This is a BIG deal, huge. If you do not know anything about mormons, you may be shocked to learn how they infiltrate into your nursing career.

They do not drink coffee, who cares why , but drinking alcohol, is not their thing and so they judge you by their bringing up . Which consists of huge doses of brain washing. ! A recent case , a man surrendered he had a dui. They ordered a psych evaluation, he admitted he had had a glass of champagne on New years and a glass of wine at a birthday party. ONE GLASS , the evaluation showed NOT ADDICTED . the mormon board president (and the former bd president MORMON) UH !! Carolyn McCormies, says the dumbest things, and will ruin you for life . Stated she has CONCERNS , that he is still drinking . (two drinks in 3 years folks !! ) not kidding. She went on about he admitted that he is STILL DRINKING .

So , is he suppose to not have a drink for the rest of his life / career of nursing in AZ??

Pick up a mormon book, they tell them all bad things are satan driven. They have a strong dislike for homosexuals. Beware , if you go before this board , they love to control and run everyone’s lives, and over step isn’t the word . just crazy .


Sad how they are all alike , and how they act. The mormon’s do this to nurses too!

Verbally , abusive dehumanizing tactics .

— Among the centers is Provo Canyon School, where Hilton spent almost a year and claims she was “verbally, mentally and physically abused on a daily basis.” … And they were physically abusive, hitting and strangling us. They wanted to instill fear in the kids so we’d be too scared to disobey them.”

Attorney General Office Taking Nurses licenses in Arizona , unduly .

There are few crimes as egregious as an oath taker lying , in my opinion. Wrongful accusations leading to wrongful prosecution leading to wrongful conviction and wrongfully destroying a nurses good reputation and paint a very bleak picture of man’s inhumanity to man. One person making false accusations against another is bad enough, but to have a system that not only allows and facilitates that, but even encourages false accusations leading to false and wrongful revocation , is absolutely intolerable.” I would add false allegations and a corrupt board include INNOCENT nurses , cna’s , NP , whistleblowers, veterans, and other “vulnerable” Americans. Thus, we are ALL vulnerable to falsehoods and false imprisonment in our own homes, through various ways . Robbing nurses of ability to earn a living in many fields after the false accusations give rise to revocation by a corrupt board of nursing. All of this abuse is perpetrated and facilitated by the “legal” system in the United States. And, therefore, ALL Americans need to rise up and speak out against such abuse and misuse of power. Learn more about the motives, incentives, benefits and profits to the abusers, and say , stop this injustice now.

AZ Nursing agency (azbon) corruption

Anyone who decides to get a nursing license in AZ , we would first advise against it . Way to dangerous . Many nurses think , that an anonymous complaint will never rise to losing their career .

Once you are on your way to a board complaint, you are up against a lot. Not only does the AZ BON contribute to a unduly complaint and charges but they make us unable to see or comprehend the errors as they are happening.

It is against what all of us were brought up to believe in justice, due process and the system . When you look at the cases and see nurses who took unreasonable and intellectually dishonest positions that stripped the innocent nurses of their freedom and caused tremendous human suffering for entire families.

Don’t beat yourself up thinking , they haven’t seen the truth or know what really happened , they do not care . The AZBON are trained that you are the liar , every defendant nurse is lying , and guilty of something . They must psych themselves out that they are actually doing ‘good’ for the public. They cannot accept they are wrong . When you prove their allegations to be wrong , they refuse to acknowledge it and have a knee-jerk reaction . They refuse to examine any new evidence and will come up with outlandish theories in order to maintain their deep-seated beliefs about the systems fairness . <which does not exist>. And make up new issues to argue and wear you out , trying to cause you to mess up at work, give them something solid .

You can watch the prosecutors , Elizabeth Campbell and Sunita Krishna the way they spin the new evidence in ridiculous ways to avoid conceding innocence. When one tries to go into a court room, the prosecutors are in such denial that no one in their office has ever taken a license of someone who is innocent . This defensive attitude not only is unjust it wastes tons of taxpayers money . They will fight back for years on the taxpayers dime to save face.

The prosecutors are not going to approach any case with an open mind , but would use any means available to them to intimidate a witness from testifying . The ALJ’s are in on it, only allowing end of day last minute quickies . With the writers of the recap of the hearing written by liars working at the BON, never making any of the defendant nurses ‘witnesses ‘ credible , only the BON witnesses. To the reader who wants to see what the case is about they have no idea just how dirty these board employees and members are . Once the hearing officer deems someone credible it is very hard to reverse that in other courts .

