Well the brains of the bunch and common sense goes to Smith, for the entire board of nursing . The lone vote the only vote and common sense approach .

So here is a young man, raised in California, came to NAU to go to nursing school. Like any co ed college students they take a break from studies and party. He made one mistake , dui. UH! More than a bad hair day. Expensive, plead guilty, now the after math of it .

Applied to AZ Board of Nursing, which ends up being a bigger mistake than getting a dui. A misdemeanor. OF course Boards do back ground checks after you pay them for a license , finger prints , and he marked it on his application.

At the AZ BON meeting in Nov it was McCormies, the non alcohol , non coffee drinking , magic underwear wearing , and harsh on all nurses except her sister/ brother mormons. McCormies has CONCERNS , (her way of making a mountain out of a mole hill , she has a way or pronouncing it too, ) louder and dragged out CONCERNS !!! . That the new grad is dishonest for some reason she imagined , and will not tell California board about his DUI. Untrusting , is another one of her traits , but I can show you a pile of lies this whack job will try to weasel out of.

So the gentleman who got the degree , made this mistake of applying in AZ , has gotten a bd order, to prove to ms untrusting McCormies that he told the CAlif BON.

IF you have never called Calif BON , it is about as hard to get a person as AZ , but at least you’ll get someone who knows what they are talking about . Back to the board meeting still paying an atty by the hour, Proof handed to Ms untrusting , Carolyn McCormies, who is trying to rule nurses in every state and every country. Then his investigator , who is another piece of work Bonnie , called the Calif BON !! (OMG is AZ board members think they are your prison warden?? WOW.

So now with proof , they do not want to let the nurse by education practice in his profession, not yet or ever in AZ . With good argument by Smith, we are going to give him a consent agreement, to work on a license in a state he longer lives in , will never work in, and has no plans of using , and order a psych evaluation and do what with it ? McCormies has no answer , she just continues her BS , blah blah blah public safety, stomps her feet , raises her voice , until she gets others<co bd members long term who are ‘friends’ helping ‘friends’ to agree with her . Then she says the most crazy thing, “IF THAT IS WHAT HE WANTS “. really ??? and you don’t think your lying your head off when you know he wants to withdraw his license and go to Calif and do what ever they require him to do . Then like a line , from a crazed person in MAD magazine , McCormies says . “How do we know he won’t withdraw his application in Calif and go to another state ” ! NOT kidding , !! Well McCormies how do we know , any future event ? But the most important part is IT IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT A NURSE DOES IN OTHER STATES ! you dumb moron ! Smith was the only one who voted against this crazy notion. Then Ridenour actually made this board decision, and told them what to do ! She’ ll deny it and say it was a “Board Decision” . Joke Ridenour, your dir of nursing at the board, said “let’s just cut it clean , and deny “. (NOTHING CLEAN about Ridenours dirty hands ! Nothing ! The blame game is her way ! Next time maybe Smith will demand others see it her way like the childish rants of CAROLYN MCCORMIES . She is a embarrassment to the profession ! Shame on Boyer, Andersen, Gutierrez , Fountain, Ferrigan .

You might not drink (well we know Lori sure does ! ) but you got some serious issues!


marc H. harris attorney general office

This one is Elizabeth A Campbell’s boss . Also Sunita Krishna. Harris strutted in to the Board of Nursing meeting, like a roster of the flock. Casing the joint like he couldn’t be bothered with pettiness and of course nurses are most woman and not worth much. Scoping the place for his low hanging fruit . Without any hesitation requested nurses license revoked. All in a day’s “work” . Then in a suck up attempt Krishna telling the board what order to do cases, to save him time . Like his time is more important than the other attorney’s or nurses that are non represented. Ridenour telling the board what case to do next . Surely she wants anyone who would pick out their unorganized giggly girls running a board, strange ‘decisions” biases, and inconsistent board decisions to get in and out quickly. Ridenour knows that “bethy” the beast, always hangs with the girls have their lunch date and falsely compliment each other .

