This poor excuse for a officer of the court, has a pattern.  First she likes to get others to do her dirty work. VERY manipulative .  Getting board of nursing members and staff who are willing participants to intimidate, try to get a person to flair up in protest, while harassing the individual .  Then say see , she needs counseling.   Not nice tricks.  You can sit at the board of nursing and give the poor nurse ‘dirty looks” of hate, be sure and look up the video of you doing this so , one time when your many lies are right their bitch for all to see. Lie like a rug or lie like bethie , she can roll them off that slippery tongue !   Don’t even say , doing your job , your job is to make sure the truth is known but a hard thing for you to do . Witch -ie women –

UPDATE ! A G in PENN disbarred, and going to jail ! yahoo. and she did the SAME THING , DIRTY ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL is doing , TIC TOC , BETHIE BEAST !
Kathleen Kane DISBARRED , trying to get out of prison, “taking my license is enough punishment ” (feel the burn bitch) Asked for leniency, “i have a teen age daughter ” , and Bethie Beast has 3 kids, so FUCKING WHAT ! Prison time princess ! Here is her charges , SOUND Familiar ??? criminal offenses including perjury, false swearing, obstructing administration of law, conspiracy to obstruct administration of law, official oppression, and conspiracy to commit oppression to deny rights.
ANd the AZNA says they are not criminals. HAHA. look again . !


Attorney General Arizona


The ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING is not your friend. Operating essentially without government, judicial, media or public oversight, the AZBN can destroy your nursing career and finances instantly They on the other hand, will suffer no ill consequences for any intentional or unintentional illegal or unconstitutional action or decision they make, no matter how egregious or devastating it might be to the nurse , their family and patients. And do not think AZNA will help .

The AZBN purposely performs incompetent investigations, presents and utilizes unqualified physicians/ board investigators as “expert” witnesses, ignores and gives no response to your lawyer’s letters and requests, withholds pertinent records for years, encourages and allows the use of perjury, misuses ’emergency ” encourages and allows the use of hearsay , denies cross examination of supposed witnesses who aren’t even available by phone to testify and answer questions, denies Discovery, colludes privately with the Administrative Law Judges through their point of contact after a hearing . ALJ will raise their voices , flail their arms, roll their eyes, reprimand , scold one party to discourage them talking and making the record fair. The list is endless. The AZBN and their legal muscle, AAG Sunita Krishna Cairo , Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Elisabeth A Campbell , do all this “openly” knowing there will be no legal or legislative repercussions regarding their tyrannical behaviors .

elisabeth A Campbell


That dirty bitch ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL cutting me off in mid sentence when i am doing my case pro per while I am reading my notes i had written down. (Yes bitch people can have notes) While I was pleading for my career , she spurts off saying “that is nothing but gibberish” WTF kind of court is being run in AZ ! they had NOTHING on me what she was saying was gibberish. Disrespect for the other party, because i am not a lawyer. They had nothing but twisted statements and lies, did not give me a chance , no probation, just revoke baseless .Just take my nursing license like it is no big deal. This court is a joke and someone needs to shut it down. These clowns a poor state actors, are up for renewal . They are unfair , biased, rude bitch, the judge was partial to her, very sick they way this is set up. How dare this dirty scalawag treat another woman like this , knowing all along she is degrading me while she is telling LIE after LIE and she knows it. ! Certainly the Atty Gen office has better than this , wow AZ sucks so bad in so many ways. I had two friends I worked with heard it so go ahead and try changing the record.


JUDITH “JUDY ” Bontrager (AZBN)

This woman works at the board of nursing. Long time girlfriend of the dir ‘joey ” Ridenour.  Recently brought to my attention that , this woman goes on nurses facebook sights searching for what ? Spying for what ?  Looking for any dirt ?, just before their trial, anything. She did this to one nurse who was going to trial. She contacted the AZ BON and told them to stop harassing her . What kind of person does this for a agency who will witch hunt on every nurse who fights for their rights . I can tell you Judy you make me sick.  Retire and take Jokey with you.  Somehow you all think this unprofessional behavior is ok ?  Stealing wages is what I call it.                 This is a pattern of this corrupt board, and you need to stop this creepy behavior.

do not vote for mormons !

mormons love to get into politics and run other peoples lives like they are the ones who are choosen to judge everyone else. ! They like to get on boards like AZ BON , and take care of their sister wives. Since this was brought up they have put a black and a public member Republican on the board. Both are clueless what is really going on, being used. Both appear to be swayed by present board members against people they are only hearing their ‘sick side’ from present board members . UNPROFESSIONALS all of them . Wonder how long it will take the newbies to really catch on !



in reply to corrupt board of nursing arizona , AZBN, ” you would like my attorney she thinks they are crooks too and is very vocal about it. Long story short. I had a huge life changing event and became depressed and suicidal. Sought treatment and was hospitalized. Took myself out of the profession until my therapist thought I could return. I notified the BON, and they decided a witch hunt was in order. Decided I needed 3 years of monitoring, 24 UAs a year even though their own testing showed no issue with substance abuse. I just said I was doing everything right and would fight it. The week before trial they dropped the entire case. I really wanted to fight it because I had done nothing wrong. But they backed out. I even had the superintendent of the State Mental hospital ready to testify that I was completely fine. ”

This has been going on folks , a medical provider cannot and should not ever divulge information about themselves to a corrupt board of nursing ! This board who said, Uh hey folks we dont have a case here, did the smart thing and dropped it. unlike AZ , not so smart. Of course the above case is not in a mostly mormon, think they know it all and are (laughable ) think they are the only ‘truth” . and can judge others by their strange ways. This needs to stop and blessings she got a lawyer who is not afraid to tell the boards what they think of them ! STOP SIGNING THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS !!


Be careful of this one. He is a BULLY BOY. He will do anything for his boss , bucking for a raise or just plain bully. He likes to spread lies and try to get other to act. Whisper in their ear bullsh*t , when caught his only reaction is a huge dirty laugh. What kind of man does this? One that is not a man, but an abusive instigator, one who thinks he is big stuff going after a single woman . Makes him feel tough guy. Short little man syndrome. Not real bright , and willing to chime in and add his own spin , while being a troublemaker . Unprofessional conduct. And when he can involve another penis to go against the target, he gains power and control. Only the one he chose was wiser than Wittenburg, he did not take the bait like old peter . Wonder if he has one or does he squat to pee . ? Real sicko. You don’t even have to do anything to these type, they just hear gossip and act on it. Now he can read about his actions. Anyone assigned this bully boy as investigator contact this sight administrator. His boss encourages this behavior, and Peter is dumb enough to join in, he has no idea or first hand information , but sure seems this dummy will do anything to please and join in with the other sick ‘boys” Ellis, and Olson did it and got caught . What kind of person raised this UNgentleman sure makes you wonder !


Beware of this one. She worked for the Board of Nursing in AZ, not sure the outcome but certainly could be she got canned. I would never trust this person for anything. Anyone who can work and do what she was doing is just plain , in my opinion wicked evil.