goes against them . Just sign up a bunch of court whores , like Phillip Lett and they will say can benefit for counseling (due to Minch being the victim). but this is how the corrupt AZ board of nursing like to put a spin on things. Minch refused to sign, to sign , a pack of lies. More integrity than the board. A board run by a cult one one sided thinkers and willing to destroy a good nurses career to protect their fellow board members and their hospital . They certainly have a pattern.

Minch quit this underhanded medical center, sued the harasser and won , a unemployed drug selling tenant , drug in by a nurse living in their apts they own . When yuma medical mess got wind they filed a false report with the AZBN (SIX months after Minch quit. ) . To distract her from suing yuma med center. AZBN had NO business taking on a case that the nurse did NOTHING WRONG. But many of the so called lying witnesses did , and have felons to start with .


***Appealing a sham court, OAh, where A judge heard the entire matter , AFTER closing arguments and hearing over , Minch was told , “a new judge was assigned ” . HUH! Then a few weeks later , Minch was told “a new judge was assigned, THIS IS NUMBER #3 Judge (the latter two were never in the court room, never saw any witnesses ) The 3rd Judge a Bishop Mormon, cult member signed and made those who committed perjury ‘credible” The opinion all written by the corrupt AZ Board of Nursing.

Don’t be fooled by their public bashing bullying and lies , the prosecutor told Minch’s atty “the whole thing is bull shit”. So is she , not even checking out their own witnesses , to see if the ‘nurse expert ‘ is a nurse at all !!

The EX DIR of the BON has a complaint of unprofessional conduct during her working hours. The dirty atty went to the AZ BON with a new policy and had them vote for it, any complaints on BD staff or BD members would be dealt with by HER !

(The EX DIR hired HER (EMMA MAMALUY , talk about dirty back room tricks ! ) EX DIR JO RIDENOUR should be taken out of this position immediately . Her case should have been in front of the board. Unprofessional, unethical, and downright nasty.

They will tell you public safety , that is not what they are doing . 25 years stellar record. This can happen to anyone and has to many, they just don’t talk about it.

Exposing this corruption , and a board that just keeps taking turns and protecting each other is a shame . All of this expense , at the taxpayers dime. NO OVERSIGHT , no one is watching , not even the Gov. SHAMEFUL . !