fight the azbon , do not let them off easy. Go to court and make a record. You may regret it . It does not look good ever !

Lasting Effects of Voluntary Relinquishment, Investigation and Discipline on Your Nursing  License

A voluntary relinquishment of the license after notice of an investigation or while a charge is pending is treated the same as a disciplinary revocation of the license.  In some cases, this scenario is worse for the provider if the agreement to voluntarily relinquish also includes an agreement to never apply for another license again. Most people don’t realize what else can happen as a result of  discipline, revocation or even voluntary relinquishment (under these circumstances).

Reports to Other National Organizations on Provider Discipline.

It’s important to know that the discipline (including voluntary relinquishment) will now be public record.  It will also be reported out to national reporting agencies, including the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

As a result, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will most likely start action to exclude the disciplined provider from the Medicare Program. This means he or she will also be placed on the OIG‘s List of Excluded Individual’s and Entities (LEIE).  This will bar a provider from the Medicare Program or working for or contracting with anyone else who does (including insurer’s medical clinics and most health care providers).  This by itself will also have many negative consequences.

For example, if you are excluded from the Medicare Program you are automatically placed on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) “debarred” list.  You are automatically excluded from working for or contracting with, in any capacity, any organization, individual or agency that has any government contracts or accepts any federal funding.  This act can bar you from working for a public school, working as a real estate agent, or many other jobs.

Consequences of Revocation or Other Discipline on Your License.

To summarize, the most serious adverse problems that may be caused as a result of discipline on your license may include the following:

1.  May cause discipline to be commenced against any other health professional license you have, such as a nurse, acupuncture physician, chiropractic assistant, nurse’s aide, home health assistant, etc.

2.  Will prevent you from obtaining any health professional license in the future.

3.  May cause discipline to be commenced against any massage therapy establishment license for a massage therapy establishment you own in whole or in part.

4.  Any other states or jurisdictions in which you have a license will also initiate action against him or her in that jurisdiction.

5.  Mandatory report to the National Practitioner Data Base (NPDB), which remains there for 50 years.

6.  The OIG will take action to exclude the provider from the Medicare Program.  If this occurs, (and most of these offenses require mandatory exclusion) the provider will be placed on the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) maintained by the OIG HHS.

7.  If the above occurs, the provider is also automatically “debarred” or prohibited from participating in any capacity in any federal contracting and is placed on the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) debarment list.

8.  Third-party payors (health insurance companies, HMOs, etc.) will terminate the professional’s contract or panel membership with that organization.

9.  Regardless of any of the above, any facility licensed by AHCA (hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), public health clinics, group homes for the developmentally disabled, etc.) that are required to perform background screenings on their employees will result in AHCA notifying the facility and the professional that he or she is disqualified from employment.

What Can be Done and How Our Firm Can Help.

If you have submitted a voluntary license relinquishment without understanding the consequences and the Board of Medicine has not acted to accept it, you may withdraw it.  Our firm will submit a letter to the Executive Director of the Board stating it was submitted by mistake without fully understanding the consequences, and the provider desires to withdraw the voluntary relinquishment.  We submit this immediately (keeping a copy, of course) and by certified mail, return receipt requested, so we have proof of sending and proof of receipt.

However, you must also ask for a formal hearing to dispute the facts in your case, as well.  We usually do this at the same time and by the same method.  If you fail to request a formal hearing, then you are waiving your rights to challenge your guilt or innocence.

If you have requested an informal hearing, you have made a big mistake.  For an informal hearing, you are admitting that everything stated in the complaint against you is true.  You are admitting that all of the charges against you are correct, so you are pleading guilty to the charges.  You are then giving up the right to have a hearing to determine whether you are guilty or innocent.  Essentially, all you are going to be arguing about is the punishment you will receive.  You will not be allowed to testify or introduce any evidence on your guilt or innocence.

If you have submitted a request for an informal hearing, not realizing this, we can still help. Our firm will submit an immediate request to have the hearing changed over to a formal administrative hearing. During this hearing, you are allowed to dispute the facts against you and prove your innocence.  In such a case, it is necessary to submit a Petition for a Formal Administrative Hearing and to specify which facts are contested or disputed and why.

