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Q: Arizona needs to join other states and sue the FCC for net neutrality.
A: Arizona first needs to stop electing politicians that can be bought off by the Corporations and even the LDS Church. As long as any state keeps electing politicians owned by the Deep State nothing will change. If our politicians don’t start working for the will of the people they are elected to serve ….we are finished as a nation.
looks like someone knows what is going on.  !


While the assistant atty gen , has her way with the judges in this rigged sham court, it is pretty much an ez day ez money.   Just another pattern of sick behavior,  she doesn’t have to go up against another lawyer,  which is probably why she left the pharmacy board , (or did they leave her ?) .  The judge starts out with ‘rules” which there are few,  and gives warning looks to respondents , then ELIZABETH  “beth ” Campbell. or Sunita Krishna,  (what are you thinking Brnovich? ) starts out with her bashing, any little detail of anyone’s past no matter how far back and no matter if true or not, she will bring up and repeat herself many times. BIZARRE BETH, sits there like a whiney girl tattling on another girl , flash back to Nellie Olson kind of snotty bitch type.  Needs a good spanking.     She will bring up some unrelated  stupid subject , and regurgitate it over and over.   The ALJ never says a word against this behavior.  Then the head kagaroo alj, who is ‘friends ‘ with BIZARRE BETH, they work together all the time.  Campbell knows saying ‘, your honor every two seconds she is stroking those egos, the ALJ all state ‘actors’ in a game “Lets’ pretend we are really having a court hearing and go through the motion, ” the final opinion written  long before the hearing, by what is now the former Val Smith , and just as queer, Dahn.  (Rideour puts way too much faith in her associates, she will discover the hard way)   Picking out any thing that is ‘entertaining” to make the nurse look bad. No matter how degrading and off subject unrelated and how long ago it may or may not have happened.   This is why appeals judges are lost, with distraction Campbell should be cited for.    Then the ‘witness ‘ for the board of nursing the ‘investigator ” Who can be the one who dialed he phone during boards meetings last month, and knows squat about nursing or investigating . Nothing you would ever expect a state agency office to have for investigators , unprofessional’s low lives.  They are talented at giving dirty looks, I suppose they learned from BIZARRE BETH.  It is like a freak show with a ventriloquist dummy , question asked , Bizarre Beth , who objects to everything, to distract , get the first time in court poor nurse  to lose tract of their thinking, and frustrate them .  The so called ‘witness” for the Board,  looks at BIZARRE BETH for the answer, then  he/she eventually  mouths the answer to them, the ‘so called witness , re mouths the words. One big game, of ‘let’s play court, and then blow smoke up their *ss they had due process.  ALj’s lazy judges, BIZARRE BETH, not a lot of work, not like she is ‘showing up for court ” just a big game , who’s cases about her and  her poor acting ,with  matters that do not rise to cases. If the transcript doesn’t come out right  the court reporter (the one who is the nursing boards one that is always used by them )   has not had any problems changing or leaving things out.      Gang of thieves , pretending, ganging up on one poor nurse , cna, who is a nurse and has no legal experience and believed in the system , until BIZARRE BETH , took that away, treating the respondent like a criminal .     NO academy award for any of them .

Licensing Boards in (ESPECIALLY IN AZ)  have perpetrated a series of abuses against professional licensees: the fabrication of complaints and evidence; the exploitation of Board powers by Board Members to destroy professional competitors; coercing Nurses who use neither drugs nor alcohol into drug rehab; the refusal to disclose to licensees copies of their case files; anonymous complaints; the denial of an explanation to licensees of the charges against them; a racket in which a disciplinary officer/ agent / individual  files false charges against professionals and then refers the professionals to the Atty Gen office , who collects a large fee;   shakedowns for large fees that professionals are forced to pay, or sign consents , that lets the thieves off the hook, a must or lose your license so  in order to practice their profession; they sign or go to rigged proceedings; and the Board’s practice of functioning as judge, jury and prosecutor.


Henry Valenzuela as a private citizen while off-duty began questioning financial transparency issues at the City of Yuma. As a result, the City of Yuma has threatened his job as a police sergeant, subjected him to unfounded internal reviews initiated as retaliation by the City Administrator, and the City Administrator even filed a retaliatory complaint with law enforcement which was determined to be unfounded and without merit. Now the City Administrator has retaliated by denying him the Sergeant of the Year award as further retaliation for his constitutionally protected advocacy as a private citizen.