Human beings have a very hard time changing their minds once the die is cast. Nothing happens in happenstance, it is all done by those who have stripped other nurses of their humanity and will do it again, over and over.

Good people generally act with goodness WHEN ACTING ALONE. But will do things unthinkable when involved in a large bureaucracy. Where they are just a cog in the wheel , doing ‘what they are suppose to do”. No single person can be seen as the cause of any single injustice . responsibility is defused . The system is responsible not the individuals , or so they THINK . The nurse / np will know who the front runner is . When they retire they will have a lot of time to reflect what a dirty life they lived and how many people they hurt in many ways. That day will come when things so down and a name appears that you with other people’s money , stole from them like a con artist at work , with a BON who are politically motivated to do the dirty tricks, and crooked judges, helped the matter .


This Rn , JD lived in MANY places . One of them was several places in AZ. She was hired by Jo Ridenour to work at the BON, she was nothing but a disaster. Did she humiliate nurses , dehumanize to get a raise ? For her own self do some nasty tactics while at the Board of Nursing agency. ? No one who has a caring bone or any feelings for anyone but themselves can justify her behavior .

Hired as a nurse practice consultant, investigator . Taking cases that had little to do with nursing but just a bunch of people who want to retaliate against someone , finding out they have a nursing license , contact the BON to get them in trouble cause them grief. Only because the AZ BON has way too much power , and no one watching them . Knowing how opening an investigation would cause many days of hardship.

Did you think the nurse would not know you called their professor !??? That was YOU acting like the ones who put in the complaint in the first place , trying to cause trouble !

Anyone who knows her lives by her works with her, BEWARE , a wolf in sheeps clothing for sure . Her ex , former friends in Colorado , AZ have all been stung by this venomous bitch .

And when she tells you , sour grapes and why the nurses lost their license , remember SHE IS LYING ! .


Looking over a few cases and the A Cobia case, a few things to point out, that the Arizona Corrupt board is more than willing to go along with and allow to happen. Even though the attorney’s have a duty to ensure fairness and when a manifest injustice occurs’ correct it. And may be added to the appeal , of the judges errors.

The case law from April Cobia’s case , we see the judge did not wright anything about the issue of the Administrative Law Judge frustrating Cobia’s efforts to question the witnesses , by multiple interruptions…. Depriving Cobia’s efforts to strategically question the witnesses, and concentrate on her defense and what needs to be brought out into evidence by this witness… Nothing was mentioned at all on this matter…. Its like she never even raised this as an issue…
On her Mandatory Reporting issue…
Notice the case law twists the review, as it states the issue is unprofessional conduct based upon —- failed to notify her supervisor she called Cornerstone. But in the review, the judge never identifies the employers of NPA’s *****policy or law**** which makes it mandatory for her to notice her supervisor she called cornerstone…. Apparently, there is no such policy or law…… the statute he used. was simply that the A.A.C. R4-19-403(9) states:: ” stating unprofessional conduct includes failing to… follow policies and procures of the nurses employer designed to safeguard the patient.. The judge never stated any employer policy which was noticed to Cobia nor in existence at the employer….. This was an improper denial…… Cobia should have won on this issue….
Cobia’s religious discrimination issue, from what the judge rights, is as looser…. can’t win this one…. Never ever seen a Judge ask a defendant to tell the court if they are a certain ‘religion” or currently practicing . ! Absurd !
Cobia’s falsified documents issue , the reviewing judge was correct, its the ALJ’s duty to review all evidence and draw all inferences… BOTH COBIA’S CASE AND THE CITED Aguayo V. Indus. Common, v 235 Ariz. 416 (app. 2014)..

The hearsay issue, this is a loosing issue… and went toward denial as a result.
The due process issue, to cross examine the. witness, we’ve already covered above….
The HIPAA ISSUE, I feel the judge twisted this to fit a denial as she was using her home computer to do her work, and I’m guessing the employer knew of this home computer use for patient data….. This was within the bounds of the law and HIPAA in my opinion, and arguable on appeal to a higher court. A ‘consultant, Millbren, told me she ( with the AZ BON) practices entirely from her house, what is the difference ?

Cobia’s sufficiency of evidence issue, the judge twisted this into. Cobia’s PAST EMPLOYMENT HISTORY…. Cobia’s Credibility!!!! He evaded the issue….
The rest of the judges comments are focused on bashing Cobia’s credibility….. and making her out to b a menace to the public….. This makes me believe the State/BON Agents wrote this opinion and got the judge to sign it, and move onto the next case file…. this saved this judge time…. This is all to common and a travesty of justice.