The name Harris is common to the board of nursing . Harris was the name of their lobbyist , who Ducey rightfully took away. But turned a blind eye when the boards member , became the AZNA lobbyist within a short time . Can Harris say conflict of interest ? Harris is also a very mormon name and we do know BEUS is full of the cult. Martin Harris mormon from NY to UT/ had “visions of angels and ghosts” long before he was a witness to Joseph Smith seeing golden plates. “A witness ” kinda like the string of liars that Campbell drags thru the Kangaroo Court 1 floor below them ?

Of course Martin Harris beat his wife , committed adultery , like J S did, and changed religions five times . They consider him one of those “good ” mormon’s .

Does Marc H Harris pay attention when Campbell pulls her dirty gertie tricks. ? Does Not look like it. Of course Campbell dragged him along with her when she went to a real court, wasn’t the ‘chosen one’ in this case. Judge even mocked the bitch , and was she nervous. Actually they both should be cause the specific abuse of power the details of what was allowed under his watch are not going away. Waiting for his chief legal office to sign up for his next gig . Playing politics in the court room can be played in the real political arena.


More tricks by the corrupt ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING. When the judges (paid by the state, appointed by the same Gov, all eat from the same feed trough, side together ) they post it , as such. When AZBN loses they do not post or discuss in their meetings, but hide in private session illegally. The entire case is manufactured and is a results of retaliation by a dirty medical center YUMA MEDICAL . Who placed false allegations with this board . YRMC is known for doing this to nurses . (a board who’s members past and present are on staff at yrmc. ). A string of liars brought in, 1) testified she is nurse (she is now on AZBN nurse imposter list ! ) . A felony. She also made up many stories to save her employer from being sued. This case has NOTHING to do with mental anything. This is old tricks they love to pull on anyone who goes against them . Just sign up a bunch of court whores , like Phillip Lett and they will say can benefit for counseling (due to Minch being the victim). but this is how the corrupt AZ board of nursing like to put a spin on things. Minch refused to sign, to sign , a pack of lies. More integrity than the board. A board run by a cult one one sided thinkers and willing to destroy a good nurses career to protect their fellow board members and their hospital . They certainly have a pattern.

Minch quit this underhanded medical center, sued the harasser and won , a unemployed drug selling tenant , drug in by a nurse living in their apts they own . When yuma medical mess got wind they filed a false report with the AZBN (SIX months after Minch quit. ) . To distract her from suing yuma med center. AZBN had NO business taking on a case that the nurse did NOTHING WRONG. But many of the so called lying witnesses did , and have felons to start with .


***Appealing a sham court, OAh, where A judge heard the entire matter , AFTER closing arguments and hearing over , Minch was told , “a new judge was assigned ” . HUH! Then a few weeks later , Minch was told “a new judge was assigned, THIS IS NUMBER #3 Judge (the latter two were never in the court room, never saw any witnesses ) The 3rd Judge a Bishop Mormon, cult member signed and made those who committed perjury ‘credible” The opinion all written by the corrupt AZ Board of Nursing.

Don’t be fooled by their public bashing bullying and lies , the prosecutor told Minch’s atty “the whole thing is bull shit”. So is she , not even checking out their own witnesses , to see if the ‘nurse expert ‘ is a nurse at all !!

The EX DIR of the BON has a complaint of unprofessional conduct during her working hours. The dirty atty went to the AZ BON with a new policy and had them vote for it, any complaints on BD staff or BD members would be dealt with by HER !

(The EX DIR hired HER (EMMA MAMALUY , talk about dirty back room tricks ! ) EX DIR JO RIDENOUR should be taken out of this position immediately . Her case should have been in front of the board. Unprofessional, unethical, and downright nasty.

They will tell you public safety , that is not what they are doing . 25 years stellar record. This can happen to anyone and has to many, they just don’t talk about it.

Exposing this corruption , and a board that just keeps taking turns and protecting each other is a shame . All of this expense , at the taxpayers dime. NO OVERSIGHT , no one is watching , not even the Gov. SHAMEFUL . !

AZ Board of Nursing Punitive, Inconsistent.