The case is then sent to a neutral Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to hold a hearing on the case.  The state Department of Health (DOH) is then required to prove the facts against you by clear and convincing evidence.  You do not even have to introduce any evidence or testimony, the burden of proof is on the DOH to prove the case against you.

paul francis bushey alcoholic narcisstic blowhard . Biker gang leader drug using , gun toting liar. AKA lampshade (oh yea the ‘life’ of the party .

unemployed trouble maker (this describes him to a T) just add bully, gets others to fight for him , while he is playing ‘victim’.

If you turn the tables on a narcissist and start treating him the same way he treated you—like a snotty used tissue—he will panic. He could make it all go away in an instant by constructively resolving the conflict like an adult; i.e., by admitting his mistakes and making amends. This seems like “conceding defeat” to him, and in his NPD-riddled mind would make him into an utterly worthless human. Instead, he will become enraged to the point of incoherence and continue on his campaign of self-destruction, calling that “winning.”

The narcissist will immediately convene a meeting of all of his most loyal flying monkeys, detailing and embellishing the “abuse” you subjected him to, conveniently omitting what he did to cause you to behave this way. For example, he may have called you any number of slanderous names to place the fault on you for his own problems and behavior—such as “homewrecker,” “husband-snatcher,” and “whore”— but if you in return call him a “thief,” then YOU are an abuser! He will paint himself as a poor little lamb, picked out at random by an insane person (you) for torment. His loyal monkeys will up the ante trying to insult and intimidate you, making themselves look like the crazy ones for publicly bullying and shaming a fellow human who everyone else knows to be perfectly nice. The narcissist, meanwhile, will run and hide. He is too cowardly to personally face the person he intentionally hurt, and too embarrassed to interact with her now that she sees behind his mask.

Hopefully, this experience of actual pain and humiliation will ultimately lead the narcissist to seriously consider outcomes before intentionally destroying lives in the future. Narcissists’ personal interests are ALL that matter to them, so making it really hit home that abuse can backfire is our best chance of disabling these very sick predators.


Do not sign consent agreements, go to court !



ANYONE who signs a plea deal NOT ONLY signs away any claim of innocence BUT ALSO signs away his precious name and integrity.

Second, while a lot of persons would commend you charitable “forgiveness” of the person who ruined your life, I urge you to consider the following:

1. Jewish law, set down in Deuteronomy, clearly states that those who make false allegations must be punished here on Earth. Moreover, the punishment is clear: an eye for an eye, etc.

2. Jesus ALSO said to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s. This clearly indicates that while God’s law is supreme, we are also subject to the laws of the land. The person who made the false allegations against you is guilty of breaking the Sixth Commandment and will receive her rewards in due course. HOWEVER, she also broke the law of the land, and therefore she should be punished according to those laws.

3. It is immaterial WHY she did what she did, and it serves no purpose to excuse her actions in any way. BECAUSE, for all you know, she could have devastated other people’s lives also. And that is why we have laws and rules, here on Earth and in Heaven. This is NOT about revenge. It is about stopping this person, who is essentially a terrorist, from harming others.

Finally, I am so sorry that this happened to you.

Nurses who think it can’t happen to them

OR those who didn’t think it happen to others .

One thing I think we have to be aware of is a feeling that we somehow need to be quiet, that maybe we did something wrong or shameful. I have learned in the past few years to tell my story freely and if people say that can’t be true I say that’s just what I believed before it happened to me. If they persist I tell them it is that attitude that allows these boards to continue abusing innocent professionals who don’t get a jury, public defender or real judge to hear their case and even if they were judged innocent the board can ignore that ruling to continue their harassment. Someday someone will hear one of us…


Nikki Rae Austin’s “WITNESS”

Nikki Rae AUSTIN , spent so much time on a “matter ‘ that turned out to be nothing but , well BULLSHIT . Looks like the , faux investigator cost her a job too.  Investigator , well Shurlock Holmes she is not.

A nurse she has listed on her “witness ‘ list from the Yuma hell hole medical center , contained KELLY Marie ELY.   Ms ELY wrote a letter at Paul Bushey’s request. He went around to everyone in the housing units to ask them to write a letter to help him .  Remember this is employee housing, but Bushey never worked !   He was living off a woman .  And had lots of time of his hands .    Now , I got this handful of ‘letters ” supposedly written to benefit Bushey,  all handed in to the off site mgr who was selling drugs , her husband supplied her with .    The majority of the ‘writers ” I had not idea who  they were.     I looked up to see if Ely was a nurse or what .       More than  one of the liars and  nut jobs who wrote stuff , that was wild imagination to say the least.

