Glendale deserves better than the clown running against him . Just imagine if what happened in Palm Springs , Sonny Bono dying the spouse took over. ! boyer ever won and his dumber than a post wife take over. WHOLLY SH*T . She is the one of the most stupid people on the BON , she is struggling, not even improving , at ALL ! Can’t make a motion , lies about reading the cases, and has to be told what the think. Really if there is a poster child for dumb blonds she is it !!! ELizabeth Boyer , good thing she is not doing direct patient care . Just like paul the pitiful got in senate , Elizabeth got on the board . Go to a board meeting and listen how she inflicts that ‘little old lady ‘ into her voice trying to act like a grown up . She has never said anything that someone else didn’t say first , has no thought process at all .

The only way paul who takes care of MALE OCCUPATIONS ONLY could win is if ducey buddy buys his way in. Boyer: decided to get out of politics , so i’m running for mayor . (LOL !!! ) . GO JERRY !!

AZ BON is not all in agreement

with Carolyn McCormies jaded ways . Why do these spineless bimbos go along with her ?? What is the matter with someone having an opinion.

Elizabeth Boyer , still struggling , she has to ask McCormies everything, and will second any crazy motion that McNUT JOB Carolyn comes up with . A real follower Boyer . Paul Boyer a joke at the capitol , decided not to run, like he would get reelected, so he could be ordinary . HAHA nope your reputation Boyers sucks ! But she is Bannerific , a ‘shoe in’ .

Looks like Stultz will be just as hard *ss as they come. She got many referrals from the BON. She will do what ever they want . That’s why she’s on the board. Ducey stacked it up for his friend WILLIAM RIDENOUR , so his wife can keep supporting old wild bill. A real gigolo.


How many members are on the BON who are on staff at a school ???? To keep their programs out of the discipline file. Yes this is how it works Where does Stultz , work GATEWAY COLLEGE , Lisa Smith GRAND CANYON , CArolyn (liar ) McCormies EASTERN COLLEGE (where randy (liar) Quinn’s wife got her degree , but lives no where near there ) .

And what schools is the 75 million going to ???? and WHO PICKED Those schools ????

Did they put ASPEN out of business so they wouldn’ t get the money , because they qualify !

LET’S HOPE ASPEN take this dirty bon to court ! OH yea sue the corruption board , they are a state agency and the state will pay !

DOnt forget lying McCormies got on the comm who write the test questions, if you think for a minute she did not pass on what to concentrate on and CHEAT THE SYSTEM , think again ! MCCORMIES IS A REAL SLY WEASEL .


Here’s a good one , not the first time it happen . Just in case you did not make it to the meeting a short recap. A Rn was on ATD program and wanted to apply for license . Request to get off early . So the BON members after much moron discussion, a group of 5 yr olds could handle better, voted. Then they figured out between their empty skulls and Eliz Campbell watching all the going’s on suppose to be working , but missed it, the investigator finds that there out outstanding reports not in so adjusted the motion . This is where it gets really interesting . Basically the same motion , just added 3 words, 1 board member AL Hark, (lpn first time around voted yes, then on a 2nd vote with hardly ANY CHANGE AT ALL, she voted NO > !! !) NO SHIT ! . Changed her vote on the same motion. This is how much thought goes into their votes! Guess she wanted to vote like Mann .

THESE ARE THE IMBECILES running the BON , and voting on a nurses career! Not paying attention, dumb and dumber , running a board , and worried abut low test scores on new grads ! Looks like the bottom of the barrel , appointed in AZ.

Radonda Vought appealing BON decision

Anyone watch the hearing with the BON members (Tenn does it differently ) same morons on a BON .if you can find it watch . BON members each asking the SAME question over and over . She should have just told them , if you looking for a different answer , or can’t you comprehend the other three times I answered this question. ? Not even intelligent questions ! Just wearing her out . She was honest the Dr who signed cause of death was a liar “natural causes ” when he got caught of course blame it all on the nurse . Just like any other hospital , when things go wrong look around and find some nurse to blame it on.

The AZ BON destroys nurses lives all the time , with NO REASON , other than made up horse pucky . Intentional actions . criminals !

cindy mccain to be head of UN food program

wonder if she will do the same bang up job as she did with William (wild bill) Ridenour , dougie so little douche , as part of the committee to research sex trafficking .

