Medical Center anything goes

This place is called hospital “only one in town’ in the South Eastern corner. Floated to pacu which is dangerous for a med surgical nurse , but anything goes. A patient they all seemed to know came from the OR , one of the transporters said she had a ‘tit job ” . not my patient. Patient female 30’ish sound asleep , the others nurses went over pulled back the sheet, and were playing with her ‘tit job” , acting like that were oohing and awing at how big her “tits’ were . massaging them , taking photos , while this unsuspecting woman lay naked from the waist up while female nurses who playing with her . The two who were mocking her body parts were favored ones of the medical center , so you just knew telling anyone was not going to go anywhere and would get the person in trouble . Then woke up N/v and her nurse took phenergan and slammed it IV . whoa , wth ! . Then patient fell into a deep sleep again . In walks the maintenance man, and they showed him ! her new ‘tits’ . They noticed the look of disgust , and said ‘everyone knows everyone in this town’ . So they share patients privates with each other ? Time to have an emergency back home and get the heck out of dodge !

Feel Free to Post anonymously

If you or someone you know has had problems with boards of nursing . Boards are out of control. The ones who have not had a board compliant seem to think they know how it works. They really have only renewed and that is their only contact . Try telling them about the wicked AZ board and they just can’t believe it .

We all had some idea that their was some board somewhere who if you did something wrong you would find out . Somehow you knew you did not want to find out , and had a fear about them . Not every day or even really thought much about it but , it did not seem like anything you wanted to experience.

You go in thinking this is all normal and no state agency would purposely do to nurses what they do , or act in such an unprofessional manner . OR that it is ALL a rigged event . From psych evals , to OAh are all rigged with dirty players involved.

Once you find out how messed up the system is and wished you would have known more before hand , you tell others nurses. (They are the worst , they always think , more to it and anyone before the BON is just a drugged up. a thief, should be in a straight jacket with mental disorders , did great bodily harm to a patient, abandoned patients, gave wrong medications, or even killed a patient . Even nurses who know what the BON writes for the www is basically 99% lies , they will still read it ,a work of fiction . No one believes how the system is run , they just have a preconceived notion and can’t shake it . There must be some truth to what the nurses are telling others by the constant , threat do not tell anyone !!!! Why not ? They want to use their bag of tricks on the next naive nurse who comes along and surely do not want you smartening this person up . They will control their mind and give them threats and deadlines and orders . Listen to those who know the next move it will shock you !

Elizabeth Campbell gone from AZBN

This dirty one who is Queen Elizabeth of prosecutorial misconduct certainly had it made at the AZBN . She would prosecute anything this corrupt AZBN dreamed up . No questions , no integrity , no conscience ! Campbell the one who had free reign and lots of taxpayers money , to take down anyone who appeared to be a threat to Joke Elizabeth Ridenour’s political cohorts in crime. Campbell was due to regret her decisions. Gathering dirt from sources she had no business doing , but she wanted to ‘win’ she wanted to keep her numbers up . As if a state agency ever loses at OAH, a rigged event for sure. She had it made . Loved the money , got worse at her digging but then to the Jokey Elisabeth she was doing good , smirking Jokey , loved it . She was under false impression that no nurse dare expose her. Just put them on probation and charge them with unprofessional conduct if they say anything about pouting pettifogger Campbell. Nurses know exactly what she was doing. And her boss Harris in licensing made bigger mistakes letting her off her leach . Campbell got her tits in the wringer when she tried to go to big boys court and lost , was reprimanded , so she got out. Brno can also blame her for many votes lost , you do not mess with nurses . They will fight for patients and against anything as weird as Campbell and her tactics . Elizabeth “Beth ” Campbell reputation will follow her , she will fall faster next time. Good Riddance ! The nurses you fked over will remember you will a bad taste for sure and wonder how anyone can do this to someone who has done nothing but work hard . the only one who won’t remember is the one who committed suicide over the details , that were unrelated , and should never have been posted on the www. So now look at what is on the www. Bethy the unethical ,unprofessional , underhanded commoner . Campbell won with money , paralegals who did the most work, and bosses who are too lazy to check on what the sneaky bitch was really doing . !

Hey guys , just a sneak peek from Oakland .

Oh yes thinking about coming to Arizona to work this winter . Is it as bad as they say ? Friend lives in area , Hi to Callie Dye ! , she says it sucks real bad but don’t want to go by what one person says. So chime it and let me know the real truth. ! I know the weather part, just the hospitals what it is like and what is this I am reading about az bd of nursing ? thank you kiddos hope to see you , just be straight !


Hey guys , read about nurse who took a gummy and went to the ER feeling weird ? Someone told her no thc in it. Now I think every nurse should go to their own ER . ANd admit every thing because they cannot get any tests , labs , any medical information on you at all . Let those SOB ‘s at the BON try it . Just won’t fly for me in Lexington, VA . Just try it . I have privacy laws and I do know correct spelling , and how to pronounce words , just as good as them and don’t forget it is HIPAA , if you don’t get that right we will call you retarded , stupid, and unable to spell . Til next time it’s WILL !