Kelly wrote , that I was talking to her , (HMMM I do not remember this) so I looked her up , who is this person. I still have no clue .  She wrote that I was talked to her and that I kept ‘looking around her , and peering over her shoulder then saying “HERE THEY COME !! ” .  Wow.   Almost as weird as Ann Totsch lies she told the BON.    It was quit a story she made up , the date would have put me gone for over a month, and the story was to make someone look crazy or hallucinating.    Well , I found out what this ‘investigator FAILURE did not use KELLY ELY for a ‘witness” . She was on probation !   For stealing drugs ! Who was hallucinating !    good catch Nikki Austin, or did someone else have to tell you, ! we can’t use her . Austin, (witch hunter who will take anyone’s statement ) .  Ely stole morphine from County Hospital, and one other place, then Yuma the low life scum suckers they are , put her in OB !! When she failed to have someone watch her wastes !! Imagine that . Now remember Cindy Bushey worked OB, post partum and they kicked her out , told her she didnt know anything and ‘go work med surg “.   So did Ely and Cindy Bushey meet and decide to screw over another nurse?  That way Paul the trouble maker would not get kicked out and Cindy could some back . I mean what other hospital hires, and keeps incompetent and drugs users ?    Stay tuned for “THE WITNESS” list .



If you report an unsafe situation, they will turn on you. They have nothing to do with public safety. A nurse is part of the public being abused , they do not care they will put salt in the wound .

If you point out abuse you will be abused. If you don’t go along with the status quo you will be eliminated. There is always going to be some fool who will come along and say they are a ‘witness” > AKA LIARS. And  anything you tell them to ‘see” they can make a false report on. .  As long as there are those who will “step up” to take the abuse and insanity Nursing and the public will be at risk .  Nothing will change, those who sign lies to make the corrupt AZBON go away and settle. You give them a a “pass “.    Therefore the huge amount of of mistakes, and errors,  and no agency is really taking care of the  dangerous nurses, the impaired nurses , the unfocused . This harms the public , the patients.   Nursing  will continue down this path to destroy those who resist and abuse those who go along.   Those victims of the AZBON will be confused, they are taught to advocate for the  profession , when they do they get attacked with false complaints.   Those who love to do what the boss wants , lie for the boss. And how do these liars get rewarded ?  They get promotions, they move into virtual meeting goers, accomplishing nothing but a empty plate of cookies . Idea of the month club , meeting goers while heathcare is at an all time high for mistakes, fatal mistakes , infections, poor care by those who are suffering wondering how they can do it another day. No one backing them . No one, paid state agency with  level headed members who can put themselves in the nurses place , just blame , shame belittle .


Now here is one greedy money loving bitch. Whiner in good standing, sociopath who loves to play victim. WAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Always been this way, did a direct selling and she got out cause you know that she lives her life based on what everyone thinks of her .  Puts on the dog, wants to me known as mr and mrs fking proper. when she is a FAKE>  IN her mind thinks she is Donna Taylor , haha. When she got out did not send people to someone who would keep supplying them but refused to talk to them . HIDING. Why make it so anyone else succeeds. ? She got hers and that is what selfish people do.

Her and her a hole husband used to beat the kid for peeing the bed. make him sleep in the bath tub ! Then she hired a babysitter , I knew her  boyfriend was a no good, it doesn’t take long to see it I was  reading him, told her he was molesting his girlfriends  kids just the way the children were acting , who acted very odd, she kept them babysitting !   Then the guy was arrested !   And not much later !  Unreal.  Would she had let this guy hold $1000 of her for her ? NO ! but hey let her children go with the nightmare of a man .

She had 2 boys and did not want a third so made appt in alpena , but ‘changed her mind ”  when they went on about what a ‘clean ” place it was.   Maybe she was looking for dirty to get rid of what she called ”  a big mistake .”   The daughter  paid the price of what must have been wondering her whole life what she did wrong.  Alcoholic before she got out of high school, the counselor saying if the father took a little more control things would have been much different ! HAHA ROD !!!! grow up , grow a set finally ! ,  you are  audrey’s version of PETER PAN SYNDROME rod, ???   OH not him pussy in good standing.

