If you are up against a state agency, your case has already been decided before you get there. This is a Sham Court , a Kangaroo Court. The Judges are absolutely biased and unfair. Biased towards the state, the AAG , and do not act in a professional manner. The mission statement is a pile of lies, just words on paper . The cases heard here, as far as State Agencies such as the Board of Nursing are rigged. You do not stand a chance. When your case is over , the board of nursing can do what ever they want , but the law judge has already signed what the board of nursing has written up. A statement that generally contains many lies. Written to make the Nurse NP CNA look very bad. Putting comments that people write that are pure lies in this report the board think they can just put any old thing on the www. As long as they get a ALJ to write they are credible. A sham court .

ALL Nurse Practioners AZ

HEY you NP who think your white lab coat is bullet proof . Have you noticed that the corrupt board of nursing does not put under a nurses name anymore “UNDER INVESTIGATION” . This was their norm, to put this on the nurses name on their web site before the nurse was aware. It took a Wounded Healer to take them to court and have a Judge determine they were putting nurses out of work and defaming them , before due process. YOUR Corrupt board of nursing in AZ could not figure that out for themselves . They had to have a court order . When a Nurse is ‘marked’ and the employer looks up license on the web, and sees that , they fire them ‘until a decision is made” or do not hire them BUT the corrupt board of nursing takes YEARS on cases YEARS . One case last month was SEVEN years old. So instead of bad mouthing volunteer activists maybe you should listen what is really going on! OH this won’t happen to you, oh no not YOU.
And you did NOT read about this in the nurse magazine, but you did read biased one sided those who got disciplined , (wrongly or not ) . Some people get classified as ‘too stupid to educate” . Just closed one track thinking. Did the AZNA work on protecting nurses by passing this ?? oh h*ll no ! .


Another case no real evidence , the board of nursing az just finds liars and publish’s what they say and it is enough to lose your career.

This is what she told the BON over the phone when her case came up !

word 4 word in quotes , she read this to the BON .

This nurse who had mj in her system , had a statement she read at the board of nazi meeting , well done sista !
“I’d like to know how many board members and government cogs
like you
ever worked in conditions that are expected of
floor nurses
today. I’m not
excusing my ‘trangessions’ [sic] of using marijuana or
(gasp!) alcohol, but
I seriously doubt any of you were quality nurses.
If you were, you’d remain
at the bedside like I have for 14 years.
Fuck all of you. Revoke my
license, put me on the OIG list. At least I
can go to bed at night knowing
I’m an expert nurse who made a
difference instead of being an
incompetent, lazy bureaucrat.”


well well another GCU is now on the Corrupt Board of Nursing. It is not hard to see why they keep selecting people from this University. If you haven’ t noticed or paid any attention , the majority of the board are of the mormon cult. GCU , has leadership that is mormon. If their is one thing people know about this group is that they “STICK TOGETHER” no matter what. IS this the make a board should have ? Not they way these people are raised . 1 or 2 on a board, but 100% .


We are passionate about lobbying for change in Board’s and in Administrative Law that fail to offer basic civil rights and due process to nurses who are accused of violating their state practice act. We believe that nursing boards operate with impunity. They deny the accused the protection of their civil rights, they assume guilt without first establishing guilt, they accept and consider as evidence hearsay and they fail to offer due process. The civil rights of an accused is guaranteed in civil and criminal law but is not afforded in Administrative Law. Nursing Boards all too often do not offer a pursuit of the truth and justice. The truth does not matter (but it really does.) Nursing Boards claim the right to such latitude because they claim responsibility for protecting the public. Boards of nursing in their failure to determine the truth as proven by evidence do fail to protect the public.

Nursing Boards fail in their mission to protect the public in that they discipline nurses who are not guilty or are overly harsh in their discipline. Nursing Boards report thousands of nurses a year to the National Practitioner Data Bank. It is impossible to believe that all of these nurses are guilty of some act that warranted their career being leveled. Yet nurses who are disciplined and hundreds more who have unadjudicated charges are reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank. Even if they are later found on the basis of law and fact, to be not guilty, their names are forever listed in the data bank. Employers search the data bank before hire and will not hire nurses who are listed.

Nurses all over the country are subject to cruel treatment as they await in limbo the outcome of unduly long investigations often lasting ten to twelve months, during which time the nurse is essentially left in the dark. Investigators are often without any nursing or medical training and yet they decide upon whether the standard of nursing care was met. Investigators without nursing or medical experience, training and education cannot possible accurately determine if the standard of care was breached, or understand the impact of mitigating circumstances. Nursing Board’s employee non-nurses and criminal investigators as well as some nurses with distant clinical, bedside experience. These investigators not only do not have the education to determine if a nurse breached the standard, but neither can they properly interpret medical and such records as medication dispensing machine transaction logs. They are unable to apply real life experience and understand the big picture. Investigators will not speak to the nurse if she has an attorney yet Board investigators are notorious for being non-responsive to the nurse’s attorney requests for information. Nurses are left to twist in the wind throughout the process, without a voice and most often without the ability to practice nursing and support themselves and their families.

Nurses are denied the ability to practice and earn an income. When going through the phases of a disciplinary actions, nurses are forced into financial hardship with such agonizing outcomes as loosing their homes and vehicles, loosing medical coverage for themselves and their families or loosing such as the ability to pay for their children’s schooling, dental needs, medications or simply pay the bills. It is a time of great despair, loss, shame, fear and undue hardship. It is a process that destroys lives as nurses who are innocent or who made a non-injurious, first time error are treated not only as if they are guilty but also as if they are criminals. The process is unduly punitive and cloaked in secrecy.

Many a nurse has discovered they are being made to suffer such torment based on employer retaliation most often for speaking up regarding patient safety concerns. Employers are given immunity from being held to their actions and complicity in creating unsafe conditions in which things predictably went wrong or fell through the cracks. Employers claim peer review immunity as they scapegoat the nurse for being a victim of unsafe staffing levels, being assigned too heavy and too acute of assignments, or having inadequate resources or assistance in getting a patient’s needs addressed. Boards of Nursing hear from accused nurses such mitigating circumstances all the time yet they fail to hold accountable to the Nurse Practice Act those Nurse Leaders who knew of and allowed such threats to patient safety. Employer’s and claimed witness’s provide solicited, accusatory statements to the Board that the nurse will never have the opportunity to review or rebut, because the employer has been granted immunity. And the Board will take those statements as fact as they are permitted to consider as evidence hearsay. This would never be permitted in criminal or civil cases, only in administrative law. Because of the Nursing Boards refusal to seek to uncover the root cause of breaches in the standard of care, mitigating circumstances, and complicity of Nurse Leaders they permit the continuation of unsafe conditions therefore failing to protect the public. They further fail to protect the public when they ignore exculpatory evidence in non-comprehensive investigations and in doing so permit the real wrong doer to continue to place patients at risk.

AZ NA Sad at the Capital how many of you have to have someone do your thinking for you. Every time one of the ‘old timers AZNA “saw someone talking to the gal who at her own expense and time was willing to share the real story, one of them came up and said “how are you doing” any interruption. A few who know they are not the chosen ones, got it. The rest would rather stick with what is political hacks.

Be as it may, you must think for yourself. They are not going to be there for you. Study up and what you can lose, what others have lost. And how they were railroaded. AZ BON has a horrible reputation. Time for Dir to hang it up , and clean house. But they just put a new person on from GCU. UH!! She will be President of the Board , of course no one who has recent experience! more later . Work with those who know what is going on, do not spend another dime on AZNA, they do nothing for nurses , a few bills on NP .

Two hospitals in Tucson unionized , this is a start for AZ !