DOJ Indiana cites BON ;While AZ DOJ sit on their hands

AZ DOJ just turn a blind eye , Ignore all the wrong doings , illegal activities , abuse of power . Indiana ruling . (watch az scramble and pass new laws since this one is on the books and they don’t want to get their tits in the wringer).

The majority of the AZ BON is spent CYA , putting out fires and bashing anyone who speaks against them . But the bashing is a high mixture of LIES , made up figments of a lying atty, and just plain old rumor mill that children engage in. They do all of it while parading around calling themselves professionals. NOTHING can be further from the truth , but they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the a55 .


The Indiana State Board of Nursing has agreed to a settlement with the Department of Justice (DOJ). The settlement is meant to resolve claims that the nursing board violated Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

According to the DOJ, the settlement agrees to allow nurses with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) to remain on their medications while participating in the Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program. The medication must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner as a part of a medically necessary treatment plan along with recovery monitoring agreements like the assistance program.

“Indiana may not deny individuals life-saving medications, including medications that treat opioid use disorder, based on stereotypes and misinformation,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “Requiring nurses to stop taking prescribed medication as a condition of maintaining a nursing license violates the ADA, and not only creates barriers to recovery, but inappropriately limits employment opportunities based on disability.”

The program is meant to help rehabilitate and monitor nurses with OUD and is required in order for their nursing license to be reinstated or stay active. Medicines like methadone and buprenorphine have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective to treat OUD to help diminish the effects of physical dependency on opioids.

Part of the settlement agreement states that the nursing board must revise its policies to ensure nurses taking OUD medication are not subject to discriminatory conditions and/ or terms. They must also pay $70,000 in damages to the complainant and report its compliance to the United States periodically.

“The opioid epidemic has greatly impacted professionals and families of all walks of life, and Indiana nurses have the right to seek medically approved treatment for opioid use disorder under federal law,” said U.S. Attorney Zachary A. Myers for the Southern District of Indiana. “Following the Justice Department’s findings and the parties’ settlement agreement, Indiana must now enact policies to ensure that Hoosier nurses will not be forced to choose between their recovery and their livelihoods.”””

AZ Nurses have licenses stolen w/o violatation’s all the time . Someone needs to step up to the plate.


Today , 96% voted to strike . Better conditions, for them and their patients . What is wrong with the AZ Nurses ? Still think, you can’t have a union being hired at will ? Still listening to mgt who tell you they will fire you ? Stop fighting amongst each other , killing yourselves on the job, wearing your bodies out , and going home so tired you can’t have a life. Have some guts and get a union in. It is the only thing that will save you . Why do you think mgt hates them ?

Nurses are so stupid

I know everything. I can out work any nurse and my knowledge base is that of a Dr or more than a Dr. Any nurse who doesn’t think so needs to get ‘their head checked’. I am a bully in good standing but will deny it and call you names . You do not have an opinion ! Think like me or else . Go ahead try me !


The answer<by who?> to nurses leaving the bedside , or ‘getting the hell out” is to bring in foreign nurses. This has been done over the years. Why do nurse in the US allow this ? If an automobile plant brought in workers from other countries the union would stop this . You cannot take sick patients to others countries so they bring in the new grad nurses from other countries.

The agency Peyton-Grady who paid the foreign nurses low wages for the us , got them licensed is also partner with Kathy Malloch who was former president of the AZ BON. WHO IS STILL THERE , just moved to a new department. <Ridenour has the dirt on her and knows she won’t expose their illegal wrong doings > .

Malloch wrote nursing books which turned out to be a big farce. Nurses wrote reviews what a bunch of nonsense did not recommend and wanted their money back. Kathy Malloch Exposed. she was upset (as upset as nurses get when they get a BS complaint the crazy BON runs with) . She went to Emma Mama-luy who consoled her , rubbed vicks on her chest , and said , there there, don’ t quit. Of course Emma the self serving one , doesn’t want to have to train a new one , how to do cases with favoritism , look at who is involved , and then either turn a blind eye or nail them . Think Mama-luy cares about anyone but her own money and feathering her own nest ? Watch her lie . <when mouth moving she’s lying >.

They are bringing in nurses fast tracking from other countries, cut your pay or keep it low especially travelers . Pay them peanuts the agency makes money off them with long contracts. They come in nice to you because if they get canned they go back , visa exp. Don’t think that those on the BON aren’t making money , first the BON staff is part of the agency who bring them in, and make sure they get licenses . To them it is big bucks but doesn’t take them long for AM Greed to set in and figure out how to open assisted livings , and hire only their same nationality . Don’t trust outsiders. Nurses are their own worst enemies they fight with each other instead of forming a union to help themselves and make them do the right thing. UNIONS !! Yes you can say it !


Nurse Sherri is part of a cult , starring Jill Jackson, who is a sexy porn star , who develops a possession , she is seen wielding a cleaver like some kind of butcher ninja , starts killing patients . She is possessed by a ‘preacher “. Now we all know in real life the preacher is a Bishop, McCorney is not sexy but a ‘conservative ‘ who won’t expose her porn shoulders, and she doesn’t kill patients (that we know of) but goes after nurses and does a total train wreck on their careers . In either case , she’s out of control. Like a demon possessed with a final goal , destroy , but save the brain washed like minded like her.