When Audrey who gave so much credit to others as changed, and not a problem .  She hired a babysitter who’s boyfriend was fresh out of the prison.  When I talked to this ‘man” once, I could see this cold , soul less look, this guilty , conning mannerism, trickster, a lot like Bushey and Audrey’s brother she is protecting . (watch for more later on that one ! )   .  When  the woman’s daughter’s were at their  house I watched the oldest one about 6 , could not look at you no matter what , was twirling her hair, and very fidgety. She did not act as a happy child, and was very odd acting , her sister 4 with her . When Audrey was informed , “he’s molesting that oldest one ” she was livid that anyone would think that , and told ball less Rod , and both were furious to think that about this “kind ” man.  About a week later it was in the paper he was arrested, he was having sex with  both the girls.   When The Taylor’s said , they still didn’t believe it , but asked their boys he is did anything to them .

Audrey who VIVI fondly refers to as ‘anus lips ” ,  went to Gaylord for a time, wanted her father to look at a house they were buying , (they call it mobile home but it was trailer (trash) , he went looked put money on it, and she accused him of buying it under her nose.  Although not to his face.  She never liked him and bashed every chance she could, but as he aged she made sure she went and dumped left over food and  1/2 eaten cakes at his house. Never inviting him to her house , oh no.   Rod who is very argumentative , got into with him . Audrey made him go over and apologize “i am going to be in his estate, and you will go over and make up with him , ” yes Audrey learned the love of money  .  She also learned the gambling trade, but goes out of town to do it .  You will see her at casinos, in the UP , even bingo halls from Mi to Fla. When exposed for what she is, she ‘doesn’t want to carry on’ . AW !! poor greedy one, living her life so others will think she is miss high society , mr and mrs fking proper. When they are both such con artists , it reeks.

Audrey “aka A .L. )  wrote out the obituaries when her parents died one at a time, so she could control the wording , cause you know people in her home town she lives her life by what others think.  In her fathers obit, she left off one siblings name, on purpose , thinking this was cement her  scheme, of making sure she did not try to fight the estate . Her and Pussy Rod, told her mother how hard they worked counting the silver money and writing down inventory. Rod or Audrey wanted nothing to do with her father but ROD made sure he got in there to count the money. Oh yea. he was an active participant in that !  Did he ever go over and offer to mow the lawn, drive him, cook a dinner, give him and enema? Oh hell NO ! .  But when it comes time to the money, he is right there, a Jim wanna be never was never will be .

When a sibling wanted a picture that hung in the living room  for years, Audrey got in there and ‘put her dibs on it ” . and in fact told her mother she did not want to fight with her over it when she died so send it to her now.    She made her 90+++ send a huge picture by Fed EX , to her .   I hope every time she looks at it she will think how she conned of her siblings out of it and how proud Audrey must be .

Audrey worked in a grocery store , in Gaylord, and when a friend “Sue” came through the line, she would push her items through , without ringing them up . This was a long time ago . If your a thief when your younger your a thief when your older.  Surely she will deny this , but too many know “Sue ” was a kleptomanic , great partners in crime .

Audrey loves to whine about not having enough money, well she has the money now, if she didn’t gamble it away.  So be sure and get it if she owes you money. Just remember it is dirty money, she can’t take it with her , so therefore her and Rod scheme will back fire on them .

What kind of a sister contacts an out of state agency to make sure they can ‘testify’ so the person losses their career ?  (that is what Audrey is all about )   She wants protection, “do NOT TELL her I contacted you, keep this between you and me , and dont tell her I am scared for my life . UH ,   What are you scared about Audrey ? stealing the estate and others inheritance is what your really scared about, but then you are judging others but what YOU WOULD DO if anyone were to take your money! The judge did not believe a word you said, and my atty said;    nothing that she said bore any truth at all!   He thought you were a complete idiot , others who know me , thought what a mean old hag.    Now what did Audrey have to report to the agency ?  (Since I have had NOTHING to do with her for decades ! ) and she is a “witness ” to nothing ! .