Sex trafficking has sky rocketed, since the committee was formed to stop it . good job as usual. Form a committee get a grant to do something , and under perform. how many high priced dinners did the use to ‘discuss’ sex trafficking . what exactly did they do ???

Operating out of scope of practice gets you a LOC (letter of no concern)

this board has no rhyme or reason of back bone at all . Push propofol as a RN and get LOC .

All of the cases where , “we ALWAYS give a DOC operating out of scope ” are not loc , the board set a presidence. DOC was the only violation there was ANY TYPE OF CONSISTENCY , and now that is out the window.

Feel sorry for the nurse , who says , ‘didn’t know I couldn’t ” no the bon members have zero sympathy or even give the effects of their punitive votes a second thought. It was Chelle the atty they like to favor and a couple others. Play there game and you will be able to survive .

Pass the word , this RN got non punitive . loc . one member said , let’s tell her never do it again. how many cases before the bon , if the nurse were given the chance to leave unscathed would ever return if they had the second chance this one got , nothing on the record. No discipline . No responsibility .

Nurses in Arizona

seem to be gutless, they won’t fight for their patients and won’t even stand up for themselves . They take your license and just lay down ? Fight back but don’t be fooled by ‘fake fighters’ forming non profits , telling you they will speak for you , don’t write anything unless approved by them , have a person start the group who claims to be against the bd but appears to be in bed with them . Take Maine ,

took away #UnionStrong nurses’ paid parental leave, jury duty leave, military leave, and bereavement leave. But nurses organized, fought back, and won!



The TRUTH needs to be printed . If CAROLYN MCCORMIES comments don’t make you wanna puke your toenails up , not sure what will. ! (what a cold zombie this is , acting like she is superior , a real puppet for GENUINLY MAMALY

The Arizona State Board of Nursing voted on Thursday to put Aspen University’s nursing program on 10-day notice of potential shutdown over the program’s ongoing struggle to meet basic educational requirements.

The board will be meeting again soon to make a final decision. If their vote stands, those who are close to graduating won’t be able to regardless of how long they have left.

Aspen University nursing students were left in tears. They said have recently seen improvements within the program.

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“They’re trying. That’s the key thing, that they’re trying and they’re trying to allow us to progress and the changes that they have made, while they may seem minimal to them, they are huge to us,” said Racquel Deuschel, a nursing student at the university.

During Thursday’s special meeting, the board grilled Aspen’s administrative staff about the program’s curriculum, clinical hours and nurse licensing exam scores. They say they have noticed a pattern of behavior that is concerning.

“Expecting [students] to have so much self-learning is concerning and not providing them with written exams that are going to be like what they’re going to see,” says Carolyn Jo McCormies, the Arizona State Board of Nursing’s president.

In September of 2022, the university said it would voluntarily surrender its state-issued nursing program approval after teaching out its remaining students.

Now, the teach-out is even at risk as concerns from the state linger over basic education requirements not being met.

“Really not seeing any improvement but the opposite, seeing a decline,” says McCormies.

The university told the board, “It’s going to take time. Although, I firmly believe that our last few cohorts, you are going to see a major difference and it’s because those changes in the curriculum were made earlier on. So, the group who just graduated, they didn’t get to benefit from the full curricula change.”

The state board says more than enough time has been given, resulting in the nursing program being put on a 10-day notice before a possible shutdown.

Military veteran Marcus Watson tells us he only has eight weeks left to graduate.

AZBN meeting , quite a crowd showed up .

Just wondering those who have been at this longer than we have , questions ::

Have you ever seen a CRNA up for emergency suspension and allow the case to be moved to the next meeting ??

This seems rather odd, at first ANgela Fountain (the board member who is into saving CRNA’s “because they worked so hard for their degree” . BOO HOO! A CNA , LPN , Rn she looks down on like she is superior , (go f yourself Fountain ) ! She seemed like she was for punishment, but then her ‘easy to get her to change her mind and follow McCormies hints ‘ kicked in . Carolyn and ANgela are best buddies . Angela got involved with that liar , and political hack job McCormies. Birds of a feather . No back bone for Fountain. Betting she’d lie for her too . Very rare to bon to put a case on next agenda, and never when a nurse asks only when atty’s request . Nurses are second rate deserve no consideration. and the AZNA is still siding with every bad move this dirty board makes !