Revocation, well this is harsh but I would imagine those board members are pretty callused and could cut someone’s eyeballs out and make an excuse why it is the right thing to do and how many members of the public they helped by doing so. !


Arizona Board of Nursing hired this monster . But was anyone watching and over seeing what she was doing. Just like the Board of Nursing they need a lot of over sight, and so does NIKKI AUSTIN. She was able to manipulate the dir who have her enough rope to hang herself , and hang man noose she did make . If she is working with your firm she needs over sight , watched, and when someone reports her BELIEVE them !

Her divorce papers look like she was going for the gold . He got away from her, and what ever it costs is well worth it.

“investigator ” and what makes her an “investigator ” a nursing degree? don’t be fooled. She contacted this nurses college professor to ‘warn ‘ her ? what kind of investigation is THAT ? She took what ever information , she could gather but deceiving methods and put her own spin on it. Then present it to the Board , her report that looks like “tall lies and fabricated tales “, to show them , wow you need to stop this one ! Nikki appears to have come issues with interpersonal relationships. A friend in Aspen , said ‘a falling out” , which seems to happen a lot to NIKKI RAE AUSTIN. She moves around a lot, like someone is chasing her . She does not last long where ever she is . In fact pretty much did a quick exit from the board. Just remember NIKKI RAE AUSTIN , who has many former names , as well. You will reap what you sow.

In fact it already happened at one law firm , got rid of you . More than one. Don’t be fooled by the ‘stay sweet ‘ charm she will “put on” you are her long lost friend , she has a knife waiting to place in your back . Figuratively ,speaking . Is NIKKI RAE AUSTIN”S mind set that she can just move and start a new slate after screwing nurses over . That no one will know her past actions , her lies , her fiction reports , her laziness in doing a complete job , and even considering the truth .

Beware of this one and her ‘reasons ‘ which are more lies why the nurses she attacked are still pointing her her dirty ways.


OR shorten version you will see AZBN . which is AZBON. as well .

This is to the NURSES , RN , BSN, NP, CNP, Nurse Practioner, CNA’s LNA, of AZ.

When a nurse has a board complaint , that can and has happened a number of times,if is truly possible that they did absolutely nothing wrong. A board complaint can mean NOTHING to do with nursing what so ever. And not illegal , drugs, dui’s, or any other reason illegally . In AZ a RN NP CNA can and has lost their license by untruth accusations, one or more people lying , just making things up , retaliation. A really big reason the hospital will submit a report to the AZ BON, to ‘silence ” any nurse who cares about people/ and patients reporting unsafe conditions. If a hospital thinks they may get sued for wrongful termination. They use the corrupt BON to distract and get the Nurse fighting for their career.

When you ‘think’ you know how the AZBON operates, because you have renewed your license, maybe attended one mandatory meeting in school or not , or even had a Bd complaint . Unless you have been targeted , lied to , manipulated, and license acted on you have no idea. None ! Those who have been unduly targeted by the corruption filled AZ BON, can tell you , it is a rigged system . Even if a person, has had a board compliant, a legit complaint , and it was dismissed or a DOC, you walk away thinking, they are not so bad. It is dependent on other factors.

  1. a)Who you are when this occurred. b)if you are still employed by a hospital c) and what faith you are a member of . And don’t be surprised if those who are in mgt at a facility are not of the same faith. The AZBON is extremely biased. Right now they are giving an appearance of not being biased, but they have been accused by many, and the number of nurses who have figured this out grows each day. AZ BON is trying to destroy those who are sticking their necks out educating others . So when you hear that nurse is only doing this because they lost their license . Well sure sounds legit but keep an open mind , this can happen to you.
  2. And to the nurses who “think” you must have done something really bad to lose a license , think again. A rumor, a liar, a false report , even by your co workers, a wicked investigator who loves to put sexual, drama, anything derogatory in their report to ‘soup it up ” . Will get the BD’s attention .
  3. Many in the AZNA were told , when you talk to someone who says the AZBON is underhanded and did the nurse wrong, read about them on the web . (yes they want you to read WHAT THEY WROTE . ) The ALJ does not write the opinion, the AZBON members do . The Judge does not have the final decision even though they heard the entire case. The AZBON is putting comments by the liars ‘credible ‘ , when they know they were lying their heads off .
  4. If your not a nurse, and say “my sister in law is a nurse, I’ll ask her if this is true” , SHE DOES NOT KNOW ! Just having a license does not mean you have a clue about the operation , the sneaky back office tricks. The ones who know are the ones the AZBON bashes the most and do not want them talking to you . BE careful , making derogatory judgement calls, because you may just need the insiders help later.
  5. So when you hear that someone lost their license , don’t read the nonsense the AZBON wrote, all it takes is one person to lie and they put it in quotes. It is expected and encouraged. Listen to what is really going on from the nurse victim who has been tortured by a dirty board. Some consultants have quit and agree 100% .
  6. Above all do not work in AZ , too risky on your entire life. A BD complaint will mess up many areas of your life and any future work outside of nursing.
  7. AZNA has been zero help to many . Working with the BON to pass laws against nurses .