When a young man goes to nursing school , just graduated , excited to start working as a nurse , and applies for a license so he can start his new career. When an old dui showed on his record. <most states do nothing first time dui>. It is an off duty , isolated event. He went to the AZ Corrupt board of nursing meeting, his family his support system, had moved to Calif he moved there and wanted to start working , asked for withdraw his application in AZ . Simple enough . NOT when your dealing with the crazies at the AZ BON. It was McCormies (Carolyn) who kept throwing a wrench into telling other bd members her CONCERNS . She is always mistrusting of every nurse, every nurse is lying to her. Her Concern is that he will not tell Calif about the Dui, (like Calif doesn’t run back ground checks on nurses !! ) So it was decided at previous meetings, he would get it in writing from them they are aware that they know about it and will deal with it when his license is processed. Not only did he tell Calif with proof, but BONNIE RICHTER (the Bd investigator in AZ contacted Calif BON). This is a violation , they are not suppose to be disclosing information and it was not her duty to do so . AZ over steps their authority all the time . This New nurse is dealing with his DUI and will pay the price there dearly. He got verification from Calif that they are aware of his DUI. Then the corrupt az bon brings up , that there was no signature or date stamp , even though Bobbie stated Calif knew. He had a very hard time getting a hold of them . So AZ BD doesn’t trust any nurse to disclose what he already disclosed to them . (Quite frankly it is not AZ jurisdiction to board order him to do this , non of their business to “protect public in every state ). And makes him come back to the BON meeting, pay atty again, and prove to them that Calif knows.

Now the dirty atty’s for the BON , Emma Mamaluy and staff download what they want the BON to vote on. A consent agreement for 36 months probation. If not signed deny license. So Smith <sometimes she has some good questions > board member said and what are we going to have him sign agreeing to probation in AZ when we know he can’t do that living in Calif. ? Then the question why cant we let him withdraw license. Of course Punitive Puke McCormies , spouts off , ‘what if he withdraws his license in Calif and goes somewhere else ? (like every state in the union does not do a back ground ? Really. Unless they get him to sign consent agreement, for 36 months 3 yrs !! probation they will deny him license. Which is what Jo Elizabeth Ridenour decided , “it will be a lot cleaner if you deny license , instead of setting him up for something he cannot do ” . Oh really ! !! like DENYING A LICENSE won’t ruin your nursing career for years, to reapply in another state, AND ruin your chance for ANY JOB . When I tell you do NOT work or apply for a nursing license in AZ , this is how they operate !! NOT all boards do. Every one of those boards member do not care , they get paid for those investigations and do not want it wiped out , they want to have punitive records , lots of them . And then all in the name of public safety . Yea right ! The new nurse thanked them , and hung up, he was obviously upset. His lawyer tried. Everyone on this dirty board voted how their dirty director told them to, and Mccormies, who pretended she did not want to vote against him , after she was the one making waves all along, the only one . Her make up is that she is thrilled to have the power and stop the other board members before they let some nurse who doesn’t even live in AZ anymore, withdraw and get on with their life in another state. Start a new career and realize people make mistakes but congratulations on completing nursing school and get him on a fresh start . SHAME ON YOU DIRTY BITCHES , everyone of you who voted to deny license. You did a lot of damage to this poor man , while your lies about public safety are wearing thin. Especially shame on Hill who allowed others to change her mind , too easily she has no back ground It will come back to you ten fold. Karma’s a bitch too.


This is a BIG deal, huge. If you do not know anything about mormons, you may be shocked to learn how they infiltrate into your nursing career.

They do not drink coffee, who cares why , but drinking alcohol, is not their thing and so they judge you by their bringing up . Which consists of huge doses of brain washing. ! A recent case , a man surrendered he had a dui. They ordered a psych evaluation, he admitted he had had a glass of champagne on New years and a glass of wine at a birthday party. ONE GLASS , the evaluation showed NOT ADDICTED . the mormon board president (and the former bd president MORMON) UH !! Carolyn McCormies, says the dumbest things, and will ruin you for life . Stated she has CONCERNS , that he is still drinking . (two drinks in 3 years folks !! ) not kidding. She went on about he admitted that he is STILL DRINKING .

So , is he suppose to not have a drink for the rest of his life / career of nursing in AZ??

Pick up a mormon book, they tell them all bad things are satan driven. They have a strong dislike for homosexuals. Beware , if you go before this board , they love to control and run everyone’s lives, and over step isn’t the word . just crazy .


Sad how they are all alike , and how they act. The mormon’s do this to nurses too!