Since Audrey kept it a secret from me that my mother had died , and she could have a funeral , sell the house, and take the money out of the bank and split it up with the two (who are her twins when it comes to the love of money and wouldn’t let her cut them out )  and she would not have to face me what she did . Dirty and under handed.   Well , Audrey Taylor,  who wants protection haha was searching me on the internet , she does it a lot, and asks questions a lot of others , she looked up my nursing license which expired aug 30th and put 2 +2 and got 7 , she “thought” that it was a court date but turns out it was license expired date.

Well , Since Audrey had funeral in Fla , or the eagles did , and one in MI (but put it in the paper the nite before ) to make sure i had not time to attend (but sent out invitations to others who are not related (the Shryers , who are willing to lie , and their gullible son in law who golfs with Rod so he can feed him lies about me, and he believed every word !)  Yes Pussy Rod does love to gossip, well you gotta think up some whoppers to defend your thief ways ! .  Anyways a memorial was being held in MI, again Ms chicken sh*t did not want to face me . Not telling others the truth what she did . Blame it on a 97 year old .  So I decided to have my own memorial , and put it in the paper for her friends who wanted to could come. WELL Audrey saw this and was furious, how dare anyone, do anything except through her !   Then she thinks like she does scheming, and ‘figures ” it out I put that in the paper so I could delay a court case !  AUDREY SUSAN TAYLOR , contacted the board of nursing in AZ and told them this is what is really going on.  Only the board knew there was not trial , I did not ask or tell them anything about or use for excuse a funeral .  You would think that a decent board would say , this person is trying to get her in trouble , filed a false report , and maybe there is something else going on. But NO not the corrupt board of nursing in AZ,  oh no , they will take even lies. (look at Ann Totcsh) what a liar.    So there you go this is AUDREY TAYLOR’S true self , she will not only unduly influence , (she refused to speak to her mother for over a year until she changed her trust, did not recognize her birthday, or contact her silent treatment which is elder abuse ) . This is Audrey’s true self, abusive mean , aunt marge all over again.  Oh and BTW Audrey Taylor , you POS, I have a copy of everything you sent in !  while you were begging to be “anonymous ” . stayed tuned for her replies in court , haha taylor actually said ” i plead the fifth !” HAHAH the 5th is for criminal which is really fitting!  !   This is more than spat or disagreement this a money loving , hatred filled, would do anything for a buck witch.

Oh stayed tuned on this site for more.  Audrey TAYLOR’S twin, Carl who she is protecting. She know’s very well he was court ordered not to obtain a POA over anyone for life. but she hold’s that over him cause she knows she would not be able to sleep if she reported him, so why do the RIGHT thing ?? She would have it he was able to get all the money , but AUDREY TAYLOR got that, she why upset someone who would make her life hell , chicken , whiner . Be sure and read about him , coming next to this site .

Oh and speaking of him, he had 2 children , who lived in poverty he never paid a dime of child support, or did anything , when grandma died Audrey was contacted about the trust for the children who could use the money for college, they never had much of a life and ‘father ‘ figure was a dead beat . Audrey wrote back to these good kids, who are struggling, and their mother who supported the dead beat, until she got away from him, ‘do not EVER contact me again !!!! ” .   Yes this is her nephew, and niece , and this is the response she returned , which made them cry. Are Audrey’s kids he only ones who should be invited to funerals of their grandmother?  Wicked is what she is . just wicked.

Then what she did to poor Earline , threatened her, shook her fist at her , told her she would call “the cops’ .  Screaming, hollering get away.  For the love of money !   All of this outside in Z’hills. OH yea then AUDREY TAYLOR goes to MI and pretends she is this honest little innocent .  While pulling the diamond rings off her finger before her last breath .   She can manipulate the cops there too  .  joke cop, who Rod worked at their business , friends . related to Schryers too ! (hey Schryers YOU ARE THE ONES WHO INVOLVED YOURSELVES ! ” )   Looks to me like you should have been taking care of your own business.   Based on a one way whine, banging in the ear from Audrey Taylor,  Do you think you should have been at my mothers funeral and no one else ?  Do forget Audrey did the same with with her father and was so scared , thinking other think like her about money, she has a security guard , a real JOKE.  But even the atty , sent out to everyone , what they would like to have at the funeral, Audrey objected severely to his notifying other siblings . She just wants to get the money quietly , and report people anonymously, like the coward Sucui.