Nurse “properly stripped”

What kind of reporting is THAT ? And why is Bloomberg who is based on east coast find it newsworthy about one nurse in AZ losing their license ? Seems like a connection there with Board of Arizona, somewhere ! Obviously this person MARY ANNE PARANOWSKI, was fed this biased information , from this board, most of it irrelevant to nursing in any fashion.

Start with EIGHT jobs in 3 years, this is NOT unusual by any means . ! Travel, registry, per diem . Not everyone becomes a nurse to sit at a desk and collect a big salary while running a corrupt board of nursing. No director should ever be allowed 20+ with no over sight.

The Board also “reviewed mental health records. Sad that Mary Anne as a female should know that this is always how they take women down . Crazy, lunatic, time of month, off meds all the usual bashing. Anxiety , really an ICu nurse ! Paranoid , well if you knew what these board members / agency looks into everything in your entire life , you would be paranoid too ! And have a LOT of DISTRUST ! Blast her entire being on the internet while protecting the devious DELORES HURTADO , JOKEY RIDENOUR ‘s right hand gal. (Other nurses have complained about this stir the pot too , only to get further retaliation ! )

Amazing how this dirty AZ BON puts everything and anything under “UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT” but when it comes to them, nothing is every done except cover ups. Are all nurses , expected to behave professionally ? Or just the targets of the AZBON. ? Did this “reporter” who has a slow news day , report here , ever contact the one she publicly attacked to clarify ? ask questions. Was this put on here to sway the public should they look it up ?

She showed one of the nurses her purse that is one that holds firearms . Ever been to AZ — well let me tell you , ALL DAY AND EVERYDAY , someone is carrying , no holster, no permit , while walking into Walmart.

The ALJ asked Cobia about her religious preference with specifics and this is ok behavior. ? Was the ALJ , DIANE MILASKEY doing this because the Bds prosecutor did not want to ? Afraid of sanctions ? SUNITA KRISHNA , or because Cobia could have asked her ? Did the ALJ ask the prosecutor any questions? why is the ALJ asking the respondent questions ?? Acting like a SECOND Prosecutor. NOT an unbiased judge. Does all day all night Mary Anne research how many cases that the nurse wins ? Has Mary Anne, looked at cases that the board let slide because the nurse is a mormon or friends with BON members ? It takes a special kind of sociopath to attack a nurse.

The facility did not want a nurse reporting to agencies without telling them because she wanted to remain anonymous ? IF you look up a teacher who reported abuse, (in TEMPE) and was fired because the school did not want her to report . Telling them after the fact or not telling them , the AZ BON takes many ANONYMOUS complaints !

Oh the OAH is a SHAM COURT, they will allow countless hours of questioning you , but don’t question the Bd staff ! She will keep interrupting .

Attack a nurse for having records and protect patients but when it comes to a nurse you might as well put her pap smear on the big screen . Nothing is private in a nurses life. Sad .

Of course all of these hospitals in the east valley do not want anyone bad mouthing mormon’s, they are one ! A lot of mgt is mormon, and they STICK TOGETHER , like cultish women do . Not too many mormon’s in DC they are all republicans which is another weird reason this publication took this unbalanced boards report of events.

The the really really old tricks used by the board, make the person look dangerous, mentally challenged and dangerous , and Mary Anne is helping them . Most people might say writing an article like this is “acting strangely ” . Or doing someone a favor.

I think Melissa Brown’s comment “this article is the Grand Father of Hearsay ” actually it is the mother load of bull shit.

BLOOMBERG , has lowered themselves to an all new level. Shameful reporting , worse than the ALJ who no longer works there , and about the same style of dirty sneaky ways , as the Arizona Board of Nursing and staff. Disgusting all of them .