Verbally , abusive dehumanizing tactics .

— Among the centers is Provo Canyon School, where Hilton spent almost a year and claims she was “verbally, mentally and physically abused on a daily basis.” … And they were physically abusive, hitting and strangling us. They wanted to instill fear in the kids so we’d be too scared to disobey them.”

Attorney General Office Taking Nurses licenses in Arizona , unduly .

There are few crimes as egregious as an oath taker lying , in my opinion. Wrongful accusations leading to wrongful prosecution leading to wrongful conviction and wrongfully destroying a nurses good reputation and paint a very bleak picture of man’s inhumanity to man. One person making false accusations against another is bad enough, but to have a system that not only allows and facilitates that, but even encourages false accusations leading to false and wrongful revocation , is absolutely intolerable.” I would add false allegations and a corrupt board include INNOCENT nurses , cna’s , NP , whistleblowers, veterans, and other “vulnerable” Americans. Thus, we are ALL vulnerable to falsehoods and false imprisonment in our own homes, through various ways . Robbing nurses of ability to earn a living in many fields after the false accusations give rise to revocation by a corrupt board of nursing. All of this abuse is perpetrated and facilitated by the “legal” system in the United States. And, therefore, ALL Americans need to rise up and speak out against such abuse and misuse of power. Learn more about the motives, incentives, benefits and profits to the abusers, and say , stop this injustice now.

AZ Nursing agency (azbon) corruption

Anyone who decides to get a nursing license in AZ , we would first advise against it . Way to dangerous . Many nurses think , that an anonymous complaint will never rise to losing their career .

Once you are on your way to a board complaint, you are up against a lot. Not only does the AZ BON contribute to a unduly complaint and charges but they make us unable to see or comprehend the errors as they are happening.

It is against what all of us were brought up to believe in justice, due process and the system . When you look at the cases and see nurses who took unreasonable and intellectually dishonest positions that stripped the innocent nurses of their freedom and caused tremendous human suffering for entire families.

Don’t beat yourself up thinking , they haven’t seen the truth or know what really happened , they do not care . The AZBON are trained that you are the liar , every defendant nurse is lying , and guilty of something . They must psych themselves out that they are actually doing ‘good’ for the public. They cannot accept they are wrong . When you prove their allegations to be wrong , they refuse to acknowledge it and have a knee-jerk reaction . They refuse to examine any new evidence and will come up with outlandish theories in order to maintain their deep-seated beliefs about the systems fairness . <which does not exist>. And make up new issues to argue and wear you out , trying to cause you to mess up at work, give them something solid .

You can watch the prosecutors , Elizabeth Campbell and Sunita Krishna the way they spin the new evidence in ridiculous ways to avoid conceding innocence. When one tries to go into a court room, the prosecutors are in such denial that no one in their office has ever taken a license of someone who is innocent . This defensive attitude not only is unjust it wastes tons of taxpayers money . They will fight back for years on the taxpayers dime to save face.

The prosecutors are not going to approach any case with an open mind , but would use any means available to them to intimidate a witness from testifying . The ALJ’s are in on it, only allowing end of day last minute quickies . With the writers of the recap of the hearing written by liars working at the BON, never making any of the defendant nurses ‘witnesses ‘ credible , only the BON witnesses. To the reader who wants to see what the case is about they have no idea just how dirty these board employees and members are . Once the hearing officer deems someone credible it is very hard to reverse that in other courts .

Human beings have a very hard time changing their minds once the die is cast. Nothing happens in happenstance, it is all done by those who have stripped other nurses of their humanity and will do it again, over and over.

Good people generally act with goodness WHEN ACTING ALONE. But will do things unthinkable when involved in a large bureaucracy. Where they are just a cog in the wheel , doing ‘what they are suppose to do”. No single person can be seen as the cause of any single injustice . responsibility is defused . The system is responsible not the individuals , or so they THINK . The nurse / np will know who the front runner is . When they retire they will have a lot of time to reflect what a dirty life they lived and how many people they hurt in many ways. That day will come when things so down and a name appears that you with other people’s money , stole from them like a con artist at work , with a BON who are politically motivated to do the dirty tricks, and crooked judges, helped the matter .