And the process server , wow .  Audrey avoiding service,  the heater on in the house fresh tracks in the snow, in and out of the garage , they knew she was there , they saw her making a dive for the floor, while yelling to Rod GET DOWN !! .  Yes people in that town who know the ‘other side ‘ of the real truth have no use for Audrey.  Even the lawyer who was in Vince’s wedding , gasped when he heard of the ways.    While some may pretend to be friendly they know the truth.   Hiding avoiding service , just like another partner in crime Whoria .

And talk about cheap, she would not let Vince have a dog his entire life. Surely and it appears he needed a emotional abuse outlet. For sure #2 boy.

Oh and when a siblings husband was running for Superior Ct Judge , Audrey went to all of her relatives telling them she is NOT voting her him.  (evil ways of her are very telling ) although she had no reason other than she wanted to be top dog, and no one was going to one up-manship .  She has a lot of hate and wanted to be known as separate and that was fine with everyone !    When this judges 2 year old daughter was over on Thanksgivng a rare occasion , but watered down mac and cheese prevailed, Rod went and yelled loudly and kept it up the father shocked , then Rod went into the kitchen and said ” i did that for you honey.”   So they are both a couple of sick fkrs , no way around it ! That was the last time they went over there . Hateful, nasty, sour puss, spiteful money lover black hearted bitch is all that comes to mind.        NO surprise she hit it off with board members and staff the are the same way, love to get people fired , control them . Yes McCormies I think you would be GOOD buddies with this one, you too Gutierrez , Bff’s and Randy fits right in with this behavior . All sociopath’s and wicked , no conscience.  ! And her biggest friend would be Ann Totsch, they both can lie their heads off , same initials A T . Why is Taylor hiding in her house, why is she lying to others to get her comrades ducks in a row? Why is she running from Earline? Why is she running from Lois, who she filed false reports on ? Why is she secretive , and looking over her shoulder and making false statements, she was told is a lie , what secretive when my atty asked her about the estate, ? she did not answer , she was talking to another partner in crime who hates her , and has never had a thing to do with her , but was BFF’s to get the money. Pleading the 5th what a joke, Carol S who was in the court room said that one named Audrey is just plain sickening, evasive and was just causing trouble .   Why is Taylor telling so many her lying version and hiding , well it is all spelled out , here ::

“The wicked run when no one is chasing them, but an honest person is as brave as a lion



Hey guys, nice sight , can I add another lying so called “witness ” to the AZ board of nursing’s list of those willing to lie ?

Her name is ANNE LAVONNE TOTSCH,  she testified that her father was a chief of police in Cathridege , Ill. <she brags home of where Joseph Smith was hung >.  to those who know her . But no one knows anything of her father being COP.  Isn’t that odd no one remembers that ?

Totsch  lied to the AZBON investigator , Nikki Austin , Ms Incompetent herself, Totsch told her she worked for the DEA , but did Austin check this out ? Oh no. Austin , nor her partner in crime ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL nor the ‘chief counsel , Emma Mamaluy checked  out her story.  When a nurse who was being abused not only by a dangerous male, in the apts owned by YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER ,  but by the staff as well.    Ms  Totsch, who by now was moved to the Risk Mgt department, and was trying to figure out how to get her company out of what appears to be something , even after leaving this nurse is not going to take the abuse.  It appears that Anne is quite the story teller, and can lie at the drop of a hat.   Why is that a trained ‘investigator ‘ at the AZBON could not be honest and actually investigate her lying witnesses , and say, this person is lying and the nurse was telling the truth all along.   Why.  Well , we do have a theory.  The connection with the AZ BON and Yuma is a well traveled , long history , and connected.

This nurse said, you people are corrupt , and siding with your lying housing person in the office, (felon T Saavedra ) and a person who is not even working at YRMC  , being supported by a woman.     This nurse left beginning of April , when Ann Totsch (the liar )  suddenly remembered , about September, that this nurse called her and left voice mails she was going to do harm to her ! Wow ! .  This is odd for several reasons ,

1) why wouldn’t she report this immediately , IF it happened . which it did not .

2) Why is she reporting this to the AZ BON , and not police ?

3)why did they not just drop it , she’s gone and get on with hospital business and take care of patients , or were they worried that since this nurse prevailed in court against the stalker the medical center might have a problem .