The wild wild west, retaliation is their middle name.  City mgr, former internal affairs , temple trotters are around and abound . Shameful , wicked and evil.                Just like the corrupt az board of nursing , sticking their nose in your affairs while you are off duty.  No you are NOT on duty 24/7 . Something stupid Lori repeats like a parrot every time .

NCSBN Annual meetings March 2019

The NCSBN having a meeting and ” Mekoba-Hill” from AZ will attend. NCSBN used to have on their site the states that discipline the most , but took it off. AZ was one of the top to discipline (aka witch hunt and destroy lives ) than others. Last figures were .84% to .24% every other state.    Not to be confused with doing a ‘good job ” . Just a bunch of sociopaths who lie about reading the cases, and follow the ‘male in the middle lead”  on the board in AZ. You will be pretty stretched to find a nurse on the board in Az that works bedside in nursing. Hardly a ‘jury of your peers” , like who can relate to these “ignorant to the facts .”   They have a lot of nerve even thinking they can pull it off.   A few students fooled .   Outdated and over powered with no over sight . Although watching some old NCSBN meetings, anyone who spoke up and would try to see both sides or at all stick up for the nurse was shut down immediately . So it trickles down.   Who is going to say this is not right what they are doing , who is going to stand up and say you know I am not going along with this , in fact I will report this to the DOJ ? Not many . But sometimes like in the Chicago Police dept . those people who knew about the corruption and did not report/ act will end up with that same charges as the ones who are in Federal prison now. (Ronald Watts) Through the “code of Silence” . Crooked cops framed them . Well crooked nurses , and AAG , OAH all working it together ! The NCSBN cannot say they are not aware , the atty , the NCSBN , all informed in writing/ person . While the NCSBN is not an agency that tells the AZ BON what to do , they do have an obligation to the public , which includes nurses to watch how the boards operate and if any illegal , unethical events occurring to put them on notice and drop them from the organization.   Turning a blind eye is not an option.  Saying well they were sanction so they are ‘disgruntled ” is not an option.

Elizabeth Campbell Attorney General office /Arizona BAR

Given their capacity for harm, when prosecutors act unethically, state bar organizations should take seriously their duty to protect the public. They should rigorously investigate credible claims of misconduct and impose meaningful penalties on errant prosecutors, using the power we confer upon them for precisely that purpose.

State bars must be for the people. And the people who place faith in the criminal system—the accused, the victims, and the rest of us—deserve better than we’re getting from our prosecutors and from our state bars.

nursing in arizona

The pay gap in nursing still exists: studies show that male nurses make more than female nurses despite nursing being 91% female. Initial pay differences of $5,000 at the beginning of a nurse’s career doesn’t sound like a big deal, but over 20-30 years it can add up to $150,000 difference.

From study: The salary gap was $7678 (95% CI, $5319-$10 037; P < .001) for ambulatory care and $3873 (95% CI, $3144-$4601; P < .001) for hospital settings. The gap was present in all specialties except orthopedics, ranging from $3792 (95% CI, $802-$6781; P < .001) for chronic care to $6034 (95% CI, $4175-$7893; P < .001) for cardiology. Salary differences also existed by position, ranging from $3956 (95% CI, $2174-$5737; P < .001) for middle management to $17 290 (95% CI, $11 690-$22 891; P < .001) for nurse anesthetists (Figure 2). The model accounted for half of the variance in salaries (R2 = 0.46).”

This isn’t to bash male nurses- I’m interested in discussing the factors that play into this: is it gender discrimination, is it that men negotiate better/more comfortably, or is it motherhood and child rearing factors- leaving healthcare to have children and then returning?

AZBN justifies their actions

So here is my unofficial opinion on this process. If you are a normal caring kind of person it feels bad to beat up on you. Like kicking puppies. Remember these people are not normal, nothing caring about them . to get their co workers / board members involved , and to make it ok they have to villianize you to make it ok. Nobody beats up a nice person. Everyone seems to be ok with beating up a mean person. This is a protective mechanism that I have seen for years. They have to label you, be it disruptive. Unsafe. Aggressive. Bully. Once they get their label it is do much easier. You are a danger. You are disruptive….. then they get buy in from the board members. Imagine if they told the truth. We have a really nice and competent nurse who takes care of her patients in the community who is providing better and safer care than our peers. Would they be so willing ? Would they say , hey what your doing is not right and encourage others to stop as well , or does the almight dollar rule their conscience. ? They must label and dehumanize to be able to go to battle. Been there and experienced that way too many times. Remember, they can’t touch your soul!!