SO lying ANNE TOTSCH decided to concoct this wild story . When asked if she saved any voice mails, she did not . Another ODD event !  Did she call her own hospital security to report this ? nope , she did not do this at all . When asked if anyone else heard her tall tales , “oh yes the chief of police did” .  Well we contacted the COP, and he denies hearing any voice mails ! Denies even hearing this nurses name !

Totsch went on to really devise a story , and the plot thickens . She actually said this COP was writing policies for the hospital and was turning this nurse over to the county attorney for prosecution!   I guess this story teller thinks if you say it enough it will come true.    Now if Austin did not recognize a nut case by now, well no hope for her .And partner in Crime Elizabeth A Campbell , was not any wiser.

NOW the real clincher comes when this woman who is desperate to go on a shame and blame game with this nurse , who is not posing any risk but HR , security or risk mgt  did NOTHING while the nurse was there.  Took no action , except to add on their site ‘safe housing”.  Neither did incompetent HR Teri Norris, ignored the problem.  Now the trouble maker , who knows how to play victim PAUL  FRANCIS BUSHEY , has the cajones to go to Totsch, for money .  This is a non employee, she states he looked so “kindly ” .   So did Ted Bundy, is this ‘former dea agent , really duped by someone’s looks ”  (another red flag incompetent board members !  She gave so many strange tales to the AZBON but they kept her to lie for them, after filing notice of charges, could they back out ? and admit made a mistake !!

Desperate Totsch testifies , ‘as a nurse she would not want her worst enemy taken care of by this nurse, ” well another lazy lawyer trick, do not check out your witnesses !  It appears that Totsch , is not a nurse or ever been licensed in AZ ! a class 6 felony . !   She even lied under oath about this .  Wrote Rn by her name.    While the two partners in crime were busy using her lying statements , against the nurse . Lazy incompetent , no investigation only witch hunt .  But Totsch is certainly willing to lie and hey they’ll take it . NO evidence .

Now if that did not get this  ATTY GEN employee , or the “senior ” AZ BON/ and now Assoc Dir/  attention this woman has much hate for this nurse , but find out the two have NEVER MET !    Wow , so much hate and defaming statements , someone you caused to break a contract and get the h*ll out of Yuma .  Totsch not only compliments the stalker , but stating nasty comments about this nurse , any investigator or atty with any common sense would know she was retaliating , and playing turn the tables to save her job !    Maybe they did , and were still  willing to use this liar TOTSCH committing fraud on the court.

Now as if it could not get any more insane.   Totsch states on the record, that the employees told her they did not want this nurse back. (as if the this nurse would ever darken this YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTERS DIRTY DOORS , ) .  Really have a meeting about a nurse who was not on staff and quit , as if that alone is not a red flag and surely never happened . Totsch  testified the reason was :: are you ready for this ?   Cause if this did not toss her as having some real hatred and mental issues , what would ?   She may as well of said ‘because she killed Jon benet Ramsey ” .    Ok here it is “she was always talking about aliens at work , not the illegal ones, but the outer space ones ” .     Well , this got a reaction from Lett, who’s EYES bugged out, like  WHOA !! .   Of course he wont be the first psych to call the entire situation in YUMA , ‘crazy talk ” ., by his actions .     IF the back ground theme , dododododo , from Twight Zone, a FICTION, psychodrama, was playing it would have been laughable.  Surely Rod Serling would have never given lying Totsch, any academy award or nominate her for one.  Disgusting is what Totsch is, dirty lying nasty wicked evil woman .  And to think Yuma Regional Medical Horror show, had her on staff in the leadership committee!   This is best they got ?    Beware if you live by her , steer clear if you have any dealings with her . And just to be clear , her name is on the AZ BON site under NURSE IMPOSTER .   She committed perjury, fraud , and committee a class 6 felony but the the one who suffered was the nurse who lost her career.  A corrupt ALJ MIKE DOUGLAS who was not in the court room ,decided that Totsch was ‘credible ” . He is not qualified to judge anyone, neither are the clowns on the AZ BON ! Anyone in the court room knew she was lying, the AZBON members lied about reading the transcript lied too.    Hey Anne Totsch if ANY of this is not true , or you are not a liar , sue me .   You are a disgusting piece of filth , hideous, revolting loathsome vile POS,  not to be trusted . Just like all the other so called “witnesses ” .